Making Loops

By Jose Antonio Chamorro <>

Rating: PG

Submitted: November 2001

Summary: Lois and Clark encounter some mysterious visitors in this first season revelation story. But are they really so mysterious?

This is my first fanfic. The story takes place in the first season, just after the episode "Honeymoon in Metropolis". It's a revelation story, but it could have taken place in the series timeline. You'll notice it when you read it. Feedback and critics (good please, good) will be appreciated. The Spanish version is available through e- mail. You can ask me to send you it if you're interested. Thanks to Julie Gibson for editing it.

Metropolis. December 17th 1993

Suddenly they appeared in an alley. Three figures lay on the floor. They seemed confused while they stood up. All three were young, approximately in their early twenties. Two girls and a boy.

"Where are we?" the boy commented, while he observed the surroundings.

"In Metropolis, without a doubt," the blonde girl made it clear; at the same time she pointed to the piece of evidence that confirmed her answer. In the background they saw a globe, simulating the Earth, which was above the entrance of a building.

"The Planet. At least we are near to a known place," said the young man.

"Yes, but when?" The dark-haired girl, who looked like she was the oldest, spoke for the first time.

However, they were not alone in the alley. A gang noticed their presence and they recognized the young people's confusion. "Those look like they are a little bit lost, they seem misled. I think we can get a few bucks," the leader said while he stood up and he walked to the three young people.

"Hey, you."

"Guys, I think there are problems," the blonde girl commented.

"Well, I suppose you are a little bit lost, aren't you? What do you think? We can be your guide in exchange for a few dollars," a gang minion commented and at the same time brandishing their knives.


"Are you sure that you don't mind me staying at your house during the time that the apartment is being fumigated?" Lois asked while she and Clark were going to the newspaper offices. "Surely Cat will start gossiping about us, specially after those nights we spent in the Lexor."

"Lois, the nights in the Lexor were work nights. And, in my opinion, there is no problem with a co-worker who wants to help another when he or she has an emergency," Clark answered. Actually, the trouble was his. When Lois mentioned she had to fumigate the apartment, he quickly offered the possibility of staying with him, without thinking. He hoped the nights were quiet for Superman.

Walking in front of one of the alleys near the Planet, Lois observed something strange and commented: "Clark, look." Clark turned his head and saw how eight gangsters were threatening three other people.

"I think I'm going to call the…" He hadn't finished the sentence when the blonde girl and the guy knocked out two of their aggressors. In a blink the aggressors were unconscious on the ground.

"We are already in a mess, and we have been here five minutes. We must go away," the dark-haired girl commented. They turned back to go out of the alley and they noticed that somebody had seen what had happened seconds before. "Oh, oh, the other side."

The young people got back by running away while Lois Lane was shouting "Hey, you three, wait, you have to talk with the police." Lois, distracted, didn't realize the sudden disappearance of her colleague and friend, who transformed from Clark Kent into his alter ego Superman.

The young people were already running away when Superman appeared. "It isn't right to leave the police with one of the city gangs totally K.O.'ed," the Man of Steel commented.

"We don't want to have anything to do with the police. Let us pass, we haven't any business with you," the kid said.

"Kids, you're going to do the right thing and wait with me until police come," Superman said, extending his hand towards the dark-haired girl.

With no time for Clark to react, she held his arm and she whirled him to the ground, while she told her companions, "Go, I'll take care of him, I'll find you."

Lois was astonished. That girl had thrown Superman to the ground without any effort. Clark was wondering how he had ended up on the ground.

"This time you won't catch me unprepared," the superhero commented. As he tried to grip the girl, she had not only avoided him, but she threw him to one of the walls of the alley. Further attempts weren't any better.

Clark was knocked plenty of times against the walls of the alley, but the worst of this was that he couldn't get near the young lady and she didn't seem tired. "My brother and sister will be waiting for me, I think it's time to finish this. It will hurt me more than you," the girl said. Clark could see tears under her glasses as she spoke. Suddenly, Clark felt a terrible knock in his chest and he saw himself flying out of control until he landed in a dumpster.

"Superman," Lois shouted. She had been viewing the useless fight of her friend with that girl, and she was concerned. In particular, the ease with which she had won. "Superman, are you OK?" Lois asked while she saw him coming out of the dumpster.

"Yes, I'm OK. Only a bit hurt."

Lois looked at his forehead and saw a little red spot. "You're bleeding."

Clark touched his forehead with his hand and felt a small cut. "It's nothing. I'll be fine."

Lois looked at him worried because she hadn't ever seen him bleeding. "Was she that strong?" the reporter asked.

"No, but I had the strange feeling of fighting myself, like the only thing she did, was giving my strength back to me. Apart from the last knock. She used her strength on that," Clark explained. "But it was strange. She looked like she didn't want to hurt me."

Lois asked, "What do you mean?"

"Lois, when she knocked me down she was about to cry," Clark commented. "I think I have to go, I'm feeling better," Superman commented. "Bye, Lois."

"Bye Superman, take care," Lois added. At the same time as Superman flew away, Lois noticed that Clark had disappeared one more time. "Clark, where are you? He's already disappeared."

Unexpectedly Lois heard a voice that called her. "Lois, I'm here. I went to Call the police but I stumbled and I knocked my head. I think I've been unconscious. What happened?"


Later, at the Daily Planet.

"Lois, you're exaggerating," said Clark.

"I told you the truth. Superman was like a puppet in that girl's hands, but I understand you. If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have it believed." Lois commented. She hadn't told anybody about the incident. She didn't want anybody to know her feelings about the defeat of Superman by a girl. If the Chief found out she'd have to write an article. And she didn't want the world to know about somebody who could defeat Superman. Somebody who could defeat Superman. She wondered, <who were those guys? Do they have any plot to kill the Man of Steel? Had it been only a coincidence? >. Lois Lane didn't think it was a coincidence that a person could defeat Superman.

"Earth to Lois, Earth to Lois," shouted Clark. "Lois, which planet were you on?"

"Yes, Clark, I was thinking. When you finish we can go," Lois said.

"I have finished the article, I was waiting for your return to Earth," Clark answered.


Clark's apartment

As Clark opened the door Lois said, "I suppose I'll sleep on the couch," Lois commented while they put the suitcase into the apartment.

"No argument, you're my guest. The floor is yours," Clark, kidded.

"What… how dare you?" Lois babbled.

Clark liked joking with her, and he was amazed how she babbled when she felt nervous. "I won't accept a negative. You'll have the bed. I don't mind sleeping on the couch," Clark said while he thought <I hope I can sleep>. When they when into the apartment they didn't notice that somebody had been following them.

"I don't understand why we had to follow them," the blonde girl commented.

"Liz, they've seen us. Nobody else would mind," the dark- haired girl answered.

"In fact, we really were unlucky, Laura. They were passing in front of the alley at the same time as we were there. That's opportunism," the boy commented.

"CJ, you know they were in all kinds of messes," Laura said. "Furthermore, we must confirm if our presence here can modify the timeline."

"Hey, we can't see anything. Look for a better place," CJ suggested.

"Yes, I thought that would be okay," agreed Laura.

They went to the back alley of Clark's apartment, near the balcony, the place Superman usually uses to come out to do his jobs. They must be careful. If they make a noise, Clark could hear them. They placed themselves near the balcony and observed that Lois and Clark had changed their clothes. They had bought a pizza when they came home.

"I would like to be there with them, eating that pizza," CJ commented.

"In fact if you were there, you would eat the pizza and they would see you," Liz answered humorously.



"I like the film. You were right to rent it," Lois said while rewinding the tape.

"Ahhh," yawned Clark.

"What happened?" Lois asked.

"I don't know, but I have a backache."

"I think the least I can do to make up for your hospitality is to give you a little massage on your back," offered Lois. They were sitting on the couch with Clark's back to Lois; she started massaging Clark's dorsals, Lois thought <I didn't realize but Clark has strong muscles>.

"It's OK, Lois, I think I'm fine. Thank you," Clark said, as he turned round.

Their eyes met. Lois thought <why can't I take my eyes off him? >. Gradually they were getting near to each other. Suddenly, when they were about to kiss, a thought crossed through Lois' mind <Lois, what on Earth are you doing?> Lois stood up quickly and said, "Oh, it's late. It's time to go to bed, eh… I mean… to sleep. But I think I should have a shower… cold, very cold," mumbled Lois. While Lois went to the bathroom, Clark lay on the couch. He was tired and in no time he had fallen asleep.

"They were quite near," Laura commented.

"Laura, that shouldn't have happened, should it?" Liz asked.

"The bond that exists between them attracted each other, but it isn't strong enough yet, luckily," the oldest of the three explained.

"Look at there. It's Clark's wallet. Maybe he has some money to buy something. I'm very hungry," CJ added. Unexpectedly, his sisters couldn't stop him when he stood on the balcony and came into Clark's apartment. He felt like a burglar. Fortunately, he didn't need to step on the floor because he was levitating. Just when he opened Clark's wallet, he heard the bathroom door open. He saw Lois coming out. He just had enough time to go up near the ceiling as he heard her, saying, "I've forgot the comb." As she went back to the bathroom she observed that Clark was still sleeping with the glasses on. She thought to take them off, but she imagined he was a little bit drowsy and he would take them off. Lois returned to the bathroom. CJ came down and he got forty dollars from the wallet, which he left on the same place as before. Going out by the same place he had gone into, CJ went to his sisters.

"She was really near," Liz commented.

"Yes, but we've got money to buy something to eat," CJ answered, happily, while he went shopping.

Liz and Laura watched Lois come out of the bathroom. "I'm a bit thirsty. I'll drink a glass of water." Lois went to take a glass, when something distracted her. Looking towards the couch she, astonished, saw Clark sleeping. In the air! <It can't be. It's impossible. Clark is Superman>, thought Lois. "Clark Kent!" Lois shouted, babbling, "You have lied to… to me."

Clark frightened by his friend's shout, woke up abruptly without noticing he wasn't on the couch but in the air and he fell soundly onto the floor. "Oh, what a bump," Clark moaned.

"Don't complain," Lois replied angrily. "I've seen you flying. Superman." At the same time, the two girls were watching amazed the entire scene.

"That sure implies a break on the timeline, doesn't it?" Liz added.

"We must step in. We can't leave her yelling at him," Laura said while she went to the balcony.

"You've been lying to me since we met. I can believe it" Lois pointed.

"I knew it wasn't a good idea, I acted without thinking when I invited you over here," Clark commented.

"You have been flirting with me as Superman."

Before Clark could answer, he observed two figures that came in by the balcony of his apartment, even as one of them said to him "I'm sorry, Clark, it's my fault. If I only had distracted you, this wouldn't have happened." Lois and Clark, astounded, observed the two young women. The dark-haired woman seemed very nervous. Although she was adult, her face revealed the fear of a punishment as if she were a little girl.

"You have been watching us!" Lois and Clark exclaimed at the same time.

"That's being on the same wavelength!" the blonde girl commented.

"Wait a moment, did you know that Clark and Superman are the same person?" Lois asked with curiosity. The young women nodded. "Clark, they knew, why didn't I?" Lois' question was venomous. Clark didn't have the answer to that question. In fact, he was as surprised as her that somebody knew his secret. Suddenly his superear intercepted something <Help, car's brakes has gone! >.

Lois saw the unexpected change in his face and asked, "What is happening?"

"An emergency," Clark said taking off his glasses and changing his clothes at superspeed. Clark has just disappeared and Superman went out to the emergency.

"Wow!" Lois exclaimed.

"Amazing, isn't it?" the dark haired girl commented, adding, "While he is gone let's see what he has for dessert." The girl went to the fridge. "Fantastic, there is ice cream, let me see… this is strawberry, this here is… chocolate. My favorite!"


In the street

CJ carried the pizzas on his hand when he heard somebody's shout. He observed a car out of control, which was about to run over on a lady who was crossing the street. Without thinking he threw the pizzas into the air, and ran away at superspeed grabbing the lady and putting her on the other sidewalk. Without stopping he went back to the place where he had thrown the pizzas. These fell into his hands as if he hadn't moved from there. After his good deed he returned to Clark's without noticing that Superman had arrived just after he had stopped the car. Superman, distracted by the driver and the lady that greeted him about the rescue, didn't realize the young man had gone away. But he had really seen what he had done. After he verified the damages, he returned home. As he had hoped, the night for Superman was quiet. The problem was that Clark wouldn't have a quiet night.


Clark's apartment

Lois observed how somebody else was landing on the balcony. It was a young man, dark-haired and wearing glasses. In his arms he was carrying four pizzas. "I see you have decided to come in," commented, looking at Lois.

"In fact, there wasn't anything else to do. She has found out," Liz said.

"I see," CJ answered.

"Four pizzas. How much money did you take from the wallet?" Laura asked with curiosity.

"Forty bucks," CJ said calmly while he started to eat the pizza.

"Did you take them from Clark's wallet?" Lois asked looking at the wallet.

"I'm sorry. I know that it is as if I had stolen them. But I couldn't stand it. We haven't eaten for more than 24 hours," the concerned guy answered.

"Did you come into the apartment?" Lois inquired.

"Yes, when you were in the bathroom. You were quite near to see me," the young man answered grinning as his sisters were taking care of the pizzas.

"Why couldn't I see you and why didn't Clark hear you?" Lois questioned. Before CJ could answer a noise was heard from the balcony. Swoosh! Clark was back, and before Lois could see the blue suit, Clark changed his clothes with a twister.

"I've seen you. How did you do that?" Clark asked.

"Do what?" Laura asked, fearing her brother was in a mess.

"He threw the pizzas into the air. At superspeed, he grabbed a lady who was about to be run over and he put her on the front sidewalk. Finally, he returned to the start point catching the pizzas with no trouble," related Clark, watching the guy's eyes pointing at his sister's, who was disapproving of his action with her look.

Lois decided to lead the conversation. "First of all, what are your names?"

"Lofa," Laura answered with her mouth full of food.


"Sorry, my name is Laura," the dark-haired girl answered.

"I'm Elisabeth, but everybody calls me Liz," the blonde girl added.

"Clark Jerome, CJ to friends," the guy ended.

"Good, at least we know what we can call you. But that is useless without your surname," Lois explained.

"Our surname is… Kent," Laura said shyly.

"You're Clark's relatives!" Lois shouted.

"Yeah, more or less," the guy commented.

"Which relatives, exactly?" Lois, curious, asked.

"We're his… children," Laura said with a little fright.

"My children? I don't have children. And if I had any they wouldn't be practically the same age as me," Clark exclaimed astounded.

"It's easy to explain. We come from the future," Liz commented quietly.

"Certainly, it's easy to explain but not to understand. From what I know time travel is impossible," pointed Lois, with disbelief.

"Hey, your co-worker is an alien," Liz joked.

"Well, if you're his kids, that would explain why you know that Clark is Superman," Lois said giving a point to the young people.

"I don't think so. He didn't tell us anything until we started to develop the powers. And we live with him in the same house," Liz added while she and her brother were finishing the strawberry ice cream. "Do you mind if we lie down on the bed? Liz asked.

"And who tell us…?" Lois asked.

"Laura will. She's the oldest. Moreover she found out before Dad told her," CJ joked.

Lois' face revealed her curiosity, allowing Laura to tell them about the discovery. "The excuses of his disappearances were starting to be more and more ridiculous. Additionally, I found two revealing photographs. They were from one of the incidents with that blasted imp from the fifth dimension, Mr. Mxidon'tknow. One of the photos showed Clark Kent and Superman in front of each other, talking. The other showed two superparents arguing with their superdaughters. Weirdly, the photos and the negatives disappeared from the Daily Planet. As far as I know, poor Jimmy was trying to convince Perry the girls were Superman's daughters. Without the photos the story vanished. The final evidence appeared when the front door was in my hand. When Dad saw me I asked him if there were anything he has to tell me," Laura told the story while she and Lois were eating chocolate ice cream. Liz and CJ were lying on the bed and seemed asleep.

Clark sat down on the couch, and observed the two women. Tired, Laura had taken her glasses off. Clark looked quietly both at of them and thought <In fact they really look alike>. Clark understood what that thought meant and said "I see you're telling us only one part of the story, trying to hide things. For example, you haven't mentioned your mother."

Laura noticed she had taken her glasses off. "You made a mistake when you took off your glasses. Through them nobody can see your eyes properly. This morning I found something familiar in them, and now I know what it was. You do have your mother's eyes," Clark explained.

"Your mother. I wonder who she will be," Lois said. She couldn't hide her interest.

"You, Lois," Clark added calmly.

"That's impossible. We're co-workers, we're friends, we're…" Lois babbled.

Laura looked at her, grinning. "Before you were about to kiss each other. You're fated. You're soul mates. You must be together."

"You want to say I'll be Superman's wife?" Lois questioned Laura.

"No", Laura answered, "You'll be Clark Kent's wife."

As soon as she said this, she stood up and went to the bed. She stood next to it and started floating as Clark did before.

Lois also stood up and walked towards Clark. Together they lay down on the couch to rest. "Clark, do you think it's true?"

"Probably," Clark said as he kissed her on the lips while he hugged her, they fell asleep on the couch. Drowsy, Lois dreamt <I will marry… Clark>.


Metropolis. December 17th 1993

"Are you sure that you don't mind me staying at you house during the time that the apartment is being fumigated?" asked Lois while she and Clark went to the newspaper offices. "Surely Cat will start gossiping about us, specially after those nights we spent in the Lexor."

"Lois, the nights in the Lexor were work nights. And, in my opinion, there is no problem with a co-worker who wants to help another when he or she has an emergency," Clark answered, adding, "I've the feeling we've already had this conversation before."

"Yes, I've got the same feeling too," Lois added looking unconsciously at the alley. But nothing was happening there. "We must hurry up, the Chief will be waiting for us."


While Lois and Clark went to the Planet, four figures observed them. "Thanks for arriving Mr. Wells, and we have been able to put out this mess," Laura commented.

"And don't they remember anything?" CJ asked curiously.

Wells, expecting the question, answered, "No, things that happened in the timeloop you created will be like a dream or deja vu. At the right time Lois Lane will fall in love with Clark Kent and she will out find his big secret. They'll get married and they have children. You. And Utopia will become a new stage. I think it's time to go home. Your parents will be concerned."


Finished writing in Spanish October 16th, 2001 Translation from Spanish ended October 19th, 2001