The Baby From the Sky

By Supergirl6512428 <>

Rated: G

Submitted: July 2002

Summary: Lois and Clark have just found out they couldn't have children. In their depression they retreat to Smallville to be comforted by the only two people who can comfort them in their time of need — and stumble upon a dream and nightmare.

Author's notes- this is a story about how Lois and Clark got their baby. Just keep in mind that this story was written as if Lord nor was never killed in the EP. ' Battle field earth.' I hope you like the story and please email me at and tell me what you think :0D. Last but not least I would like to thank my beta reader Jen for all her help because with out her this story would never have a chance :0D so thanks Jen!


'You're not compatible with a human. You can't have a child.' 'I'm sorry Mrs. Kent but you dangle above the jaws of death. You can't adopt a child.' Those voices echoed in Lois' head over and over as she sat on the plane with Clark on their way to Smallville. Lois was becoming more and more depressed just thinking about how she could ever be happy again; she couldn't have the one thing she wanted in life. Clark had asked Perry for some time off so he and Lois could get everything together. Perry, of course, gave them the time off and forced Lois and Clark to leave their cell phones, beepers and computers at home so they wouldn't do any work whatsoever. Lois looked over to Clark and held his hand; she knew he was trying to be strong, but he was still blaming himself. If he were just a normal human, he and Lois wouldn't be going through this. Suddenly the pilot's mellow voice came over the speaker, "We'll be landing in Kansas in 2 minutes. The forecast is high 70's and sunny. So buckle up and relax." Finally the plane landed, and Lois and Clark collected their bags.

As they walked through the terminal, Lois saw Martha and Jonathan waving. Lois, putting on a brave smile, waved back and approached them. Martha and Jonathan couldn't stand to see the two of them this sad. Martha herself had never seen Clark cry, but when he called that rainy night, he was absolutely bawling with Lois. Without a word, they walked to the parking lot and entered the car. Jonathan couldn't take the tension in the car and finally said, "Don't worry. It'll work out."

Clark shrugged and said, "You're right dad; it probably will."

"I just don't get it," Lois vented. "Our whole marriage has been an obstacle; with Lex cloning me, and me losing my memory, and Tempus…"

"Lois that's what makes your marriage so strong. Don't worry; you'll have a child somehow," Martha said hopefully as they got to the farm.


Clark was helping Jonathan in the fields when Clark looked up in the sky and saw storm clouds starting to form. Jonathan looked up in the sky with Clark and said, "Looks like a storm is brewing. Come on, son, let's bring in the animals, and we'll go inside." Clark nodded and took a couple of horses to the barn. Lois and Martha were cooking in the kitchen, and they could hear the wind chimes start to get louder. Martha looked in the sky and saw a strange red color swirling with the dark, black clouds as they moved across the sky. She took the pie out of the oven, and suddenly there was a loud crack of thunder and lighting that shook the house.

Back outside, Jonathan was knocked off his feet. Clark quickly helped him up and yelled over the thunder, "Get in the house! I can handle it, dad!" Jonathan was going to [about to] protest, but now it wouldn't do any good. He ran into the house while Clark lifted the sheep into the barn. In minutes, Clark looked around the farm to see that all the animals were safely in the barn. Suddenly, he heard the nervous sound of a horse in one of the fields. He quickly ran to the horse, as there was another crack of thunder. Pulling on the horse, he yelled, "Come on!" The horse was frozen in fear. All of a sudden, Clark heard a loud buzzing sound in the sky. Clark brushed back his bangs and looked up in the sky; he saw nothing but black storm clouds. 'Wait! What's that?' Clark asked himself as he saw a small red dot coming toward him. The horse ran off toward the barn as Clark was left in the field still looking in the sky. The red spot was coming closer and louder. Clark then noticed it was a fireball of some type and it was coming his way! Clark tried to fly away but his powers were gone! Clark looked at the sky and saw it had gone totally red. His powers needed a yellow sun to reenergize; the only thing Clark could do was run. As Clark ran, he felt the ground shake. It knocked him face first unto the ground that was now softened into mud. Clark turned around and saw a large crater in the ground. He looked into the hole and saw a space ship that was still a little on fire; Clark then noticed something moving in the ship. He jumped into the ditch but backed up from the heat of the fire. A baby was in the ship! Clark quickly punched the window of the ship. Picking the baby up, he covered it in a blanket he had found inside the ship.

The house door swung open, and Lois peered over the couch. Clark was covered in mud, his hand was bleeding, and he was holding something in his arms. "Clark what happened?" Lois asked as she rushed to him. Clark took off a small piece of the blanket to reveal the baby's face. Stunned, Lois picked the baby up and said, "Clark, it's a baby! But…how?" Clark simply looked up and Lois knew what he was saying. Excited, Martha brought Clark in the kitchen to bandage his hand and said, "I told you, you would get a child."

Clark cringed from the alcohol with a smile and said, "Yeah, you did."

"Now go get changed out of those clothes so you don't catch a cold."

"Yes, Mommy." Clark said with a laugh. Clark went up stairs to get changed and smiled to himself. They finally had a child, a beautiful baby girl. As Clark went through his suitcase he was thinking of names, 'Lois, Ellen… No not that. Kim, Liz, Beth, Rachel, Martha, Lana? No, Lois wouldn't like that. Sara… Huh, that seems to sound good.' Clark went downstairs to tell Lois, and she agreed with the name Sara Lane Kent. Clark then went back outside, which was sunnier than ever, and took the ship into the barn.


"NO!" Clark yelled out his sleep, "Zara! Ching!" he cried again.

Concerned, Lois flicked on a light and gently pushed Clark, saying, "Clark, Honey, wake up."

"ZARA!" Clark cried out as he sat up straight in a nervous sweat. Clark turned to his confused wife and said, "Oh, sorry. Did I wake you? You can go back to sleep."

Lois looked at Clark and said, "Clark don't do this. Now tell me what the dream was about."

Clark smiled and said, "Don't worry, really. I just had a nightmare; it's nothing."

"Clark Kent! You can't shut me out!" Lois said sternly. Suddenly Sara woke up and started crying. Clark got up and tended to her. Lois couldn't understand why Clark wouldn't tell her his dream, but what ever it was, he was really shaken up about it.

The next morning when Lois woke up, she noticed that Clark never came back to bed. Looking out in the window, she saw him in the barn. Lois put her robe on and went outside to him. Clark was sitting on a pile of hay, holding a note and crying. The only other time Lois had never seen Clark cry was when they got the disastrous news that they couldn't have children.

"Clark?" She inquired.

Clark wiped his tears and said, "I couldn't save them… I'm so stupid…"

Lois sat next to him and asked, "Who couldn't you save?"

Clark passed Lois the note and said, "Zara and Ching, that's what my dream was about…"

'Dear Clark, Lois: Our planet is doomed once more and we cannot save ourselves. But we can save our child, Lara. Yes, Clark, we named her after your mother because she was born on her birthday. So we hope that our child is safe with you, and I hope you treat her like your own. Clark please don't blame yourself because Ching and I know how you get when someone passes on. Just keep us in your hearts, and please don't let Lara forget about us. We enclosed this letter with a locket for our little girl. Farewell- Zara, Ching.'

Lois looked in the envelope and saw a small gold locket that was in the shape of Angel wings. She opened it and saw a picture of Zara and Ching. She held Clark's hand and said, " I'm sorry."

Clark kissed her hand and said, "So am I."

Lois led him back in the house.


Perry mumbled under his breath as he corrected Ralph's spelling and said to himself, 'This kid is the worst speller in the world. He needs some lessons in spelling from Clark. Now *he* can spell anything!' Perry's mind started to drift as he remembered the week before. Lois and Clark were crying in the conference room after that irksome woman from the foster home said they couldn't adopt a child. Who was she to say that? Perry shook his head. In all his years, he hadn't seen two people more in love like Lois and Clark. But he also had never seen two people with so much bad luck like they did. Perry couldn't understand why God was striking them down with such awful fate. He then saw Jimmy talking to Lois and Clark who just walked in. Curiously enough, Clark was holding a diaper bag with moons and stars on it. Jimmy was blocking the sight of Lois, but from the look of it, she was holding something as well. Perry walked out of his office, and Clark said to him with a big smile, "Perry. This is Sara Lane Kent."

Perry exclaimed, " Great shades of Elvis! Where did this little whipper-snapper come from?"

"She was left on our doorstep." Lois said lightly. Clark and Lois then went to their desks, and Clark put Sara in the stroller so he could work.

Suddenly a woman around Jimmy's age, twenty or so, with blond hair and blue eyes kneeled down to Sara and exclaimed, "How cute are you!"

Clark looked down and replied, "Yeah, she's one beautiful baby."

The woman looked up and said, "Oh, we really haven't met. I'm Jenny, the new researcher."

Clark shook her hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Clark Kent, and this is my daughter Sara."

Jenny smiled. "I'm so happy to see you and Mrs. Kent finally have a child," she said.

"Yeah, we're pretty lucky."

"Did you adopt?" Jenny asked.

"Actually she was left on our doorstep."

"Aw, the poor thing. The parents were probably some deadbeats."

Clark shook his head and replied, "No, I think it's pretty brave of them to give up their child so she can have a better life. Now if you excuse me, I have something to do." Clark picked up Sara and walked away in a huff.

A thin smile crossed Jenny's face as she thought, 'Lord Nor will be very happy when he hears I have found the noble child Lara.'

Clark walked down to the lobby of the Daily planet steaming mad. 'Deadbeats? No! They were noble people! Noble leaders! If she only knew where Lara came from then she would understand.'


The next day, Ellen and Sam were coming into town to see Sara. Sam, Ellen, Lois and Clark were sitting at the dinning room table when Sam said, "So how did you find Sara?" Lois smiled and said, "Well, she was kind of left on our doorstep."

"Aw the poor thing… the parents were probably deadbeats." Ellen said

"Mother! That's not right! They were good friends of ours!" Lois scolded

"Please, who would leave their child with strangers?"

"MOM! Will you listen! They had no choice; they were in danger, and they couldn't save themselves." Lois said softly.

There was a silence around the table when Sam whispered to Ellen, "Ellen say you're sorry."

"For what…"

Clark shook his head and said, "No need to say your sorry Ellen; it's okay. It's just that everyone thinks they were so careless and just useless nobodies when they were great people who loved their daughter enough to send her somewhere safe. But what does that matter? If you excuse me, I'll put Sara to sleep." Clark lifted Sara out of the high chair and went upstairs.

Lois hated how her mother was so insensitive like this while Clark was still blaming himself for Zara and Ching's death. Lois walked up to their bedroom door when she heard him singing a song. It was in his native Kryptonian tongue. Clark placed Sara into the crib and saw Lois watching him. Clark automatically blushed, being a shy guy. Not even his own mother heard him sing. Lois sat next to him and said, "That was beautiful. Where did you learn how to sing like that?"

Clark laughed and said, "Zara taught me. She said that it would put any child to sleep."

"It looks like she was right." Lois laughed as she saw Sara fast asleep. She held Clark's hand and said, "Honey, it wasn't your fault."

Clark nodded in silence. Finally he ventured, "I had that nightmare all week."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wasn't sure if it was real." Clark said as he put his head on Lois' shoulder.

Lois put her hand on Clark's head as she felt tears drop onto her lap. "It's okay, Clark. We still have them with us; we have Lara. I'm sorry that my mom can be so insensitive."

Clark kissed her and said, "No, it's okay." Suddenly Clark's head shot up, and he turned into Superman. "It sounds like it's going to be a long night, so don't wait up." Clark kissed Lois again and flew out the window.


It was Ellen who heard the racket first. She shot up as she heard what sounded like pots and pans falling from downstairs. "Sam. Sam. Sam! Wake up!" Ellen said as she pushed him repeatedly.

Sam turned in protest and mumbled, "What?"

"There is someone downstairs!" Ellen shrieked as they heard another pan fell.

Sam rushed out of bed. As he crept down the stairs, he saw ten people in the living room. "Who…who's there?" Sam asked boldly. The men looked up, and one said something in a language he didn't understand.

Then two men approached him and said to the others, "It's a simple human." There was a burst of laughter. Sam heard another door open from upstairs and recognized Lois' light footsteps.

"Lois, call the police!" Sam yelled to her.

"Who's down there, dad?" Lois said as she charged down the stairs and turned on the lights. Most unexpected was the sight of Kryptonian guards and Jenny.

"Jenny?" Lois said confused.

Jenny smiled evilly and said, "My real name is Taz." Before Lois' eyes, Jenny transformed her self to her true ugly form. "Where is Lady Lara?"

"Like I would tell you." Lois said smartly.

"You always have to talk back, don't you?" A new voice said from a dark corner. Strangely enough, it was a voice Lois recognized.

"Who's there?" Lois demanded.

The man stepped out of the dark to reveal Lord Nor.


Clark heard a couple of footsteps come toward the cell, and Lois, Ellen, and Sam were pushed in with him. "Clark!" Lois cried as she embraced him in a hug.

"Where is Lara?" he asked anxiously.

"Right here," Lois replied as she uncovered their small child.

"Who are those people?" Ellen asked.

"No one. Just left over space junk." Clark said coldly.

"Well now, Kal-el, is that any way to talk about a King?" Lord Nor asked nastily with a grin.

"Please, Nor, don't make me laugh. As long as Lara and I are alive, you can't take the throne, and there is nothing else to rule other than broken rocks."

"True, Kal-el. But I'll kill all of you just for the fun of it. Starting with you, of course." A man walked in with a lead box as Lord Nor walked away. The box was opened, revealing green Kryptonite. Automatically, Clark fell to his knees in pain and Sara started to cry.


Hours passed, and Clark and Sara were still fighting the pain that was attacking them. Lois felt their heads and found they were running a high fever. Clark was very pale.


Clark opened his tired eyes and whispered, "Zara?"

A vision of Zara appeared, and she knelt down next to him. "Clark you have to stay strong. Be the noble fighter that you are."

"I can't fight anymore." Clark said as he gripped onto the cell bars.

"Kal-el, please, you're the only hope for our daughter."

"Zara, I can't. I couldn't help you and Ching…"

"Clark, please, you still have us inside Lara's heart. Lord Nor can't win, not like this. Show him that you're a noble fighter. Show him you're the son of the noble Jor-El." Zara said as she kissed him on the cheek and disappeared. Clark struggled to his feet and stumbled to the evil rock. He cried out in pain as he picked it and crushed it to nothing with his bare hands. Suddenly he fell to his knees again crying.

Lois went to Clark's side and said, "It's okay. Clark, it's okay." Never before had Sam ever seen Clark this emotional. He was guessing the death of his friends where taking a metal and emotional toll on Clark.

As Clark was getting his strength back, the ground started to shake violently. "Clark, we have to get out of here." Lois said as she picked Sara up. Clark struggled to his feet and tried to break the bars without success. Lord Nor came back with a sneer and said, "Well, it looks like I wont have to kill you after all, Kal-el; nature will do it for me. Just think-you will be going through the same thing Zara and Ching went through."

"Nor! If I get my hands on you!" Clark yelled. He tried to reach for Lord Nor but was only fingertips away.

Lord Nor laughed and said, "It was nice knowing you, Kal- El." Lord Nor left with a servant girl lagging behind. Clark instantly recognized that she might be his only chance to get his family out of here.

"Hey!" He called to the girl. "You. Yeah you. Come on let us out, please."

"Why should I?" The girl said softly

"You're what-13 or 14? And you work your tail off for a ruler like Nor?"

"So? He's better than Ching and Zara. They never listened to the people. Nor does!" The girl said as the ceiling started to fall.

"Please! You can't let a innocent child die because of this!" Lois pleaded.

"RACHEL!" Nor yelled from one of the halls.

"Coming, sir!" Rachel looked at Clark and left without a word. Clark sighed and put his head against the bar, when he noticed the girl had dropped the key. Clark bent to his knees and strained his arm to reach it without any luck. Suddenly, Clark closed his eyes and focused all his anger, love, and sorrow into getting the key. Before Lois, Ellen, and Sam's eyes, the key was moving on its own. Clark then unlocked the cell door and yelled, "Go! There is an escape pod in the other hallway." As they were going to run off, Clark yelled, "Lois!" Lois stopped and Clark gave her a kiss and said, "Don't wait up." With that, Clark dashed off in the direction of Lord Nor.

Lois, Ellen, Sam found the escape pod. It was surrounded by bright buttons and writing in another language. "How do you start this thing?" Ellen said as she hit a red button.

Suddenly a man with dark hazel eyes and jet-black hair appeared on a screen and said, "Hello Lois. I knew Clark wouldn't let us down. How is my little girl?"

"Fine," Lois said, not knowing why she was answering the image.

Ching smiled and said, "Don't worry, Lois, you're not going crazy. This is a pre- programmed escape pod. Now buckle up, and I will land you guys in Smallville so no one will get any ideas about what just happened. Hopefully, you'll have a smooth landing…I'm kidding Lois. You humans have to lighten up." Lois laughed softly, and before she knew, it they were headed for Earth. Sam and Ellen looked out the window in awe at space; they never realized it was this breathtaking. Suddenly, they entered the atmosphere of Earth and into Smallville. Martha and Jonathan were sitting on the porch of the house when they saw a black ship hover over one of the fields.

"Well, Lois, here you are." Ching said softly.

"We'll miss you, Ching."

"Don't miss us; remember us. And tell Clark that not even the noblest warrior can save every life. Take care of Lara."

"We will. Good bye."

"Good bye for now, Lois." Ching said, and Lois, Sam, Ellen, Sara were beamed down to Earth. Martha and Jonathan saw a bluish, yellowish and reddish light come down on the ground. Lois, Ellen, Sam and Sara were elevated down to the ground, and the ship suddenly disappeared into the sky. After explaining the whole story to Martha and Jonathan they took the shortest flight back to Metropolis.


Lois tried to sleep but it was no use; she couldn't stand the fact that Clark was still in space somewhere… or even… Oh, she needed chocolate desperately. Lois walked down stairs and searched for her secret spot where those delicious double fudge bars were. She opened her Superman cookie jar, and to her disappointment, it was empty. Instead, there was a note inside. Lois carefully unfolded it and read, 'Turn around.' Lois was confused, but she turned around anyway and was faced with four double fudge bars being held by gentle, large hands. "Clark!" Lois said in excitement and jumped into his arms, sending the candy bars to the ground. They were long forgotten.

Clark kissed her and said, "What about your candy crave?"

Lois looked devilishly at him and said, "I have you." Clark laughed with her and kissed her again. Lois and Clark walked up to bed. In five hours, another crazy day would start. They would be ready for anything that came their way.