In The Elevator

By Kate aka Lois_Lane <>

Rated PG-13

Submitted January 2000

Summary: In this pre-revelation, pre-romance story, Lois and Clark get stuck in the Planet elevator one Friday evening. Close proximity can be a wonderful thing…

[Author's note: This story was written as my first crack at a 'romance novel' type story. Even though I have always despised romance novels, there's something about Lois & Clark… you FoLCs understand. :) In terms of continuity, this is a pre-revelation and pre-romance fic — what they call 'On the cusp of a relationship.' Just as a warning, it is a deep wade in the land of gutterville <eg>. Hope you enjoy, and comments are always appreciated.]


"Clark, hold the elevator!" Lois yelled from across the newsroom. It was a Friday in Metropolis and everyone, including Perry, had gone home early. Lois, however, had insisted that she needed to do some filing and had persuaded Clark to stay behind with her.

Now, figuring Lois was almost finished, Clark had hoped to head home. He wanted to go home, change, take a quick buzz around the city and get to bed early. With all his rushes to save the day, he hadn't much time to sleep lately. Apparently, Lois had other plans.

"Just a second, Clark, I'm almost done." She leaned forward, reaching towards the back files. Clark couldn't help but notice the way beads of sweat were beginning to form on her temples and neck as she stretched in frustration. Unable to resist the temptation, Clark blew a soft breeze onto the nape of her neck. He watched as her collar ruffled and her soft brown hair bounced lightly around her shoulders.

Lois, shivering slightly, turned and faced Clark, who was nonchalantly leaning against the elevator doors, propping them open. To her surprise, she was suddenly struck by his remarkable physique — all those firm, taut muscles that his relaxed pose and work clothes did nothing to hide.

'God, he is gorgeous!' she thought to herself. 'What am I thinking? This is *Clark*, not Tom Cruise… or Superman! Still…' she corrected herself, 'There's no harm in admiring the view.' She chuckled softly to herself. 'God, am I staring? Did he notice?'

'What is Lois staring at? It's not like her to be lost in space,' Clark wondered as he absent-mindedly fiddled with the lever inside the elevator doors. Lois was beginning to blush and had hidden her face behind the cabinet doors. Avoiding Clark's glances, she bent down and scooped up her purse.

He began to notice just how tight her skirt was. The way it slid upwards as she bent down, clinging to the lining of her panties. It was his turn to blush as she abruptly turned around, catching him staring.

'Now, that's a first — Clark never gets flushed. Not even in the dead heat of summer. I wonder what's gotten him so… hot. Oh, Lois, don't think about that… anything but that!'

Flipping the desk lamp off, she headed towards the elevator. To keep the elevator from leaving, Clark had to keep his hands pressed against the door; that left only one passage of entry — between his arms. As she passed him, Lois felt her pulse quicken. This closeness, once innocent among friends, now aroused her in a way she had never felt before.

Lois' steadily quickening heartbeat echoed through Clarks' ears as she rushed by. Plastering herself against the back wall, she fixed her stare above his head. Sighing, Clark stepped into the elevator and faced the elevator buttons. The lift began its decent.

Was she feeling it too? He was afraid to ask. Was Lois feeling that attraction, the one Clark had felt the moment they had met — a feeling that made the Man of Steel himself light-headed.

'Stop staring at his butt. I am so ashamed of myself, I am so ashamed of myself, I am so… God, he has a great butt… I am so ashamed of myself…'

'Go for it, Clark; ask her out. What have you got to lose? Maybe, just maybe, she'll say yes.'

'How *does* he stay in *such* good shape?'

Clark turned, preparing to talk to Lois. Just then, the elevator screeched and Lois was jerked forward. As she barreled into his chest, she grabbed his neck to keep from falling.

She looked up, finding her face inches from his. Her lips brushed across his cheek as he gently whispered in her ear, "It's stuck."

"Excuse me?"

"The elevator's stuck. It's stopped moving."

"Oh… what should we do?"

"I guess we can just wait. Maintenance will be around soon."

"I suppose so."

Unsure about what to do in this awkward situation, Lois stepped back. Sighing, Clark slid down the wall and sat on the floor. Looking up at Lois, he realized he was now staring straight at Lois' legs.

Lois looked down at Clark. From her new vantage point, she could see down his shirt, the way his pants bunched up around his…

"I think I'll sit as well." Lois quickly slumped to the floor, tucking her legs beneath her.



"Lois…" "Clark…" they said simultaneously

"I'm sorry — go ahead."

"No, it's okay."

"No, Clark, I'm always cutting in on you. Go ahead."

"Lois, I've been thinking…"

"Hold that thought, Clark. We didn't…" Lois reached forward to press the emergency button. Stretching too far, she fell into his lap. She looked up, staring intently into Clark's chocolate-brown eyes. Their gazes met and locked.

"I should get up…"

"You should…"

Lois said the words, but made no motion to move. She felt so relaxed, so at home in Clark's warm embrace. Everything else disappeared; all that was left was her and Clark.

For once, Lois made the first move. Leaning forward and kissing Clark she started off slow and it soon quickened, becoming deep and penetrating.

"Oh, Clark, I…" Lois pulled away, "I don't know about this." She suddenly became very nervous at the consequences of her emotions.

"Okay." He inched back and gave her room to sit.

They sat for a moment in silence.

"Aw, what the hell!" Lois pounced on him, acting for the first time on all her pent-up sexual desires.

"Lois, I love you…" Clark managed to breathe out, in between kisses.

"I love you too, Clark," she said, realizing her words were true.

"..and it's because I love you that I think we have to discuss something…" He thought of the 'suit', centimeters beneath her hands.

"What?" she said as she busied herself by nibbling on his earlobe.

"It's about Superman…"

Lois suddenly froze. Tensing up, she pulled back. "Clark… I…"

"No, Lois, let me finish…"

"Clark, I need you to know that… well… Superman and I, that is to say, we can never… what I'm trying to say is that Superman and I have a special relationship…"

"I know." Clark frowned, remembering how infatuated Lois had been with Superman… with him, sort of, since he arrived — rather, since Clark created him. Forever reminding himself that he *is* Superman.

"I don't think you do know, Clark. I love Superman too, just not like *that.* He's one of my closest friends. But the love I have for him is different to the love I have for you. Superman belongs to the world, and I have no right to claim him. I… Great, I guess I killed the mood." She sat back on the elevator, slouching. She couldn't believe that she had said that, but as she did, it was if a great weight had been lifted.

Clark was busy smiling from ear from ear. Lois perked up as she noticed his demeanor. "What are you smiling about?"

Clark leaned forward and took Lois' hands from her lap. Guiding them, he carefully placed her hands on his chest, along the line of buttons of his shirt.


Just then, the elevator jerked and resumed motion. They were both startled. Clark rose to his feet, helping Lois up at the same time.

"I guess we're saved?" Lois said, questioning the double meaning.

A few moments later, the doors opened, revealing the lobby. They exited through the revolving doors and walked down the street in silence.

They glanced up at one another when they arrived at the street where they would part.

"Clark…" "Lois…"

"I think it's your turn."

"Clark," she began, "We have a lot to talk about…"

In the distance, a clock tower rang out 9 chimes.

"Yes, Lois, we do. Before we go any further, we have to finish what we began… in the elevator."