'Lane' to the Tune of 'Lump'

By Allison K. Forbes <blue_eyes2143@hotmail.com>

Rated G

Submitted May 1999

Summary: The author rewrites the song "Lump," L&C style. Author's note

I made this up literally while getting ready for bed one night. It just seemed to come together in my mind, so I wrote it down. You have to know how the song "Lump" goes to follow this one. Part of my inspiration for it was "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Gump". It doesn't go in any particular order, it's not chronological; it's just here!:)

If anyone has any ideas for further verses, be my guest! "Clark Kent", "Lois Lane", and "Superman" belong to someone else. And "Lump" belongs to The Presidents of the United States of America.


She saw a man in blue tights and a cape, She said, "Is this a dream? Oh God, don't let me wake!" He flew her to the Planet in his hands, She saw his red "S" and called him "Superman".

She's Lane, She's Lane, She's kinda dumb. She's Lane, She's Lane, She's Lane, He's having fun!

Clark Kent and Superman, they are one guy, She couldn't tell 'cause he wore glasses on his eyes. He fell in love with her at first sight, She said, "Don't fall for me, farmboy, I haven't got the time!"

She's Lane, She's Lane, She's kinda blind. She's Lane, She's Lane, She's Lane, He's in a bind.

Perry partnered her with a Kansas hack, She wished that he would just pack up and go back. Clark thought that Lois was kind of a snob, She didn't think that he could do the job.

She's Lane, She's Lane She's pig-headed. She's Lane, She's Lane, She's Lane She thinks Lex is dead!

Run! Now Lois, Run! Run! Now Lois, Run!

Now Clark as Superman romances her, Her feelings for Clark he really wants to stir. He dances on air to "Fly Me to the Moon", She'll fall for Clark now; I bet it will be soon!

She's Lane, She's Lane He's her fantasy. She's Lane, She's Lane, She's Lane Clark says, "Please love me!"

Villains are everywhere, there's no end in sight Someone even robbed him of his super sight! Mayson was a bit of a distraction, But you know Clark; he's a man of action.

She's Lane, She's Lane She feels jealousy… She's Lane, She's Lane, She's Lane It is so petty!

(Skipping right along…:))

Now they're married, everything is great! They're in bed, on the ceiling…they're gonna be reeaally late… A wacko woman with a youth-reducer Lois is ticked 'cause he'll be too young to seduce her.

She's Lane, She's Lane Can they have kids? She's Lane, She's Lane, She's Lane In the end they did!



I hope you enjoyed this little ditty! I had fun writing it. I have a thing for 'Lois and Clark' appropriate songs. If it fits, I'll write a story around it. PLEASE, let me know what you think; you know what feedback does to me… <blue_eyes2143@hotmail.com>