Ruminations of a Coffee Mug

By Emily M. Hanson <>

Rated: G

Submitted: November, 2001

Disclaimer: The characters of Lois & Clark are not mine, I'm just borrowing them for a while. This is just a short, bizarre, experimental story. Feedback is welcome. Please do not post this story, or parts of it, elsewhere without my express permission. (The Lois & Clark Fanfic Archive has permission.)


I sit on Lois Lane's desk, filled with dark liquid, as she types her newest article. She never looks down at her keyboard as her fingers fly across it. Occasionally, she grabs the thesaurus next to me and flips through it, searching for the perfect word to make her point.

Then he comes, the tall one with the dark hair and glasses leading a secret life, puts an arm around her and whispers, "Hi, honey," into her ear. I wonder why no one else but Lois has figured it out. Clark Kent isn't stupid; I'll give him that. But the disguise is so thin that, one day, I think someone will be able to see through the veil.

Lois smiles and relaxes as Clark puts something on her desk. It's a steaming container of Chinese food. "Where'd you get this from?" she asks.

"Hong Kong."

Lois takes a sip of coffee and puts me down. "Thanks, Clark." He grins as she tries a bite of the food. "Mmmm."

"Glad you like it," he says.

The Daily Planet's owner and Editor in Chief, Perry White, pokes his head out of his office. "Lois, how are you coming on that story?"

"Almost done, Perry."

"I need that article in ten minutes."

"You'll get it."

Clark heads back to his desk as Lois finishes her story and sends it to her boss. She drinks the rest of the coffee and asks Jimmy Olsen, who is walking by, to fill me up. Soon everyone will be going home for the day, and I'll be left here in the dark, waiting for tomorrow. As people leave one by one, Clark gets up from his desk and walks Lois out. Perry White is the last to leave, long after everyone else is gone. He turns out the lights and takes one final look at the newsroom, before going home for the night.