Let's Go Home

By Jennifer Allen <jma1026@hotmail.com>

Rated G

Submitted June 1999

Summary: A married Lois and Clark find fulfillment by completing their family but not without certain obstacles along the way. This is the fourth in a series by the author, but it will stand alone for anyone who has not read the previous three.

This is a continuation of my other three fanfics, "Now We Are Complete, "Vacation, What's a Vacation?" and "Think Before You Speak." I hope you enjoy.


As Lois, Clark, Perry, and Jimmy sat together in the conference room, Clark noticed that Lois had a far off look on her face. He looked up at the clock and noticed that it was nearly seven o'clock. "Well, guys … I think it is time for Lois and me to head home."

This brought Lois out of her thoughts. "Um … yeah. I'll go get Johnny and Megan from day care and meet you at home," she said.

"That's all right … I'll come with you," Clark replied as he handed Lois her coat.


As they walked through the doors of their brownstone, Lois headed right up the stairs with Megan, without saying a word to Clark. He had noticed that she had been quiet the entire day. With a thought, he called his parents who had been staying in Metropolis and asked them if they could watch the kids for the weekend, so he and Lois could have some time to themselves. They agreed, so Clark started getting Johnny ready to go. Johnny was seven years old now and did most of the work on his own, but he just needed a little motivation. When Lois came down the stairs, she noticed that Johnny had his jacket on, and Clark was packing a bag for Megan and Johnny. "Clark … What are you doing?" She asked.

"Well … I decided that maybe you and I should spend the weekend alone. So … Mom and Dad are going to watch the kids," Clark said as he took Megan out of Lois' arms.

Lois just smiled a bit and then heard the doorbell. Martha and Jonathan walked through the door to gather their grandchildren. Lois and Clark said goodbye to their children and soon they were ready and out the door.

"What was that all about, Clark?" Lois asked as she closed the door.

"Well, I noticed that you have been a little quiet lately, and I was wondering if there was something wrong. Besides, it has been so long since we have been alone together."

"Well, I guess there have a few things on my mind," Lois said as she sat down on their couch.

"What kind of things, honey?" Clark asked, crossing the room to where Lois was seated.

"Well … I know that Meg is only two, but I just feel that … " Lois stopped.

"Go ahead Lois, say it," Clark urged.

"I want … I want to have another baby, Clark," She said, searching Clark's eyes for some sort of reaction.

"Lois, you know what the doctors said. You had such a hard time with Megan … "

"I know all of this, Clark … but I don't want to think about it. I just want to make another baby with you," Lois interjected.

"Sweetheart, we don't know what could happen. If anything ever happened to … "

Lois then walked up to him and started kissing him passionately. Clark soon responded and returned her kiss and started running his hands up and down her back. "Do you have any objections?" Lois murmured.

"Yes … I do … but if … this is … what you want … " Clark said breathlessly.

"This is what I want, Clark," Lois said as he picked her up and flew them to their bedroom.


(Brownstone: Three Weeks Later)

"You know, this week has been absolute torture," Lois said as she propped her feet up on the coffee table in front of their couch. "First, we had no leads for our story on the city hall corruption, then when we finally had something, all the charges were dropped, so there went all that work right out the window. Let's not forget that my mother hasn't stopped nagging me since she found out that both Johnny and Megan have colds. It's like she thinks that I purposely make them sick, just so she will have to worry," Lois babbled on.

"You have to admit that your mother has gotten a lot better, Lois. I just think she is trying to protect her gradkids, only she gets a little overprotective at times," Clark said.

"Sounds like someone else I know," Lois said as she laid her head on Clark's lap.

"And just whom might that be, Ms. Lane?" Clark asked, smiling.

"Just this guy I know. I can't think of his name. All I remember about him is that sometime he likes to wear blue tights," Lois said, smiling. Clark smiled as well and bent his head down and kissed Lois on the forehead.

"So, how are the kids feeling?" Clark asked. "Johnny must really be sick if he is already in bed. It is only 8:00pm."

"Well, he is feeling a lot better, and he is going to school tomorrow. He wanted to wait up for you, but I could just tell that he was so tired, so I sent him to bed," Lois replied. "Megan, on the other hand, is still a little stuffy. The doctor said that she would be fine just as long as I keep giving her the antibiotic he prescribed. I think I am going to stay home with her tomorrow. Perry told me earlier today that it would be all right."

"That's good, Lois. We don't have much to do at the Planet, anyway. I'll go in, in the morning, and then if it is a slow news day, I will join the two of you at home," Clark said.

"That sounds good," Lois replied.

"So … how are you feeling?" Clark asked.

"What do you mean? I'm not sick," Lois said.

"I just meant about this whole new baby thing. Are you still sure you want to do this?" Clark asked with concern in his eyes.

Lois sat up on the couch and then said, "It might be a little too late to think about that now, Clark. I mean, we haven't been using protection for three weeks now."

"So, what you're saying is that if it happens, then it happens, right?" Clark asked.

"Yes … I guess I am. I really do want another baby, Clark. I know we have two great kids, and I love them with all my heart, but I just feel that maybe one more would make our family so full," Lois said.

"Not to mention the house," Clark said. "We will have to move Megan into the guest room and fix the nursery back up again for the new baby."

"Clark, we don't even know if I am pregnant, yet, and here you are already making plans," Lois said, smiling. "I thought you were a little apprehensive."

"I am, but having a new baby does sound really nice," Clark said.

"I'm glad we agree, then," Lois said as she gave Clark a quick kiss on the cheek. "Clark, I am getting really tired. Let's go to bed."

"All right, sweetheart. You are going to need all the rest you can get if we actually have another baby," Clark said. He then took Lois' hand and led her up the stairs to their bedroom.


(Daily Planet: Three Weeks Later)

Clark sat at his desk typing the end of Lois and his latest story. Lois had left earlier that day for an appointment with her OB-GYN. She had been feeling slight pains in her abdomen and had been experiencing some nausea and bloating. He had wanted to accompany her to the appointment, but one of them had to stay behind and finish the story, so Perry would not get a little overly excited. He had just sent the story to Perry's office when his phone rang.

"Clark Kent," he answered.

"Clark, I need you to come down to the doctors' office right now," Lois said.

"What's wrong, Lois … is everything all right?" Clark asked. He could tell by the tone in Lois' voice that everything was not all right.

"I don't want to talk about this over the phone. Would you please just come down here?" Lois said.

"I'll be there as soon as I can," Clark replied. Clark hung up the phone, a million thoughts running through his head. He ran to Perry's office to tell him of his early departure.

"Perry … I have to go now," Clark said matter of factly.

"What the Hell is going on around here. Doesn't anyone work around here? Where is that story you and Lois were working on? It was due on my desk five minutes ago," Perry yelled.

"I just sent it to you. Lois is at the doctor and something is wrong. I have to go there, now," Clark replied as calmly as possible.

"Well Judas Priest, son … get the Hell out of here," Perry said.

"Thanks, Chief," Clark said as he almost Super-sped out the door.


(Doctors' Office: Two Minutes Later) Clark walked through the doors of >the office and scanned the entire area for Lois. He saw her sitting in the waiting room of her doctor's office. He went to the nurses' station and asked where he could find her, just to be polite. The nurse gave him the directions, and he was at Lois' side within seconds.

"Oh … Clark, I'm glad you're here," Lois said as she ran to him.

"Lois, what happened? What's wrong?" Clark asked as he returned Lois' hug.

"Clark … I'm pregnant," Lois said with an unsure look on her face.

"That's great, sweetheart … I thought this is what you wanted. What's wrong with you being pregnant?" Clark looked confused.

"Let me finish … Clark. The doctor also found … he found … " Lois hesitated.

"What, Lois? What did he find?" Clark asked beginning to get very scared.

"He found a tumor on one of my ovaries," Lois said as a tear slid down her face.

"But … are … are you … is he sure, Lois?" Clark asked. Lois visibly saw all the happiness and color drain from her husband's face.

"Yes, Clark." Just then the doctor emerged from his office and ushered Lois and Clark inside. Clark took a seat beside Lois in front of Dr. Lipsitz's desk.

"Well, Mr. Kent, as I explained to your wife earlier, I did find a tumor while running her pelvic exam. The tumor is only on one ovary, and this leads me to believe that if it is cancer, then it is only in Stage One. If it is, this means that it has not spread to the uterus or cervix," the doctor said. "I also have reason to believe that the tumor is not very large, so no radiation will be needed before we operate."

"Could the operation have any affect on the baby?" Clark asked.

"Well, there are always chances that you take when doing any operation, but I feel strongly that both mother and baby will be fine. We need to perform this operation as soon as possible, before the baby has a chance to grow any larger," Dr. Lipsitz replied.

"Any time, doctor," Lois said. "Whatever time is good for you." Dr. Lipsitz phoned the hospital Operating Room to schedule a date and time. After a while he hung up the phone.

"Well, Mrs. Kent, I have scheduled your surgery for tomorrow at 1:00pm. Please do not eat anything after 11:00pm this evening. After the surgery, we will run a biopsy on the tumor to find out if it is cancerous or not," Dr. Lipsitz said as he stood up from his chair. Lois and Clark did the same and then started to walk toward the door.

"Thank you very much, doctor," Lois said. "What are the chances that this could be cancerous?"

"Well, people who are at the highest risk for Ovarian Cancer are usually women over the age of 65, those who have never had children, and do not have regular pelvic exams. So … it seems to me that these factors are all in your favor," Dr. Lipsitz said with a smile.

Lois and Clark both shook the doctor's hand and then walked out the door.


The trip home was spent in silence. Clark drove, and Lois stared out the window. Clark wanted to say something to her, but didn't know what there was to say. 'I love you' he thought, but Lois already knew that. 'I'm sorry' that seemed a little cold. 'It will be all right' he wanted to assure her of that, but he wasn't sure himself. So, he gave up and just sat in silence.

Lois finally broke the silence by asking, "Did you get the story finished for Perry?"

"Um … yeah … I sent it to him just before I came … before I came to meet you," Clark replied.

"Good. Sorry I wasn't there to help you," Lois apologized.

"No problem, sweetheart. You know I can type faster than you, anyway," Clark replied with a grin tugging at his lips.

"You got me there," Lois replied.


As Lois and Clark walked into their house, Megan saw them and ran toward them. "Mommy!" She cheered as Lois bent down and picked her up.

"You two are home early," Martha noted.

"Well, we finished up our story early, and Perry let us come home," Clark said as he kissed Megan on the cheek.

"How was your day, Meg?" Clark asked Megan.

"Gramma and me played with dolls, and then we went to the park," Megan said as she jumped down from her mother's arms.

"That sounds like fun," Clark replied. "Lois, since we are home so early, I think I will go pick Johnny up from school."

"Sounds good, but let's all go," Lois said.

"That's all right, honey. You don't have to go … unless you want to," Clark said, a little unsure of Lois' comment.

"I want to go, Clark," Lois practically snapped as she took Megan upstairs.

Clark stood in the living room, a little confused by Lois' reaction. "Is Lois all right, Clark?" Martha questioned.

"Well Mom, it's been a long day," Clark replied. He was unsure of >what else to say because he and Lois hadn't discussed telling anyone. "She is probably just a little tired."

"Well, if you need me, just call. Your father and I will be staying in Metropolis for about two more weeks. See you later," Martha replied as she kissed Clark's cheek and then walked out the door.

Clark walked up the stairs to the bedroom, so he could change into something more comfortable. He went to Megan's room and saw that Lois had changed her clothes and was sitting in the rocking chair with Megan. He detoured into his room and changed into jeans and a sweater, then went back to where Lois and Megan were rocking.

"Are you ready to go, sweetheart?" Clark asked.

"Yeah. Let me just get Megan's coat," Lois said. As she put it on Megan, Clark noticed a tear trickle from Lois' eye. She quickly wiped it away. "OK, let's go."


"So, then after I won the Spelling Bee, Mrs. Connor said that she will have a special treat for me tomorrow," Johnny said.

"That's great, honey," Lois said smiling.

"I think that winning the Spelling Bee calls for a celebration. Where would you like to go to dinner, Johnny?" Clark asked. "Then after that, we will go get some ice cream."

"Well, I really like that place that has the chopsticks," Johnny said.

"I think you have been spending too much time with your mommy," Clark said, jokingly.

"We do not spend too much time together, Clark. He just likes to go there," Lois retorted.

"Lois … I was just kidding," Clark said. "I don't mind going there."

The rest of the evening was mostly spent in silence between Lois and Clark. Lois did not have her usual appetite for the Chinese food and later didn't even have any chocolate ice cream. Clark understood her being frightened after the news they had received today, but he was a little unsure about her behavior toward him. He dismissed it and hoped they would talk about it once they got the kids in bed at home.


One and a half hour later, both Johnny and Megan were bathed and in their beds. When Clark stepped out of the bathroom, he saw that Lois was already in bed with the lights turned off. He crossed the room and got under the covers and just laid there for a moment.

"Goodnight, Lois," Clark said, but no answer came from Lois. He sat up, turned the light on and said, "Lois … we have to talk about this." For a moment there was still no answer from Lois. Just then he heard her sigh and she sat up. Clark noticed the tears in her eyes.

"Clark … I'm sorry. It's just that I am so … I'm so scared," Lois said as she collapsed into his arms. Clark held her and rocked her for what seemed like an eternity.

"Lois, there is so much I could try to say to you, but none of it would make you feel any better. I'm sorry," Clark replied.

"I'm sorry, too, Clark. I shouldn't have been so short with you earlier today. It's just that when you said that Johnny and I spend too much time together, this horrible thought went through my head. What if I … if I … if something happens to me? Then I would never be able to see Johnny, Megan, and you ever again. That's why I went with you to pick him up from school as well. I wanted to spend time as a family," Lois replied softly. "Not to mention the new baby. I feel like this is all my fault. I wanted another baby so badly and now … "

"Lois, don't say that. Just think … if it wasn't for this new baby, you might never have gone to the doctor, and this tumor could have spread and become inoperable," Clark replied. "And nothing is going to happen to you. You are going to be perfectly fine. Remember what Dr. Lipsitz told you? You have all the odds in your favor." Clark wasn't sure if he was trying to make Lois feel better by saying this, or convince himself.

Lois gave him a slight smile and then realized that they had not let Perry know that they would not be at work tomorrow. "Clark, we have to call Perry and tell him that we won't be at work tomorrow."

"I already did, Lois. He said to take as much time as necessary. My mom will be here tomorrow to watch Megan, and pick Johnny up from school. Everything is under control, Lois," Clark said.

"What would I do without you?" Lois asked. "Clark … one more thing. Hold me?"

"I think I can handle that," Clark replied as he turned off the light and held Lois tightly to his body.

"I love you, Clark," Lois said.

"And I love you," Clark answered.


(The Next Day: Metropolis General Hospital)

Clark had been sitting in the operating room's waiting room for two hours now, but he felt like he had been there for days. He had read every magazine in the room to get his mind off Lois, but in vain. He pulled out his wallet to buy a drink from a machine, when he noticed the pictures he had in there. One of himself and Lois after they had won their Kerth Awards, one from their wedding, and then one which was his personal favorite. Lois was on the floor playing with Johnny and Megan when he had snapped the picture. They all looked so happy. At that moment, he said a silent prayer to God that his life would be full of many other moments just like that one. He bought his drink and then sat back down in the chair that he had been occupying for the last two hours.

"Mr. Kent?" Dr. Lipsitz asked.

"Right here, doctor," Clark said as he stood and walked to meet the doctor.

"Well, Mr. Kent, the surgery went very well, and as I suspected, the tumor had not spread from your wife's ovaries. They are running a biopsy on it in the lab, and we should have the results withing the hour," Dr. Lipsitz explained. "And the baby is doing just fine."

"Thank you so much, Dr. Lipsitz," Clark said. "May I see Lois?"

"Yes, but she is still a little groggy from the anesthesia, so only stay for a little while. She is in room 254."

"Thank you again," Clark said as he walked down the hall toward Lois' room. As he entered the room, Lois was lying there looking out her window. "Lois?"

Lois turned her head and smiled at him. "Did the doctor tell you anything?"

"He said that the surgery went great, the baby is fine, and they are doing a biopsy on the tumor to determine if it is cancerous or not," Clark said as he sat on the edge of her bed.

"So … we're not out of the woods yet," Lois replied.

"No … I guess not. How are you feeling?" Clark asked.

"I'm a little sore, and it hurts when I make sudden moves. Dr. Lipsitz gave me some pain killers, though. He said they should kick in soon," Lois said.

"That's really good, honey," Clark replied. "I wish they would hurry up with those test results, though."

"I'm not sure I want to know. What are we going to do if … well if … if the results aren't good?" Lois asked.

"Lois, we have made it through the toughest obstacles. This is just another one of those, but we shouldn't be thinking of that now. We don't even know what the results are yet," Clark said.

"I know," Lois said as they heard a knock on her door. "Come in," Lois replied.

Dr. Lipsitz walked through the door carrying a folder, which they assumed was Lois' file. "Well, I have good news and bad news, and I think you will want to hear the good news first," Dr. Lipsitz said. "Well, the biopsy showed that the tumor is a Serous Benign Cystadenomas."

The only word Lois and Clark needed to hear was 'benign.' Lois hugged Clark and started to cry. "So … what's the bad news, doctor?" Clark asked.

"Well, I will need your wife to stay in the hospital so that we can monitor the baby and make sure everything is all right," Dr. Lipsitz answered.

"I thought you said the baby was all right," Lois said.

"I believe it is, but I just want to make sure," The doctor said. "Well, I have to finish my rounds, and Mr. Kent, you need to let your wife rest," He said as he walked out the door.

"Lois, I will be back later. I am going to run home and tell my parents and call yours and then tell Perry," Clark said. He kissed her lips gently and then got up off her bed. "Rest a while, sweetheart."

"I will. Hurry back, honey," Lois said.

"Yes, mam," Clark answered.


(Two Days Later)

As Lois and Clark pulled up to their house, Lois let out a sigh. "Are you all right, sweetheart?" Clark asked.

"Absolutely. I guess that something like this just shows you how much you take for granted," Lois replied. Clark went around to Lois' side of the car to help her out of the car because she was still sore from her surgery.

"You're right. If anything were to ever happen to you, I don't know how I could go on. I realized the other day that I depend on you so much," Clark said as they walked up the stairs.

"Let's not talk about these kinds of things right now. Only happy thoughts, all right?" Lois asked. "Right now I just want to see my children."

As they opened their front door, Lois looked into the living room and saw that it was empty. "Well, I guess my children don't want to see me," Lois replied with a smile. Just then, she heard Johnny's laughter coming from the kitchen. Lois and Clark walked into the kitchen and saw Johnny standing on a chair, helping Martha bake a cake. Megan was sitting at the table coloring a picture.

Johnny turned around from his work and saw his parents. "Mommy!" He shouted and ran into her arms.

"Oh … be easy, sweetie. Mommy is still really sore," Lois said as she hugged him.

He loosened his grip on her and said, "I'm sorry, Mommy," She kissed his cheek and pushed a dark strand of hair out of his eye.

"That's OK, just be a little more gentle next time," Lois said. Johnny walked back to where he was working on the cake as Lois walked over to Megan.

"That is a pretty picture, Meg," Lois replied.

"Thank you, Mommy. I colored it for you," Megan said.

"Well, thank you, precious," Lois said as she gave Megan a hug.

Clark, who had just been standing at the door just taking all of >this in, then said, "Well, something smells really good."

"It's our cake, Daddy," Johnny replied. "We made it for Mommy." Martha carried the chocolate cake over to where Lois was seated with Megan. Johnny climbed into the chair beside Lois and said, "Welcome home."

Lois hugged him again and said, "It's good to be home."


(Daily Planet: Five Months Later)

Lois was sitting at her desk, obviously not in a very comfortable position. She sat every way possible, but still couldn't get into a comfortable state. Of course, she was seven months pregnant. Clark noticed her fidgeting and walked over to her. "Come on, Lois, let's go home."

"Why, Clark? I have to finish our story," she said.

"Well, for starters, I already finished the story. Plus, it is already 6:30pm," Clark replied. "Let's go home, Lois."

"But … Clark," Lois argued.

"No arguments. I can tell that you are not comfortable in your chair. Let me take you home, and I will give you a massage," Clark demanded.

"That massage sounds really, really good," Lois replied.

"Well, let's go then," Clark said.

"You really are going to have to stop spoiling me," Lois said.

"Never," Clark replied as he helped Lois out of her chair.


(Later that Evening)

"Mmmmm … Clark. That feels so good," Lois murmured as Clark rubbed her back.

"Lois, shhhhh. The neighbors might hear you and wonder what we are doing," Clark said laughing.

Lois giggled and then said, "Let them wonder."

"So, have you thought of any names … "

"Ooowww," Lois screamed as she sat up.

"What's wrong, honey? Did I hurt you?" Clark asked.

"No, Clark. Something is wrong with the baby," Lois practically screamed. "I need to go to the hospital."

Clark was so scared he froze in his position, but seeing Lois' face contorted in pain brought him out of his trance. "Let me fly you, Lois," Clark said.

"No … it .. might not be safe," Lois said. "What are we going to do about the kids?"

"Let's worry about that later. Come on. I'll carry you to the car," Clark said. He picked her up and gently took her to the car and then ran back inside to get Johnny and Megan. He carried both sleeping children out and buckled them into the back seat. He jumped into the driver's seat and sped out of the driveway.


Clark pulled the Jeep up to the Emergency Room door and hopped out. A nurse got him a wheelchair and then wheeled Lois inside. Clark parked the car and then took the children inside, trying not to awaken them. He laid them on couches in the waiting room and then went to a phone to call Lois' parents. Since he was not able to reach them, he dialed Lois' sister Lucy. Finally after several rings, she answered the phone. He explained the situation to her and asked if she could come and stay with the children while he tried to see what was going on with Lois. Ten minutes later, Lucy and Jimmy walked through the door.

"Did you find anything out yet?" Lucy asked.

"Not yet," Clark replied. "Will you two stay here with the kids so I can try to find out?"

"Sure," Jimmy answered.

"Go ahead, Clark," Lucy said.

When Clark reached the nurses station, he politely asked about Lois.

"I haven't heard anything yet," The nurse said.

"When do you think you will find out?" Clark asked.

"I'm not sure," came her reply.

Clark was losing his patience. "There is nothing you can tell me?" Clark yelled.

"I'm sorry, sir. They haven't told me anything."

Clark walked back into the waiting room. "Did you find out anything?" Lucy asked.

"No. No one knows anything," Clark said as he sat heavily into the chair. He put his head into his hands and started shaking his head.

Lucy walked up behind him and placing her hand on his shoulder said, "Hang in there, Clark. Lois will be fine."

"Thanks, Luce."

They all sat in silence waiting for some type of news. Two hours later a doctor walked into the waiting room. Clark stood when he saw him. "Are you Mr. Kent?" The doctor asked.

"Yes I am. Is Lois all right?" Clark asked. This awakened Lucy and Jimmy and they stood and walked to Clark's side.

"Well, Mr. Kent, your wife went into premature labor. We couldn't get the contractions to stop, so we had to perform an emergency Cesarean," the doctor said.

"But, Lois was only seven months pregnant," Clark said.

"I realize this," the doctor said. "Because of this fact, your son's respiratory system was not fully developed, so he is on a respirator."

"What does this mean?" Lucy asked.

"Well, beyond this, the baby seems very healthy. Ultimately, though, this means that he will have to be on the life support until we feel that he is strong enough to survive with his own lungs," the doctor answered.

"How is Lois?" Clark asked.

"Your wife is fine, Mr. Kent. We will be able to release her from the hospital within the week, but the baby has a long stay ahead of him," the doctor said.

"May I see them?" Clark asked.

"Just your wife. We are still running some tests on the baby," the doctor said.

"Will you stay here while I go see Lois?" Clark asked Lucy and Jimmy.

"Just go, Clark," Lucy said.


When Clark saw Lois lying on the hospital bed, he noticed how pale she looked. So pale and so tired. Her eyes were closed, though he wasn't sure if she was asleep or not. He quietly walked closer to her and sat gently on the edge of her bed. This movement woke her up, and she stared up at him with tears in her eyes. He leaned down and hugged her to him. "Oh … Clark," she said.

"Lois … it's all right. The baby is going to be all right," Clark said.

"He looks so weak, Clark," Lois said through tears. "I wanted a baby so badly and now look."

"Lois, we have been through so much in the past seven months. This baby is a blessing, and we are going to do everything we can to make sure he is all right," Clark said. "First we had the cancer scare and now this. Every awful thing that has happened to us has made us stronger … not weaker. He is your son, Lois. He will be a natural fighter."

"He just looks so tiny. I only got to see him for a second before the nurses took him away. I can only imagine what kind of machines he is hooked up to," Lois said, still clinging to Clark.

"Come on, Lois. I know you are stronger than this. Don't give up on him already," Clark replied.

"I'm not giving up on him. I just am so tired of being strong. Why is it that there is always something that goes wrong in every major milestone of our lives?" Lois asked.

"I wish I had the answer to that, sweetheart," Clark said.

Lois broke their embrace and said, "Oh my goodness, where are Johnny and Meg?"

"They are asleep in the waiting room," Clark said.

"You left them alone?" Lois asked, almost hysterical.

"No. Jimmy and Lucy are with them," Clark said. Clark stared into Lois' eyes and subconsciously pushed her hair back from her face.



"We should give him a name," Lois replied.

"Well, we haven't thought about it much," Clark said.

"He deserves a name, Clark," Lois retorted.

"You're right, sweetheart. Did you have anything in mind?" Clark asked.

"Nothing in particular," Lois answered.

They both sat in silence thinking for a while. "He is going to have to be a fighter, Lois. Just like you." Clark said, breaking the silence. "Let's name him after you."

"Come on, Clark. That would be kind of silly," Lois said with a slight smile.

"No … no. Not 'Lois', but 'Louis'." Clark replied.

"I like that, Clark," Lois said. "Louis … Louis … Louis Jerome Kent."

"That sounds nice," Clark replied. Lois tried to stifle a yawn, but Clark noticed it immediately. "Well, I am going to check on the kids and tell Jimmy and Lucy that they can go home. You get some rest."

"Goodnight, Clark."



(One Month Later)

The entire family had been taking shifts staying at the hospital. Jimmy and Lucy would stay, then Sam and Ellen, then Martha and Jonathan. Lois was the only one who could not pull herself away. She was there, day and night keeping a silent vigil. One morning during Clark's shift with her, Clark said, "Why don't you go home for a while?"

"Clark, you know I can't do that. I have to stay here," Lois said.

"Come on, Lois. What do you possibly think you are accomplishing here?" Clark asked.

Lois looked at him amazed. "Clark, you, of all people should understand. I mean, you are his father."

"Gee, Lois. I seem to have forgotten that fact," Clark said sarcastically and angrily.

"Yeah I noticed," Lois retorted.

"That's just great, Lois. I guess that makes me the bad parent because I haven't been here every minute," Clark practically yelled. "Well, sorry. I was taking care of our other two children. Oh, I guess *you* forgot about them."

"What are you trying to say, Clark?" Lois yelled.

"Come on, Lois. Don't you realize? You have been completely alienating Johnny and Megan for the past month," Clark yelled back.

"You're crazy, Clark. I am not alienating them," Lois yelled.

"Oh, OK. Where were you for Johnny's school play? You were here. Who cried himself to sleep because his mommy wasn't there to see him? His name is Jonathan Samuel Kent, in case you had forgotten." Clark wasn't sure of the last time he had felt so much anger. "And, who asked me the other night if her mommy still loves her? Your three-year-old daughter, Lois. Megan Elayne Kent. Damn it, Lois. Don't you understand? They want their mommy back."

"Don't do this to me, Clark," Lois yelled.

"Do what, Lois? Make you feel guilty? Your children need you, Lois. If guilt is what it takes, then so be it," Clark retorted.

"You're right. My children need me. Louie is one of my children and he needs me," Lois yelled.

"Come on, Lois. Give this up. There is absolutely nothing you can do for him right now. He has to grow and become healthy. You can't speed up that process," Clark said, reaching his arms out to Lois.

She backed away from him. "Don't touch me Clark," she yelled. She backed into the corner and slid down the wall, exhausted and crying. She buried her head in her arms and cried. Clark approached her again, and this time she allowed him to hold her. "I have been so stupid, Clark." They sat on the floor holding each other for several minutes.

"Lois, go home. Take them to the park. Spend some quality time with them. I promise that if anything extraordinary happens here, I will call you," Clark said, calmly. He pulled her head up from his shoulder and looked into her eyes.

"Thank you, Clark. Thank you for opening my eyes," Lois said. Clark bent his head to hers and passionately kissed her lips. She moaned into his mouth, and then they broke away.

They both stood and hugged each other one last time. "Have a good day," Clark said, as Lois walked out the door.


When Lois walked through the front door, she was greeted by two smiling faces running toward her. They both hugged her at the same time, which brought tears to her eyes. Martha walked down the steps and hugged Lois as well.

"Martha, you can take a break. I am going to spend the day with the kids today," Lois said.

"Where are we going, Mommy?" Johnny asked.

"All right, Lois. If you need me, I will be at our hotel room. Jonathan and I are going to dinner and then taking the late shift tonight," Martha said.

Lois hugged Martha tightly and said, "Thank you so much for everything, Martha. I don't know what I would do without you."

"Just have a good time, today, Lois," Martha said. "I will see you later."

Lois shut the door behind Martha and said, "Well, Johnny, I thought that maybe we would go to the park, and then maybe to the science museum … "

"Will you watch the video of my play?" Johnny asked.

"Absolutely. We will do that right now," Lois replied.

As they sat on the couch watching the video, Megan got up onto Lois' lap and looking right into her mother's eyes, asked, "Mommy … do you still love me?"

"Oh, sweetie. I love you so much. Nothing in the world could ever change that," Lois said as she hugged both of her children close to her.


Clark arrived home from the hospital around 10:00pm that evening. All the lights in the house were turned off. He walked up the stair to his bedroom, and the sight he saw almost brought tears to his eyes. Lying on their bed was Lois with Megan and Johnny at her sides. Clark chuckled and walked to the bed. Without changing from his clothes, he slid in beside Megan on the king size bed. Sensing his presence, Lois opened her eyes and smiled. "Thank you so much, Clark. I don't know how I could have been so crazy."

"I know how, Lois. When one of your children is in danger, you want to be with them. You want to help them. It is just how you are, although, you went a little wrong this time," Clark said with a chuckle.

"Was there any change at the hospital?" Lois asked.

"Nothing significant. The doctor said that Louie's respiratory system is progressing as well as can be expected," Clark answered.

"Oh … Clark. I didn't realize how tired I was," Lois said yawning.

"Go to sleep, then. You can go to the hospital first thing in the morning." Clark waited for a response, but realized that Lois was already asleep.


(Three Months Later)

"Well, we will definitely miss all of you," A nurse said. "You take good care of that little boy."

"I definitely will," Lois said. Louie was finally getting to come home. He was four months old and his systems were all functioning correctly. Lois held onto her son as everyone at the hospital said goodbye to the entire family.

Clark walked up behind her and said, "Honey, the car is out front. Let's go home."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Lois said as she kissed Clark's cheek. They walked out the door and Lois was greeted by Megan and Johnny standing by the car. "Hey you two. What do you think you are doing out here all alone?"

"We are at your service, mam." Johnny said as he opened the front door for his mother. Lois handed Louie to Clark and bent down and kissed Johnny on the cheek.

As Clark busied himself with buckling Louie into the car seat, Megan handed Lois a bouquet of flowers. "I love you, Mommy," she said.

"And I love you, sweetheart," Lois replied.

"Come on, guys. Hop in and buckle up. Your brother finally gets to go home," Clark said.


(Six Months Year Later)

"Can you believe it , Clark? Last year at this time we were wondering if our son was going to live or not. Now look at him," Lois said as she pointed to Louie who was on the floor playing with Megan and Johnny. "He is just so alive and alert and … "

"He is wonderful, Lois. All three of our children are wonderful," Clark said. "We were definitely blessed. Nothing could make this moment any better."

"Maybe one thing could make it better," Lois replied sheepishly.

"Uh-oh. I don't like that look on you face," Clark couldn't say another word because hip lips were covered by Lois'. When she came up for air, Clark's head was still spinning.

"What about that?" Lois asked.

"I think that might have made it better," Clark said laughing.