The Last Sons and Daughters of Krypton — Part II

By Stefen Gustav Hagglund <>

Rated PG

Submitted July 2000

Summary: Lois encounters a mystical sword in the Fortress of Solitude. Meanwhile, a tragedy befalls one of L&C's loved ones.


Meanwhile, in Metropolis, in the Kent family home, Ethan and Lana Lang were preparing to get married the next month. Lois stayed home, helping Lana with the dress and the catering details, while Ethan went to go buy the tuxedos for him and his groomsmen, which were Clark, his brother as best man, Perry White, his boss at the Planet, Jonathan Kent, father of the groom, and Jimmy Olsen, a fellow reporter at the Daily Planet. The ring bearer was his young nephew, C.J., who was named after Clark, but the middle name was changed to Jerome and not Joseph, like his father's was. The flower girl, was Lana's five year old daughter, Lisa, from her first marriage to Pete Ross who had died five years ago. Mother and daughter had been lonely since. Lana's bridesmaids and Maid of Honor were Lois, Lara and Zara, sisters of the groom, and Martha Kent, the mother of the groom. It was July 6, 2000, and the wedding was due to take place in a month.

A month later, the big day arrived for Lana and Ethan as they were about to become husband and wife. Everything was being decorated and finished in a hurry as they only had six hours until the wedding was to begin. Everything in the chapel of the catholic church where the wedding was to be held had been decorated beautifully, and Lana couldn't have been happier.

Later that day, in another part of the city, Superman was busy taking care of some bank robbers as they were coming out of the bank with hostages in their arms to make sure they were not shot at. But, with one blow of his super breath, Superman knocked the guns out of their hands, and knocked the robbers to the ground while he rescued the hostages before they hit the ground with the armed men and woman. After that, Superman apprehended the criminals and flew them off to jail, and then rushed to the chapel as they were about to start the wedding.

Other than that, the wedding went smoothly, without having anyone to rescue, which made things easier for Clark and Ethan, the twin Supermen.

There were over 200 guests at the wedding, including the Mayor, Lana's parents, her friends, and the rest of the Kent family, and some of the Justice League of America, which included Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Bruce Wayne (Batman), Kyle Rayner (the Green Lantern), and Wally West (the Flash). The JLA was there at Ethan's and Clark's request, to make sure everything went smoothly, and to make sure everyone was safe.

Three months later, at the Fortress of Solitude in the barren icelands of Antarctica, Lois was looking for something when she found a sword and a scabbard that went with it. The sword itself was gold, and had gemstones decorating the hilt and shaft. The blade itself was made of solid tempered steel, and the gemstones that were on the sword were diamonds, sapphires, and amethyst. A brown leather wrapping was inside the gold 'S' shield on the shaft of the sword. Now, as for the scabbard, it was made of a brown leather, and had the El family seal on it — - in other words, the famous stylized pentagonal 'S' Shield — in gold, and had a golden colored strap on the scabbard to tie the sword onto the waist. Also with the sword was a piece of old parchment paper with strange writing on it. Then Lois realized it was written in the old Kryptonian dialect, and she translated it into English. The note read this: "She that picketh up this sword shall become the mightiest warrior of all Krypton and Earth."

When Lois put the sword back into the scabbard, she felt a tingling sensation all over her body, as if electricity was running throughout her body. Next to the script on the paper was a symbol — a symbol which Lois recognized as part of the Coat of Arms for Krypton and Earth — but half of it was missing. The half that was missing was the half for Krypton, which was on the other sword.

"But where is the sword itself?" Lois asked herself, deep in thought.

Lois then asked the computer where the sword was hidden, and the computer replied back, "In the uppermost caves of the Grand Canyon, in the northeast corner of the canyon. But be warned, there are obstacles and riddles you must overcome in order to retrieve the other sword and the lost crystals."

"Lost crystals? I've never heard of these so-called lost crystals."

"That is because Kal-el does not know of them, nor of the sword either."

"Computer, is the other sword meant for Superman, or someone else?"

"The sword is meant for Kal-el, but the sword you most likely have in your hand, is meant for his beloved, his companion — you, Lois. You must hurry, time for the resurrection of Kara, Superman's cousin, is running shorter as the days pass."

Lois then thought, "If I do this, I must do it with Clark, and Clark alone, he's Kara's only hope for resurrection now."

Two days later, Lois and Clark were talking about the trip they had to take in order to not only get the other sword and the lost crystals, but to resurrect Linda Lee (the name Kara went by when not using her powers as Supergirl).

As they were talking, they were interrupted by the doorbell. It was Jimmy Olsen, the Daily Planet's cub reporter and photographer, but close and personal friend of Lois and Clark. Jimmy had stopped by to tell them that Perry White, editor-in- chief of the Planet, and their boss, had just crumpled over and had a heart attack.

When Lois heard what happened, she said, "Is he all right?"

"He's resting at Metropolis General and the doctor says he needs surgery."

"Is he that bad off?" Lois asked.

"Apparently so, and the doctors have put him on the UNOS list, a list of patients nationwide that need certain organs to survive or they'll die, in case his heart gets worse, or fails."

To which Clark replied back, "Jimmy, tell the doctors that Superman and his robots will assist in the surgery. They may need the extra help. Oh, and don't forget to tell them that Lois here will be praying for them, Perry, and that the surgery goes well."

"You got it, C.K."

An hour later, Clark arrived at the hospital as Superman, and with him were the robots to help out in the surgery. Superman then sat in the waiting room, waiting patiently for the surgeons to come out and talk to him about what was going to take place in the operating room. Ten minutes later, the surgeons finally came out of the main office, two doors down from the waiting room, and stopped in front of the Man of Steel.

One said, "Superman, we're glad you came to help, but we don't need it. We could use your robots' assistance in the operation[,] since they have performed in this type of situation before. All we want you to do is pray that the surgery goes well and that Perry will survive after the operation.

Seven hours later, the chief surgeon came out of the operating room and said, "The surgery was a success. Perry is going to be fine in a month. Until then, he is to rest as much as possible."

"Doctor, let me ask you, what caused the heart attack?"

"A restricted valve that cut off the blood flow to the heart, which was caused by a piece of fatty tissue that got stuck there — could've killed him if we didn't operate in time like we did."

"I'll be sure to let Alice, his wife, know that he needs plenty of rest, no matter what he says."

As soon as the doctor was out of sight, he rushed to the nearest bathroom and 'changed' back into Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet. He then went downstairs to the gift shop and got Perry a get well balloon and card to go with it. In the card he wrote, "get well soon, Perry. Love Lois, Clark, Jimmy, the rest of the Planet staff, and Superman. We'll be praying for a Super speedy recovery."

A day later, Lois and Clark were off to find the other sword and bring Kara back to life, but they had to hurry. They didn't have much time left.

First they started to look in the lower regions of the Grand Canyon, but nothing turned up, so they scanned the upper regions by flying above it. Finally reaching the cave that the sword and crystals were in, they had to overcome obstacles, like falling rocks, moving walls and ceilings. The final obstacle they had to overcome was a giant boulder with a puzzle engraved on the rock. Since they knew how the puzzle worked and where the pieces went, it was easy to solve. Finally, they approached the room where the sword was held, and they were stunned at the amount of treasure that filled the room.

When Clark touched the tip of his sword to Lois', like the computer in the Fortress said to do, there was a bright light. It glowed radiantly, like an angel stepped out of HEAVEN, and was followed by the appearance of armor.

Clark's sword was gold, with a tempered steel blade, and decorated with sapphires, rubies, and topaz. On the shaft and hilt of the sword was the El family crest, the famous pentagonal stylized 'S' shield, in gold, and inside the shield was the brown leather wrapping that covered the shaft of the sword. As for the scabbard itself, it was decorated much the same as Lois', but bigger. There was other armor also, but that was meant for Clark's brother and sister, and also Superboy, and Supergirl.

Clark's armor was decorated much the same as his sword, and was red and blue like his supersuit. Lois' armor, however, was purple and blue and decorated with the same colors and gemstones as her sword and supersuit, but more slender in design than Clark's, making it an easy fit for her. Ethan's Armor was decorated much like Clark's, except that the main colors, blue and red, were switched around, making red the primary color. It had the same gemstones on it as Clark's sword, but the rubies went first, then the sapphires, and then the topaz. Each set of armor was decorated with the exact same colors and designs as the uniforms that these people wore, making it easy for them to tell which set of armor belonged to whom. Also, when the bright light was shining, Kara appeared to them, alive once more.

Both Lois and Clark were shocked at the sight they beheld as they looked at Kara. As she was walking towards them, she realized that her supersuit was torn and in pieces, making her embarrassed as she walked towards them. After they got over the shock of seeing her alive once more, they gave her a new copy of her old uniform and a vial holding the antidote to her weakness caused by Kryptonite. Fortunately though, Clark drank his a few months back when he was done rescuing people from a burning building in Chicago. As she drank the antidote, she began feeling stronger than before — faster too, and even a little smarter than before as well. Clark felt the same effects when he drank his a few months ago.

Then, Kara spoke by saying, "Clark, it is so good to see you again."

When she said that, it brought tears to his eyes because he was so happy to see that his cousin was alive once more.

Also with Kara's new armor appeared the lost crystals that Lois and Clark were searching for in the first place — all nine of them, each in a different color of the rainbow, and a rocket big enough to carry eight people anywhere they wanted to go. Next to the rocket was a piece of parchment paper with instructions on how to find Clark's parents on New Krypton.

After they loaded up the rocket with the new armor, crystals and swords, they flew to the Fortress of Solitude in the Antarctic in the rocket that was in the cave. When they arrived at the Fortress, they contacted Ethan and the girls about all that took place just a few short hours ago, and to have them meet Lois, Clark, and Kara at the Fortress.

The end of Part II, look for Part III coming soon..