Mr. Wells Drops In

By Cookie <>

Rated G

Submitted October 2000

Summary: In the future, H. G. Wells is still looking after the Kents and the timeline. But now when when there's trouble, it takes another family with very special abilities to make things right. ***

Present day

H.G. Wells stood in the shadows of the hall watching the Law and Kent families gather for the new addition to the family.

He sighed and turned to leave.

He had hoped to see Maria Law again. She was such a fascinating woman.

She had made his visit three years ago most interesting.

Who would have guessed at the secrets that both the Law and Kents were hiding? Oh, he had known of the Kent's secret but not that of the Law family

And that secret turned out to be just as interesting as Superman's secret identity.

He pulled out his watch. "Well, time for me to leave."

He then turned and left the hospital blending into the night. ***

Three years ago

H.G. Wells stood in front of Maria Law's house. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go in. From what he had read about her, she was a formidable woman. He didn't really have a choice.

He walked up the path to the front door. He rang the doorbell and waited.

A woman of medium height answered the door. "Hello."

"Good evening," said Wells. "I have come along way to talk to you about something of an urgent nature. May I come in?"

Maria stood aside gestured him into the house. She closed the door. "This way."

Once they were settled in the living room, Maria waited to see what the man wanted. He did seem harmless to her.

Wells was fretting. He didn't know how much to tell her without changing the timeline. He knew without her help Lois would die, Carla would be in a coma, and Clark and CJ would be lost without Lois.

Then there was Jamal, without Carla he would just drift through life. Jamal's chameleon and psychic abilities were needed now, never mind the little extra.

Wells cleared his throat; "I need your help in preventing a death at the Daily Planet. Or rather your grandson Jamal's help, in preventing a needless death."

"Why would you need my grandson's help? Maria watched the man sitting in her home. Maybe I should have a look."

"Mrs. Law, I know about your family. I am a time traveler— maybe you read my book on time travel? I am H.G. Wells. And without your grandson's help this time line will change and not for the better."

"M-m-m. I see you really believe that. But what could I do to help?" Said Maria. The little peek Maria got was confusing.

"If you could get your grandson a job this summer at the Daily Planet, he would be in position to prevent Lois Lane's death," said Wells.

"Lois Lane the reporter? She has Superman looking after her," said Maria.

"Not this time. Please. I cannot say any more. I have already said too much about the problem. But if you can do this the time line can be righted. I know that you are worried about Jamel and this would ease your worries believe me. I only want to help, " said Wells.

"You have given me something to think about. Can I get in touch with you later?" said Maria.

"I am only here for a day," said Wells. "But I do hope you will do this. I will check by in a few days for your answer," said Wells, rising to leave.

After Wells had left Maria pondered what he said. His aura said he was telling the truth. To be on the safe side maybe a look wouldn't hurt.

Maria Law's house three days later

Jamal Law watched his grandmother putting the finishing touches on the dinner table. She looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. There had been a few people who had underestimated her to their peril. He wondered what she was up to now. And why did she have to involve him

"Jamal, honey. When did you get here?" she asked.

"Just a few moments ago, Gram," he said.

"Well come over and give me a kiss," said Maria Law. Just look at him. He reminds me so much of my late husband. Both men being tall, tan and good-looking, no wonder the girls are always running after him. My, my, Billy Dee Williams eat your heart out.

Jamal bent to kiss her cheek. "So what are you up to, Gram?"

She had the grace to look away from him. "Now, why would I be up to anything?"

"Well for one thing. The letter I got from you. Don't make plans for the summer. There is a special project you want me to work on," said Jamal.

"Honey boy, we'll talk about that later. Your folks should be here soon."

"Gram! Now, please," said Jamal.

Gram sighed. "Ok, ok. I got you a job at the Daily Planet for the summer."

"What! I'm going to France for the summer, remember. Uncle Lee is expecting me," said Jamal.

Maria winced. "I know but I really need you to do this for me."

"Gram, give me one good reason," Jamal asked.

"I ask this in the name of our family through time past to time present and future," said Maria.

Jamal sighed. "You win. But only this time, but that was a low blow, Gram. So what's this really about? You are going to tell me, aren't you?"

"Jamal, can't you just do this without knowing the reason. You will know soon enough. Besides, tell me what you have been up to."

"Gram, my working for the Daily Planet doesn't have anything to do with our family does it?"

"What do you mean?" asked Maria.

"Well the Daily Planet is known for getting scoops. Has our family come under investigation by them?" asked Jamal.

"Of course not. It has been a long time since anyone has investigated our family. We have been keeping everything under wraps," said Maria.

"I had to ask. You know Gracie's has been having visions. And they are scary for her and I have been helping her deal with them," said Jamal. " What do you mean under wraps? Who has been causing trouble?"

"I'm glad you could be there for her. Oh well, nothing much you know how your father worries. It seems Joey had been bragging to his friend and doing a little showing off. I am planning on going down there soon. I really wish you would settle down. I know being the family troubleshooter is exciting. But you need something else in your life, " said Maria.

"I know, Gram. And one day I will settle down. So what's been happening here?" replied Jamal.

"Nothing much," said Gram. "Why don't you tell me about T?"

"Oh he decided he need some cash and went to Vegas. He was winning too much money and the wrong people became interested in him,"said Jamal.

"Oh, that boy is a scamp," said Gram.

"Scamp my eye. Those guys decided to rob him. He ends up being kidnapped out of his room. At first he thought they were kidding. At least he used his wits for a change. I arrived as they were leaving the hotel and ended up following them. T made the car stop and the driver got out to see what was wrong. I knocked him out and T put the guy inside out and we left them there. I then brought T to Metropolis and put him on a plane to the Island," said Jamal.

"Oh well I guess that was ok. But he will have everyone on the Island up in arms after a few days. Maybe I'll send his mom down there," said Gram.

Jamal grinned at the mention of his aunt.

The family island would not be the same after one of their visits. He was going to have to look up the date on the last titled document. At least no one had filed another claim. It was a prime real estate and someone was forever trying to buy it or steal it. He focused his attention back to what Gram was saying.

They began to talk of other things.

Kent House

"Clark. Have you heard from the kids? said Lois from the bathroom.

"Yeah. Carla called. She wanted to know if the job in the daycare was still open," said Clark.

"What did you tell her?" said Lois.

"That I would check with you," said Clark, turning down the bedcovers. Then he slid between them.

"That's good. Before I forget, while you were out Mr. Grant from management called to ask if I would talk to a friend's son for the research job," said Lois getting into bed.

"Good. Anyone would be better than the last researcher. Maybe your luck will change. Remember when Perry hired me," said Clark.

"How could I forget. Lucky me," Lois yawned as she walked to the bed and climbed in.

Clark kissed the top of her head. Goodnight, Lois."

Clark glanced at his wife. She was fast asleep.

The Daily Planet Building

Carla Kent hurried into the Daily Planet lobby. "Hold the elevator, please."

"No problem," said Jamal.

Carla sprinted into the elevator. She smiled at the tall man holding the door. "Thanks. I don't want to be late for my first day."

"So you are starting working here today? Maybe you can tell me something about the editor. I'm supposed to have an interview in about ten minutes with him," said Jamal.

"Not a him. It's a her. Lois Lane is the editor," said Carla.

"Really. My grandmother is a fan," said Jamal.

Then the elevator screeched to a halt.

"No. Not today," said Carla frantically pushing buttons on the panel. She sighed. "We're stuck."

"So it would seem," said Jamal with a smile in his voice.

"I can't believe this, we're stuck. Mom said they had been having problems with the elevators in the past week. Just my luck they would go on the blink on my first day," Carla rambled on.

"Mom as in Lois Lane?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm Carla Kent. Darn, where's my phone?" she mumbled, as she searched her bag.

"I'm Jamal Law. Do you think they will get us out soon? I would hate to be late for my job interview."

"At least you have a good excuse. I hope they get us out soon. I don't like closed in places," said Carla.

Jamal smiled as he watched her. He thought, what a nice girl. Too bad she's stuck in here with me, though. Heck, I could be out of here in a jif. Maybe while she is on the phone… Jamal slid over to the panel. He put his hand against the panel. Thinking, the gears are stuck. Let's see if a little pressure will loosen them just enough to get us out of here.

Then ding the elevator started moving again.

"This must be my lucky day," said Carla, hanging up the phone. She strode out of the elevator as soon as the door opened. "Come on. I'll introduce you to Mom."

Carla sailed into the newsroom straight to the editor's office. She briefly knocked before entering.

Lois Lane was seated at her desk. Clark was sitting in one of the chairs. Both looked up when Carla entered.

"Good morning Carla. Who's the gentleman with you?" Lois asked.

"Hi Mom. Dad. This Jamal Law. We met in the elevator. He has an appointment with you."

"Mr. Law. Please come in and have a seat," said Lois. "This is my star reporter Clark Kent."

"Mr. Law," said Clark.

"This is an honor, Mr. Kent. I have read all your work. Have we met before?" said Jamal.

"It's possible, but I don't think so," said Clark smiling.

Carla started toward the door; "I'll see you guys later. And Dad, I need to talk to you later today.

Oh, Mom, you had better have someone check the elevator, it's on the blink."

With a wave of her hand Carla left Lois's office.

"Lois, I'm going to talk to Carla before she starts work," said Clark. "Mr. Law, nice to meet you."

"Jamal, sir. The pleasure was mine," Jamal had stood to shake Clark's hand.

Clark then left the office.

"Now, Mr. Law. You do have some references?" said Lois reaching out her hand.

"Yes I do. Here they are," said Jamal handing the papers to her. But he thought, where had he seen Clark Kent before?

Clark caught up with Carla in the hall where the daycare center was located.

"What is on your mind?" asked Clark.

"Something weird happened when the elevator stopped," said Carla.

"Like what?" said Clark, watching his daughter.

"Well the gears were frozen in place. There is no way the elevator should have moved," said Carla.

"Honey, are you sure they were frozen?" asked Clark.

"Dad I am sure. I even took another look a couple of minutes ago. Those gears are frozen," said Carla with a frown on her face.

"That is strange," said Clark turning to x-ray the elevator. "You're right they are frozen. Come by the house tonight and we'll talk about what the maintenance guys had to say."

"Thanks, Dad," said Carla, kissing his cheek.

Then she went down the hall to the daycare center. She wondered if Jamal would get the job. She got a good look at him in Lois office. He was gorgeous. *I wonder if he has a girl friend?* She put the thought out of mind. She entered the daycare room.

Clark stood there for a few minutes in deep thoughts about the frozen elevator. Then he started toward Lois's office.

"Jamal, how does a two week trial period sound?" said Lois.

"That would be great," said Jamal. He thought, maybe I'll get to France after this, the job shouldn't take too long.

"Then, welcome to the Daily Planet," said Lois extending her hand.

"Thanks," said Jamal shaking her hand. He extended his mind. Oh Gram. How could you do this to me?

"Jamal, Jamal is something wrong?" asked Lois, watching the strange expression on his face.

"Wrong? No, nothing is wrong," said Jamal, trying to smile.

"Then let me show you where you will be working," said Lois, ushering Jamal out of her office.

Maria Law's House

"More tea?" asked Maria extending the tea pot.

"No, no. I have had quite enough," said Wells.

"That was Jamal on the phone. He's a little upset with me. He knows Lois is supposed to get killed," said Maria.

"Will he be able to prevent it?" asked Wells, leaning forward toward his hostess.

"Yes, I think so. You promised me a full explanation today," Maria reminded Wells.

"Oh, dear. I did, didn't I," said Wells.

"It's really a long story. But you will have to be satisfied with a version of the story. You see during my travels, events began changing. I finally tracked them to this time period. And it involved Lois Lane, Superman and Carla Kent. Superman will be needed in China to help with a hurricane disaster there. His son will also be helping him there. So Lois is unprotected. And Carla, her daughter, will become ill. Someone had planned events down to the second to do the most harm to the Kent family and Superman. So the problem is to find out who is behind all of this and to stop them."

"Why not just tell the Kents?" asked Maria.

Wells looked at his hostess. He thought, why not indeed. Now how am I going to explain without giving away Superman's secret identity?

"I would rather they didn't know. It would cause a problem to the Kents and to Superman," said Wells.

"And what problem would that be?" asked Maria, fixing Wells with hard look.

"Does he save Lois and Carla, or the thousand of people in China? Either way it would cause him a lot of emotional distress," replied Wells.

"Just what is it you're not telling me? There is something more to this," said Maria.

Wells thought. Of course there is more. Kryptonite to be specific. Out loud he said,"Yes, of course there is but I can't say anymore. It would change things too much in the future. And I have said too much already. And I really must be going. You have helped me to make things right."

"I'm sure I have," said Maria as she watched him leave. Her thoughts turned to the Daily Planet. Maybe I need to pay Jamal a visit and get the lay of the land.

The Kent House

The Kent family had just finished dinner, when Clark asked. "Lois, what did the maintenance crew find wrong with the elevator?"

"Oh, the maintenance supervisor said the gears were frozen.

And that it looked like someone had used a torch on it. He then said it was a good thing no one was in it because it would have taken Superman to get him or her out. Then he had the nerve to laugh," said Lois with a disgusted look on her face.

"I was right. Something fishy is going on. I wonder if Jamal had anything to do with it," said Carla.

"Carla, you are beginning to sound like your mother," said Clark.

"Clark, she might have the right idea. You know I didn't get a chance to tell you but he acted a little funny in the office. It was just after I had hired him. He spaced out for a few minutes," said Lois. "He got the weirdest look on his face like something he wanted to forget. I can't really explain what I saw."

"See, Dad. I am not the only one thinking something strange about Jamal," said Carla.

"Okay, you two. Just because something is not explained to your satisfaction doesn't mean there's not a rational explanation," said Clark.

"Yeah, right. I think I will look into it anyway. Got to go. Love you," said Carla as she made her way out of the house.

"So Clark, What do you think?" asked Lois.

"I don't know, honey. Maybe something is going on. It's been a while for us," said Clark pulling her up from the couch. "Let's go to bed."

"To sleep," teasingly Lois asked.

"Maybe," said Clark.

The Daily Planet

The last two weeks had been hell for Jamal. He knew he had to save Lois. And Carla had been dogging his every step. She's been too friendly for his peace of mind. And it didn't help that she and Gram had taken a liking to each other. Carla had even showed up last Sunday for Gram's afternoon tea.

Then he had taken a peek into Carla's mind a couple of days ago. Well he should have left things alone. Hey, the woman wasn't his type at all.

The day had started well for Jamal. He had noticed when Lois and Clark arrived just after 8. But an hour later he couldn't find Clark. So he left the research Clark had requested on his desk.

Jamal was making his way back to his desk when he noticed that everyone was watching LNN. They were reporting that Superman and son were in China helping with a hurricane disaster. Jamal glanced around and his eyes lit on Lois office. He noticed a man entering. That was when he had a feeling of deja vu. Jamal began shaking his head. He thought, no, no not today, I'm not ready for this. I'm just not ready. He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders. I need a game plan. As he strolled toward Lois's office, he could hear the man's threats before he saw the gun. Jamal took a deep breath and entered the office, "Ms. Lane, I'm sorry but the story you wanted will not be ready until 5 p.m."

"That will be fine, Jamal," said Lois, making gestures for him to leave.

Instead he looked at the man directly. He started sending the idea that the man was sleepy, all the while still making excuses for his story not being ready. Slowly the gunman slumped into the couch asleep.

"I think you should call security now," said Jamal.

Lois picked up the phone and made the call in a daze.

Jamal reached over and picked up the gun and put it on Lois's desk and then made the gunman comfortable on the couch.

"What did you do to him?" asked Lois. "Not that I am not grateful, but what exactly is wrong with him?"

"I just sent him a message that he was sleepy," said Jamal. "It's something I picked up in my travels."

"Yeah, right," said Lois, mumbling under her breath. "Just like you made an frozen elevator move."

Carla burst into the office. "Hi Jamal. Mom. Oh, God that hurts," said Carla, leaning against the doorframe.

"Carla, Carla! What's wrong, baby?" said Lois frantically, thinking kryptonite must be in here.

"Jamal, please take Carla over to the ladies room. I'll be there as soon as security gets here."

Jamal put his arm around Carla and guided her out of Lois's office.

As soon as Jamal and Carla were out of the office, Lois began searching the gunman. She found a small piece of kryptonite in his jacket pocket. She went to her desk and found one of the metal containers she kept for emergencies. Lois then placed the kryptonite in it.

By then security had arrived.

"Come in, Joe. I need you to watch this man until the police get here. I will be back as soon as I have checked on my daughter. And Joe, while I'm gone. Think about how an armed man got into the Daily Planet." With that, Lois left the office, leaving behind a very sheepish security guard.

Lois found Jamal leaning against the wall next to the ladies room.

"Jamal, where's Carla?" asked Lois.

"Inside. She felt better once she was out of your office," said Jamal.

"Thanks, from both of us. I imagine you don't want the police to know what you did in my office. So you can run a little errand for me. Please take this over to Star Labs and ask for Dr. Klein. I'll let them know that you are coming," said Lois handling him the lead container.

Jamal just smiled. "Whatever you say, boss. He took the lead container, looking it over, and then made his way to the elevator.

Lois pulled out her phone and made the call to Dr. Klein, telling him someone was on the way over with some kryptonite. Lois hung up the phone and entered the ladies room. "Carla, where are you?"

"Over here, Mom. Was that kryptonite?" said Carla, leaning against the sink.

"Yes, I'm afraid so, honey. Are you feeling better now?" said Lois, looking at Carla closely, reaching out to feel her forehead.

"Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better. What happened in your office? And who was that man on the couch?" demanded Carla.

"I'll tell you later. Right now I want you to go home and get some rest. I'm hoping that was the only piece of kryptonite that guy had," said Los. "Thank goodness your father wasn't here."

"You're sure about me going home? I could stay awhile. And I feel fine now," said Carla.

"Carla, I'm going to have to talk to the police and I don't want to have to worry about you, ok?" said Lois.

"Alright, just this one time. I love you," said Carla, kissing Lois's cheek.

"Love you, too, kiddo," said Lois as she left the ladies room.

Lois took one look at her office. There stood Lieutenant Holmes and two uniformed officers. Just my luck I get Holmes, thought Lois, plastering a smile on her face.

"Lieutenant," said Lois, extending her hand.

"Ms Lane," said Lieutenant Holmes, shaking her hand.

"You have a prisoner for me. You want to fill me in on what happened here?"

"I was working in my office when this man came in. He proceeded to pull out a gun from his belt, pointing it at me," said Lois.

"And?" Lt. Holmes encouraged.

"I don't know, it was weird. He fell asleep. I got his gun and then called security," said Lois.

"Let me get this straight, he fell asleep. You're saying the man just fell asleep?" questioned Lieutenant Holmes.

"That's what I said," snapped Lois.

"Ms. Lane, no offense, but a gunman will not fall asleep when he has his victim in his power," said Lieutenant Holmes.

"Well that's what happened. Sorry, what can I say? That is the way it happened," said Lois.

"If it was anyone else, I wouldn't believe you. But some things from the past come to mind… I'll need a signed statement from you," said Lieutenant Holmes.

"I will come by the station after work. Will that be alright?" asked Lois.

"That will be fine. Okay guys, let's get him out of here," commanded Lieutenant Holmes.

The two officers in uniform lifted the man between them and left the office with Lt. Holmes following them.

Lois walked behind her desk and took a seat. Thoughts began running through her mind. Who had sent the gunman? Who was behind the attack on her? She didn't think the gunman had access to kryptonite. Maybe Bureau 39, no they used all they had when the Kryptonians were here. At least she thought they did. Could it be someone at Star Labs? No, Dr. Klein is the only one with access to it. So that's out. She would just have to wait until Clark got back. Maybe he will have some ideas. Then there is Jamal. What in the world was she going to do about him? Clark is going to have to be very careful from now on. With a sigh Lois went to work.

It was about 6 p.m. when Jamal stuck his head into Lois's office.

"Hi, boss lady. Did everything go alright?" Jamal inquired.

"Things went just fine. But are a few questions I would like answered. I can still have a nice chat with the police," said Lois.

"Be my guest. It will cause me a few problems. But I can handle it," said Jamal, calling Lois's bluff.

"You're not going to tell me, are you?" said Lois.

"Maybe one day," said Jamal with a smile.

Clark hurried into Lois office. "Lois, I got an exclusive from Superman about the hurricane in China. Plus I have a surprise for you. Our wayward son is here."

"Hey. I'm not wayward," said CJ, moving around Clark to kiss Lois hello.

"Come to visit your poor old parents?" said Lois, smiling up at CJ.

CJ noticed the tall black guy standing to one side. "Allen! What are you doing here?" said CJ as they shook hands.

"J? You're the CJ Kent everyone's been talking about?" said Jamal.

"So you two know each other?" Lois asked.

"Remember that blackmail case in Paris a few years ago? It was my first big story. I met Allen then. He was working for Leland Brooke as his chauffeur," explained CJ.

Lois raised an eyebrow; "You're a man of many talents, Jamal."

Clark turned to Jamal. "You worked for Leland Brooke. I have been trying to get an interview with him for ages. How do you know him?"

Jamal thought. Darn double darn. I'm in for it now. Aloud he said. "He's my uncle. I met J when his chauffeur had been hospitalized and I took over his duties as a favor for Uncle Lee. It took him a week to find a replacement so J only knew me that way."

"It would seem both of us weren't being truthful," said CJ.

"Maybe. We each had our reasons," answered Jamal.

Clark the said, "I'll see you later, Jamal. CJ, I'll see you at home. I have to write up my interview on the hurricane in China."

"Clark, I need to talk to you about something. Come back when you're finished," said Lois.

"I will because I want to know why the police were here today, and why Joe the security guard was apologizing to me," said Clark. He then left the room.

"Yeah, Mom. What have you been up to?" said CJ.

"Why don't you ask your friend Jamal?" said Lois.

"Why would Jamal have anything to do with the police being here?" CJ asked, looking at Lois.

"Let's just say I happened to be in the right place at the right time, and now I must be going. I'm late already. I'll talk to you later J," said Jamal, leaving the office.

After Jamal left. CJ turned to Lois. "What was all of that about?"

Lois sighed. "We'll talk about that later at home."

"Must be pretty heavy if we can't talk about it here," said CJ.

"It is," said Lois.

Clark re-entered the office. "All through, just need you to read over it."

"Okay, give me a few minutes. It should make tomorrow's edition," said Lois.

Jamal drove through the streets toward his parent's house. He and Gram were expected for dinner this evening. He knew Gram would want to know what happened today, and he wasn't sure if he knew everything. Something didn't feel quite right. But the strong ethics his family had instilled kept him from peeking into Lois' mind today. Then, there was Lois. She would not forget how he put the gunman to sleep. What if she started looking into his family background? They had tried hard to stay away from the news media. Lane and Kent were very good at finding out secrets that one would like to keep hidden. He had better get in touch with his Uncle Lee.

He was sure he didn't know J was CJ Kent the reporter. That was Jamal's last thought as he pulled into his parent's driveway.

Lois told Clark about the gunman and the kryptonite while driving to the police station. Lt. Holmes just had Lois read and sign the statement he had prepared. They were in and out of the police station in less than an hour.

When Clark and Lois arrived at the brownstone they were in a good mood. The family was all together if just for one evening.

"What smells so good?" asked Lois, sniffing the air.

"The kids must have fixed dinner," said Clark.

"It's a good thing they take after you in the cooking department," jokingly said Lois..

CJ and Carla came out of the kitchen bearing food.

"The table is all set. If you get washed up, we can eat," said Carla.

The family made small talk while eating. CJ had been in Africa taking some pictures and occasionally writing articles. Carla ran some ideas by the family on what she wanted to do after she graduated from college next year. Once the meal was over, it was time to sort things out.

Lois started first. "I'm telling you, Jamal put that guy to sleep. And I don't know how he did it. Plus he's not saying a thing. He even called my bluff about telling the police about him."

"Oh, Mom, you didn't. It wouldn't have done any good. His family owns B&L department store. And his grandmother is Maria Law. She helps the police with really difficult cases," said Carla.

"Wow. I had been meaning to do some background checks on him," said Lois. "What else did you find out?"

"Oh, no you don't. I want to know where you were, Carla, when your mother was being threatened by a gunman," said a very upset Clark.

"While you two were in China, there was a bad accident on Lex Avenue. Then someone decided to rob First bank of Metropolis. I got back as fast as I could," replied Carla.

"Clark, don't you blame Carla. It was a good thing you all weren't there. The guy had kryptonite in his pocket. None of you would have been any help," said Lois.

"You're right, honey. I still worry about you when I am not around," said Clark.

The doorbell rang, interrupting the argument.

"I'll get the door," said CJ.

When he opened the door, a man holding his hat and wearing old- fashioned clothes stood there.

"Hello. Are Lois and Clark here? I am an old friend," said H.G. Wells.

"Yes, they are here. Please come in," said CJ opening the door wider for the funny little man to enter.

H.G. Wells walked into the living room. "Oh, good. You're all here."

"Mr. Wells, what brings you here? We haven't seen you in quite some time," said Clark.

"It's bad news isn't it? You never show up unless it's bad news," said Lois, quite upset.

"Quite the opposite this time. There was a slight problem but it has been taken care of," said Wells.

"Problem?" said Clark.

"You're who?" asked CJ.

"Oh, forgive me. I'm H.G. Wells. Your parents will vouch for me. We have had a few adventures together," said Wells with a slight smile.

"You're here. So what wrong?" asked Lois.

"Nothing. Let me explain. It was during my travels that some events began changing. I finally tracked the cause to this time period. It seems someone wanted to kill your family. But I have been able to prevent it. I knew of someone who could help me right the events," said Wells.

"That would have been today? While Clark was in China someone was going to kill me, then Clark," Lois demanded.

"Yes, so I got someone to help prevent it from happening. And it was the only way to capture who was behind it. The Time Guardians have him in custody now. You won't be having anymore problems from him," said Wells. "Plus no more worries about the kryptonite."

"Was Jamal Law that someone you asked?" said Lois.

All the Kents looked at Wells. He began fidgeting.

"Some pressure was brought on him to help out. But he didn't know the reason until he started to work at the Daily Planet," said Wells.

"That's interesting. Just what kind of pressure did you use?" asked Clark.

"Dear me, no. That was left up to someone else. I think family loyalty had something to do with it. I must be going," said Wells.

"But you really haven't told us enough. Like who is behind the attack on Mom, and where did the kryptonite come from?" said Carla.

"Sorry, that's all I can tell you. The timeline is back on track and I really must leave right now. Someone is expecting me for dinner," said Wells, making his way toward the door.

"Thanks for stopping by. Glad to know about the kryptonite," said Clark.

"Yes, I wanted to ease your mind on that score," said Wells, as he hurriedly left.

"Did you hear him? He left out so much," said Lois. "I hate when that happens."

"At least we know about the kryptonite. That's one less worry," said Clark.

"How come we haven't heard about him?" said CJ.

"Oh, he's not someone one talks about," said Clark.

"I hate when he just drops bombs on us then leaves. And he always says the same thing every time we see him." complained Lois.

"I know. But do you want to change things? It might make them worse," reasoned Clark, putting his arm around Lois.

"You mean he's done this before?" asked Carla.

"Yeah. And he's usually right, too." said Lois, leaning her head against Clark's chest.

"He doesn't want to take the fun out of things," said Clark.

"Enough of talking about Mr. Wells. I still want to know about Jamal." said Carla.

"Why? He saved Mom. You know he could have refused to help. And I for one is glad he didn't," said CJ.

"But he does weird stuff all the time," said Carla.

Then Clark, CJ and Carla got the look.

"Got to go," said the three of them. They quickly spun into their costumes and left the house.

Oh, well. Maybe a little computer research on the Law family, thought Lois. Seems everyone is going to be busy tonight.