Blame It on the Mistletoe

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Rated: PG

Submitted November 2002

Summary: It's the middle of December, Christmas is around the corner, and mistletoe is everywhere. Find out what happens when two new friends discover they're standing under some of that mistletoe.

This was written December 19, 2001. It was posted to the boards but never submitted to the archive. Better late than never.

Since it's Christmas(and I haven't found any other way to really get into the spirit), I thought maybe a little fluff would help. This is meant to merely make you feel a little better about this time of year.

Points of interest: this is based on a Christmas song of the same name written and sung by Toby Keith. I like the idea behind it, so I just had to turn into a little L&C story. But note that this is strictly Lois and Clark. There is no Superman in this little world. Other than that, I think you'll be able to follow it. I hope you enjoy and all feedback is welcome.

None of the characters are mine and this is written simply for the enjoyment of it.


Clark welcomed the warmth that the busy department store offered. He had been shopping most of the afternoon and was becoming irritated with all the stress involved in finding that perfect gift for those on his list. He took a deep breath as he unwrapped his scarf from his neck, then willed himself to push on with his task.

The crowd in the Costmart had been considerably less than he'd thought. With it being the middle of December, he'd expected a lot more last-minute shoppers. However, it seemed that most were like him; those stuck in the city because it was just too close to Christmas or too far to go home. He hoped most would have friends to spend the holidays with and not have to be alone.

He pushed his cart to the checkout, literally running into one of the other shoppers.

"Excuse me! I'm so sorry," he told the brunette.

"It's okay," she replied as she turned to him. "Hey, aren't you, Clark? Jimmy's friend?"

"Ah, yeah. Clark Kent." He extended his hand to the woman. "You're Lois Lane, right?"

"Yeah." She smiled as she shook his hand. "It's good to see you again."

"You, too. And an honor. I'm a huge fan of your work."

Lois blushed as she withdrew her hand. "Thank you. I really enjoy yours. That last series you did on underprivileged children was great."

"Thanks." They exchanged smiles in a moment of awkward silence. "So, last minute shopping?" Clark gestured to her cart.

Lois glanced down. "Yeah. I've spent too much already, and there are gifts I just can't find."

"Tell me about it. It took me all afternoon to get the little I got… and all my money."

Lois laughed softly, noticing what a beautiful smile the dark-haired man had. She had met Clark at a reception for a museum opening a few months back. He was a freelance reporter in Metropolis. His work had been featured in the Planet on several occasions. She also knew that Jimmy, the researcher and photographer at the Planet, was good friends with him. Clark had been around the newsroom more than once, and Jimmy often mentioned him. He seemed to be a really great guy. Of course, Lois had always felt she was too busy to notice things such as good-looking, nice guys. Lately it was all she noticed. At least she was definitely noticing this one.

"I guess it's my turn," she said as she moved up in the line.

Clark watched her as she placed her purchases on the counter. Lois was a beautiful woman, that much he already knew. He never passed up the opportunity to simply look at her when he ran into her at the Planet or on the beat. He was also well informed because of Jimmy. She finished her transaction and gathered up her bag. Clark noticed that she looked hesitant to leave. He commanded voice not to fail him and took a headlong dive.

"Ah, Lois. If you'll wait, I'll walk you home." <Please let her say okay.>

Lois smiled at him, a look of relief in her eyes. She had been trying to call up enough nerve to ask him out. "I'd like that."

<Yes!> Clark beamed back, thanking every power in existence. He quickly paid for his items and followed her out the door. On the sidewalk, he reached for her bag.

"Here. Let me take that."

Lois was surprised by his action. She had never met a man that actually wanted to 'tote the lady's bags'.

Clark shifted both his and her bags into the hand opposite Lois. "You know, I never asked if you actually walked here."

"Yeah. I did. In this sludge I try not to drive much."

"If you're cold, I could get a cab."

"No, no. I like to walk. Winter seems to make you feel alive."

"Yeah, but so does springtime. Everything's new and fresh and exciting again."

Lois smiled over at Clark. "It is, huh?" She lowered her head as they walked a few feet in silence. She looked back up at the commotion of life in the city. "I hear you're from Kansas."

"Born and raised."


"'Fraid so. Never thought I'd be happy in the city. But…" He looked around at the busy street. "..I love it."

"Ooo, I do, too. The pace, the excitement… it's the only place to live." Lois pushed her hands into her coat pockets. "Were your parents disappointed about you coming here?"

"A little, but they knew I was never meant to be a farmer. They respect that."

"They sound like great people."

"The best. I hate that I'm gonna miss 'em this Christmas."

"Why's that?"

"I have a few deadlines, and it's just so much trouble to get home and back in such a short amount of time. I'm waiting until it's time to plant to go home, so I can help out. I can stay longer then."

Lois watched Clark for a second. "Sounds like your parents have a really great son, too."

Clark met her gaze with a soft smile. "I like to think so." They both turned and started down the sidewalk as they continued on. "Tell me about Lois Lane."

"Let's see… Metropolis native, born and bred. Reporter, you knew that. College graduate, journalism major. Big sister; her name's Lucy. And a disappointment instead of a daughter. My father wanted me to follow him into medicine. My mother wanted me married, with children, before I was thirty."

"Don't tell me you're thirty already."

"Well, no. But there are no prospects for husbands either. And I'd like to think I'd get one of those before I have the children."

Clark chuckled and nodded his head. "Would help, huh?"

They continued their small talk for the twenty minutes it took to get to Lois' apartment. She turned the key in the various locks and opened the door. Clark's smile faded and his eyes glazed with desire to be so close to this woman. Lois must have felt the same because her eyes held an expression he hadn't seen in any other woman's before. Neither would ever be sure what happened then. Maybe it was their mutual desire or just plain magic. They met in a tender kiss that quickly built into a raging inferno.


"Just so you know, I usually don't do things like this," Lois told Clark as she traced small circles with her fingers on his bare chest.

Clark pulled her closer and kissed her head. "Neither do I."

"I really don't know what happened here. I mean, I know what happened. Of course, I know. It's just… What?" She had noticed Clark's amused grin as he watched her.

"Has anyone ever told you that you babble?"

"A time or two." She smiled and snuggled into his side. "This is nice."

"Mmm. I agree. You know, I thought making love in front the fireplace was romantic. Add a Christmas tree and it's…"

"I know." She eased up to lean over Clark, looking into his eyes. "Suddenly my holiday looks a lot brighter."

"Absolutely." Clark moaned as she captured his mouth with hers, starting the blaze between them again. Much later, the very happy couple fell asleep to a Christmas song playing an the radio and held each other all night long.


Clark opened his eyes to see Lois sitting beneath the tree in his shirt, wrapping gifts.

"I know it's early, so I thought I'd let you sleep." She stood and reached for his hand. "But since you're awake, come look."

Clark chuckled as he let her pull him to the window. "Okay, okay. What is it?"

Lois threw back the curtains. "See sleepyhead, it must have snowed a foot last night."

Clark squinted at the brightness of the white blanket that covered everything in sight. He noticed Lois' wide smile as she pointed above his head. That's when he noticed the mistletoe that hung over the window. He wrapped his arms around Lois' waist as she threw her arms around his neck.

Clark sighed in complete contentment as he drew back from the kiss. "How can something as simple as a kiss change my holiday like this?"

Lois laughed happily and said, "Blame it on the mistletoe."

Clark pulled her into another passionate kiss. A moment later, he replied, "Yeah. Blame it on the mistletoe."


Short and sweet (I hope). Anyway, it was a thought that had to be expressed. Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday season. And if all else fails, cover the ceiling in mistletoe!!!!