By Tara Smith <>

Rated G

Submitted December 1999

Summary: Clark has a surprise for Lois … or will it be such a surprise, after all?


Clark leaned back in his chair, gazing across at his partner and love, Lois Lane. She was concentrating hard on her story, biting her lip absently, and typing furiously. He sighed.

They'd been dating for several months now, and he was absolutely certain that he knew how to tell her. He'd rehearsed it again and again to make sure he got it just right. Now was the time.

Squaring his shoulders, he took a deep breath and stood up. He adjusted his glasses and straightened his tie. Everything had to be just right. He strode determinedly over to his partner.

"Lois? I need to talk to you."

"Can it wait? I'm really busy here."

"It's very important. I don't think it can wait any longer."

Lois sighed and pushed the save button on her keyboard before turning to face him. "This had better be good, Clark. You know I have to get this in before deadline."

"It is," he reassured her. "It has to do with why I'm always running off."

She nodded encouragingly. "And?"

"This is a secret I haven't told anyone else. Only my parents know about it."

"Go on."

He fidgeted with his glasses again before continuing. "I'm Superman."

Lois nodded. "I know."

Clark stared at her, stunned. "How did you … when did you … ?"

"Figure it out? A couple of weeks ago." She cocked her head at him. "What, did you think a pair of glasses and a different hairdo would fool me for long? I'm not galactically stupid, you know."

"Of … of course not!" Clark stammered. This wasn't going how he'd rehearsed it at all.

She flashed him a smile. "We'll have to work on your disguise a little. Fix it up so nobody else will figure it out. Later, though, ok? I have to finish this story."

"Right." Clark nodded, still stunned. "I'll wait over at my desk."

She nodded and turned back to her computer, resuming her typing.

Clark walked slowly back to his desk. He sat down and stared at his partner for a long moment. He shook his head slowly.

"That partner of mine is sure full of surprises!" he said softly to himself.