Maybe I Need Glasses

By Maria TB Mendoza <>

Rated PG

Submitted February 1999

Summary: How blind was she after all? Before letting Clark off the hook, Lois ponders this question and analyzes all the clues she missed.


Absently brushing her hair from her eyes, she looked at the name plate on my desk: Lois Lane.

<<I may be considered an ace reporter by the readers of the Daily Planet, but I would be a laughing stock if anyone ever found out how blind I have been. >>

As she stared intently at her partner - careful not to draw his attention - she wondered how she could possibly look at herself in the mirror again without wanting to laugh.

<<They both acted so - no, not they, he - he always acted so gentle and protective around me no matter which outfit he happened to be wearing.>>

Watching him rise to refill his coffee, Lois wondered how he did it. How did he keep from giving himself away? Other than his glasses-

<<I can not believe I was fooled by a stupid pair of glasses!>>

He didn't seem to have any real protection from anyone who put 2 and 2 together. Then again, she realized, there were a few differences if one only looked at the surface.

<<Where is that notepad, I know it was just…Oh, here it is. Column One- Superman. Column Two- Clark. Ok, now to think about just the surface. Only look at the person everyone else sees. >>

<<Maybe I wasn't as blind as I thought. I mean, if you don't get to know them both, it wouldn't be that hard to consider them different people. This list at least proved that I wasn't completely blind; I just did look at them closely enough. Maybe you aren't as easily disguised as I thought. This is quite a list…

Column One


Tight Tights


No glasses

Crosses arms when angry

Businessy but caring

Column Two


Suits with wild ties

Mild mannered


Doesn't get angry

Casual and Friendly

… but I still should have seen through it. I am an ace reporter. I have several Kerth awards, and I am the envy of most of my colleagues. So how did my own partner manage to masquerade in a pair of tights and become a close friend of mine, without my ever catching on? You should have been able to fool people who didn't know you too well, but I am your best friend. I am your best friend in both of your personalities; so how come I didn't figure it out earlier!?>>

<<Easy Lois, You didn't have a reason to compare them. After all, who compares a Ferrari to a Volkswagen? I didn't realize you were the same person because I saw you in two different lights. Clark was the guy who I ate Chinese food with and who listened when I needed to rant and rave about an article; Superman was the guy I dreamed about when I was feeling romantic and the person I yelled for when I was in trouble. My best friend and my knight who doesn't need armor, and never the twain shall meet, especially since it would be kind of hard for you to meet yourself.>>

"Hey, Earth to Lois. Come in Lo-is."

"Oh, Sorry Clark. I was just thinking."

<<Yea, I was thinking about how many other people know you moonlight as a super hero.>>

"What's up?"

"You OK, Lois? You look a little distracted."

"I'm fine. Now is there a reason you came to my desk or did you just feel like bugging me?"

<<Maybe feel like telling me how come you haven't gotten around to sharing the fact that you have a secret identity?>>

"The Chief wants us to attend the Mayor's speech. We've got twenty minutes to get there and find a good spot. Jimmy's gone to get some more film and is going to meet us down stairs. You ready to go?"

"Just a second. Let me grab my notes," <<hide my comparison list of you and Superman>> "and I'm ready to go."

"You sure you're OK?"

"Fine, Farmboy."

<<I'm doing great, considering I just realized my best friend has been keeping a HUGE secret from me. >>

"Clark, do you have any plans for this evening?"

"Not really, I was planning to watch the game and finish some old paperwork."

"In that case, you can cancel. Tonight, my friend, you are taking me to dinner."

"I am?"

"Yes, you are. And then you are going to take me flying."

"I'm gonna what?"

"You heard me."

"But what…how…I can't…"


"I mean I'm not…"


"I can contact Super-"



"Relax. First, we are going to go cover the Mayor's undoubtedly riveting speech. Then we will come back here and type up our wonderful coverage piece. And then you and I are going to eat a wonderful dinner followed by a nice long talk. Alright?"

"Alright. Um, Lois?"

"Yes, Clark?"

"How mad are you?"

"You'll find out over dinner. Now let's get going before Jimmy decides we've ditched him and he sets out on his own."

"Whatever you say, Lois."

<<Don't try those puppy dog eyes on me, mister! After all, it's not like I'm really mad at you, but you don't have to know that just yet.>>

"You aren't going to do anything drastic, are you?"

"Come on Kent, we've got mysteries to solve."

<<And with you, me, and you/Superman there are definitely going to be some *Kerth worthy stories in our future.>>