By Joy N Sowell

Rated PG

Submitted March 1999

Summary: A newly wed Lois and Clark reflect on some of the extraordinary adventures that brought them together.

This story is in response to an idea posted to the afolcslife list. The idea belongs to Mandy, the characters to their owners, and the story to me. Continuity-wise, it takes place after "Soulmates." I like feedback. Hint. Hint.


Opening scene: Clark's apartment, two mornings after they consummate their marriage.

Lois: Clark, this has been an amazing couple of days. A lot of couples get to go to Hawaii for their honeymoons, but how many get to go to their past lives?

CK: It has been the most amazing time of my life. (He touches her cheek and kisses her gently.) Hawaii is still an option, you know.

Lois: (She wraps her arms around his neck, kisses him hard on the lips, and then touches her forehead to his.) Clark, like I told you yesterday, we are not going to leave this apartment until we have to go back to the Planet.

CK: (He kisses her forehead.) I never knew that it could be like this.

Lois: Neither did I. I guess it is just destiny that we meet, fall in love, and get married. I'll always be grateful to Martha and Jonathan for raising you to be the man with whom I fell in love.

CK: My parents are great, but *we* were just meant to be. Sir Charles and Lady Loisette, Lulu and The Lone Rider, and countless other incarnations throughout time, our souls have sought out each other. I'll always be grateful for the way you knocked out Tempus to save me as a baby. Honey, it was hilarious when you told him he hit like a girl. If I hadn't been too busy fading in and out of existence, I would have had to ask you what you think your friends in NOW would have thought about that comment.

Lois: It was funny. It's too bad that H.G. Wells did not let us remember that trip the first time around. We could have saved so much time and gotten together sooner.

CK: Honey, as much as I would have loved to be with you sooner, Herb had a point. If you had remembered everything, it may have changed the timeline. I also have a confession to make. (He takes a deep breath.) Before Perry's party, I tore up the card you were going to give him.

Lois: I remember. I was there, you know.

CK: Yes, but on the back of the card you had written "CLARK IS SUPERMAN". I didn't think that that was the kind of birthday surprise Perry needed. I expected you to confront me at any moment, and when you didn't I just let it slip my memory. Since I didn't remember the trip, other than a strange sense of deja vu, I had no idea that you knew for sure.

Lois: So THAT'S what happened to my note. When Tempus took me back to the alternate dimension, I started to remember things after I ran into Mr. Wells. I wondered what happened to that note, but I figured that since we returned at the same moment that we left, it must have disappeared because it technically, I never wrote it.

CK: I'm glad that I can remember the trip now. I actually got to meet Marshall Kent. He passed out and thought the flight was a dream.

Lois: My favorite part of that trip was seeing you return yourself to the field so that your parents could find you. It really touched me seeing you hold yourself as a baby. What was that like, Clark?

CK: It was indescribable. It was like, I don't know, maybe what it must feel like holding your child for the first time, but different. It was touching to see Mom and Dad find me. I've always known that they loved me, but to see it happen, and instantly. It was really special.

Lois: *You* are really special. I have never had such a feeling of completeness as when I'm with you. Now, I know why. We are soul mates.

CK: Yes, we are. (He kisses her softly). After all, how many couples' pillow talk consists of time travel and past lives?

Lois: I'm pretty sure we can do more than talk, Sir Charles.

CK: Why, my dearest Lady Loisette has a naughty streak.

Lois: So, what do you plan to do about it?

CK: This is what I plan to do about it. (He kisses her hungrily. She returns his passion kiss for kiss and touch for touch. The conversation, for now, is over).