It's All in Our Minds … Then Why Does it Feel So Real?

By Jennifer Eagan-Dixon <>

Rated PG

Submitted February 1999

Summary: This story, set right after Clark leaves for New Krypton, gives new meaning to the phrase "meeting of the minds." :)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I got the idea for this one from Zoom actually, who in her post said that it'd be neat if Clark sent Lois telepathic messages while she was trying to concentrate at work. Well, I ran with it. If smoke starts coming from your computer you might want to shut it down for a little bit:) First submitted to the Lois and Clark message boards July 9, 1996.


Lois was busy typing on her computer trying to get the final touches done on her story. She hit the print key and sat back in her chair. Looking over at Clark's desk, she let out a small sigh wishing he was there. For now he was in New Krypton, and Lois was covering for him by saying he had gone home to Smallville to take care of an ailing Jonathan Kent. She was walking to Perry's office when "it" first happened.

Suddenly, out of the blue, she felt something! It was the strangest but most exciting sensation she had felt in days. Yes! There was something definitely on her neck. It felt like lips, warm and moist, running up and down her neck and up to her ear. Lois' legs felt weak and she stabilized herself with a chair. What in the world was going on??!! Jimmy was passing by as she grabbed the chair.

JO: "Lois! Are you okay?"

LL: "Yeah … yeah I'm okay."

She continued into Perry's office and handed him the final on her story. Perry started reading it as Lois took a seat. Then it started again, but this time it was different. She felt hands, hands caressing her face, then they moved down. WHOA! Lois jumped out of her seat and gave Perry a terrified look.

LL: "Perry, excuse me but I gotta go … I'll be right back."

PW: "Lois, honey, are you okay?"

LL: "I will be."

Lois ran out of Perry's office and into the nearest room with a door, the darkroom.

As she entered the room, she locked it behind her. The room was dark (duh) and empty. Lois leaned against the wall and then she heard him. It was none other than Clark Kent, her fiance.

VOC: "Hello."

LL: (Whispering) "Hello! Clark what are you doing?!"

VOC: "What's it "feel" like I'm doing? And you can talk to me by just sending your thoughts to me. Lois closed her eyes for a moment then she began.

LL: "You're rattling my concentration."

VOC: "I was hoping to! May I continue?"

LL: "No! Clark, not here! Exactly why are you doing this?"

VOC: "Because I miss you and I'm learning some new things about being Kryptonian. I can not only send my thoughts to you, but I can make you feel them.

LL: "Boy with a new toy I see!"

VOC: "Remember when we were in the Virtual World?"

LL: "Uh-huh."

VOC: "Well, I believe there was something we started but didn't get to finish, so … "

LL: "Sweetheart, not here okay?"

VOC: "Tonight."

That was it, he was gone just like that. Lois went back to her desk. She had a funny smile on her face and then realized she was supposed to be at Perry's office. Yes, he had rattled her just a bit.

It was around 10 PM when Lois had finally situated herself in bed with a new book she was reading. She had kept herself very busy all day up until now. As she got quiet, she thought about Clark. Would he really meet her in her mind tonight? What if something happened and he couldn't? What if she fell asleep? Could he wake her? She figured he could. She was now wearing a pink sleep shirt. She hoped he liked pink, she couldn't remember.

Lois finally threw all the nagging thoughts out of her mind and started reading her book. Then it started. She could feel his lips very softly brush hers. Then came this long, deep, and passionate kiss. It was a part of Clark she had not really seen up until now.

VOC: "Hello sweetheart."

LL: "Hi."

Lois could now feel him next to her. She was in his arms and he kissed her gently on her forehead. She closed her eyes and turned to him. He was smiling softly at her. He brushed back her hair and kissed her, again it was a long, deep kiss. Finally, when he had let them come up for air, Lois sent her thoughts to him.

LL: "First of all, please don't think I'm not enjoying this. But I have to ask. Why? Why now Clark? We've waited up until now. And now you want us to … ?"

VOC: "Lois, we prepare to do battle with Lord Nor in the morning."

LL: "Oh … I think I understand."

VOC: "I thought you would."

LL: "And this way, we're still waiting, because it's all in our minds?"

VOC: "Well, that's how I saw it."

LL: "Clark, you'll do fine tomorrow … you have to … you have to come back to me."

VOC: "I'm going to do my best sweetheart."

VOC: "Lois I just had to be with you tonight. I wanted to know how you and I … "

LL: "Clark Kent, you talk too much."

As she closed her eyes, she saw him smiling over her. Then for the first time ever, his hands reached for the buttons on her pajama top, and slowly he undid them one by one. She sent him one last thought before the magic started.

LL: "I love you."

VOC: "I love you … my … little … tornado."

He was kissing her shoulder now and letting his hands run over her body.

VOC: "And by the way, I love pink!"


Lois woke up with a very contented smile on her face and it wasn't coming off any time soon. She was almost ready to walk out the door when she heard him.

VOC: "Good morning."

LL: "Good morning."

VOC: "I wanted to say 'thank you' for last night. You were … incredible!"

LL: "You were too, you know."

VOC: "Well, I have to go now but I wanted to talk to you once more."

LL: "Be careful! Remember I love you."

VOC: "I love you."

Lois couldn't help but think as she was closing the door, 'yes you do and quite well I might add'. Later, after getting her first cup of coffee, she sat down to read the paper at her desk. Jimmy came up just as she was finishing.

JO: "Good morning."

LL: "Morning Jimmy."

JO: "So what'd you do last night?"

LL: (Wide-eyed) "What!? What did "I" do? Well, umm, I, uh … "

JO: "Lois, it's not a trick question. You know, watched TV, read a book, went for a walk, fill in the blank, Lois."

LL: (Smiling broadly) "Oh! I finished a project that I've been working on."

JO: (Weird look) "Good Lois, good."

As Jimmy walked away, Lois put the paper away and turned on her computer. With another nice smile, Lois Lane began another day at the Daily Planet.

Lois arrived home late in the evening after a long, hard day. She was so used to having her partner and now she was alone. It was a lot tougher than she imagined. She took a long hot bath and then slipped into a cream silk spaghetti strap nightgown.

She was exhausted, though she couldn't help wish that Clark would again meet her in her mind tonight. It had been three nights since their one and only encounter.

The fabulous memory of it was still vivid in her mind. She wished he would contact her and let her know how his fight with Lord Nor went.

She fell asleep quickly, dreaming of her day and all that had happened. She realized in the middle of the night that a tear had fallen down her face. She went to wipe it, but instead a strong but tender, masculine hand wiped it away. Lois blinked and there he was lying next to her.

LL: (Astonished) "Clark! You're here?!"

CK: (Smiling softly) "Yeah. I'm here honey."

Lois looked at him and caught her breath. His face was bruised and over his left eye were stitches. He looked somewhat haggard and his breathing seemed difficult. Across his torso was wrapped a bandage that also went over one shoulder.

Lois rested herself on one elbow and looked at him lying next to her.

LL: "Clark! Are you alright?!"

CK: (Smiles bravely) "I am now."

She bent down and kissed his cut up lip and gently stroked his face.

LL: "What have they done to you?"

CK: (Trying to joke) "You think I look bad, you should see the other guy."

Clark started to laugh and then started coughing. He was a very sick and very weak man. He quickly got out of bed and stumbled to her bathroom, with Lois in hot pursuit.

LL: "Clark! Are you okay?!!"

He tried to stop her but it was like stopping a speeding locomotive with no powers; an impossibility.

Lois started to cry as she saw Clark start coughing up blood.

LL: "Oh dear God! Clark what's happened!!??"

Clark slowly sat himself down on the cold linoleum floor as Lois ran for a cold wet washcloth.

She wiped his face and chest. Then putting her hands on his face, she kissed him gently, her tears running down on both of them.

She kissed him slowly over and over and over. She would have done it all night if it would have taken away the hurts. He smiled at her and finally stopped her.

CK: "Let's go back to the bed."

Lois helped him up and gently led him back to his side of the bed. She felt so helpless to do anything for him at all.

LL: "Let me call a doctor!"

CK: (Smiling and reaching for her) "I just need you."

Lois propped up pillows for him and then laid down in his arms, gingerly she put her arm around his waist and then gently stroked his chest with her hand.

CK: (Kissing the top of her head) "I'm okay Lois. I just need to heal up some. This IS what I really need, just to be in your arms.

LL: (Looking up at him) "I love you."

CK: (Smiled down at her) "My three favorite words I love to hear come from those wonderful lips … I love you Lois."

LL: "You sleep now."

CK: "Is this okay, me being here like this?"

LL: "Sleep."

It was the best sleep they both had in days. In the morning Clark woke first and kissed her lightly on her lips.

CK: "Hey sleepy head."

Lois stretched out in his arms and smiled at him.

LL: "So you can really be here now?"

CK: "Yeah, I found out yesterday. Seems Kryptonians of noble blood have more abilities than others. I can literally send myself places. When I found out (Zara told me about it) I thought, where do I want to be right now?

So here I am. I think that's why she told me. (Smiles at Lois) She really does have a heart in there deep down under all that Kryptonian veneer."

LL: (Rolling her eyes) "I'll take your word for it."

Clark reached down and kissed Lois with one of his patented long and enveloping kisses. He felt her go limp in his arms and almost involuntarily shifted his body closer to hers.

CK: (Smiling) "I'm afraid we'll have to finish this in our minds, Miss Lane."

Lois smiled shyly and nodded and kissed him one last time before he was gone. When she opened her eyes, he was gone. She sighed as she started to get ready for work. She stepped out of her bed to go to her bathroom when she felt a hand on her arm.

VOC: "And where do you think you're going?"

Lois turned around now and there he stood. He had no bandages, no cuts, no bruises. Just his wonderful self smiling broadly at her. To see him well made her feel better. In his mind, he had no cuts, no hurts, just one desire. To make love to Lois this very minute.

He smiled at her as he took the strings to her gown and slowly slipped them over her shoulders. Her gown fell to the floor in a gentle motion. Lois put her arms around his neck and grinned broadly.

LL: "Something tells me I'm going to be late for work!"

VOC: "You better believe it!"

And with that they both laughed and Clark gently fell back on her bed with Lois still in his arms.


After hitting the snooze button for the tenth time, Lois finally stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. It had been another rough night of little to no sleep. Actually it had been days since she slept well. She hadn't heard or seen Clark in several days and she wasn't sure what exactly was going on in his part of the universe. She was lathering up in the shower when she heard a familiar voice.

VOC: "Good morning!"

It was funny, but this time, unlike the rest, when Lois heard his voice, she wasn't particularly happy.

Lois realized at that moment that she was mad … mad at Clark.

LL: (Slight smile) "Good morning. Do you go into other women's showers like this?"

VOC: "No, only yours."

LL: "Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm in a hurry."

VOC: "Fine, I'll wait out here."

Lois quickly pulled the curtain back, making sure she kept herself covered. There to her surprise stood Clark with his usual grin.

CK: "Hi!"

LL: "Hi."

Lois closed the curtain back. Part of her was really glad to see him, the other was really angry to see him. We women — such complex individuals!

LL: "I'm sorry, but I'm going to be late if I don't hurry."

There was no response, Lois looked quickly out. No one. Fine, she thought, that's just fine.

Lois quickly got dressed and went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. There on the counter sat a cup prepared just how she liked it. She looked into the living room and Clark stood up as she came in.

CK: "You look really pretty."

LL: (Putting on her shoes) "Thanks … and thanks for the coffee."

CK: "Everything okay?"

Lois let out a small chuckle. He definitely was the more galactically stupid of the two. Her world had come crashing around her ears since he had left and he was asking is "everything okay?"

LL: (Giving him a very cool look) "What do you think?"

She turned to take one last look at herself in her bedroom mirror. As she left the living room she turned to Clark.

LL: "Looks like you've healed nicely … you look more like yourself."

CK: "Yeah, I'm about back to normal. Look, are you mad at me?"

LL: "Clark, let's not go down this road, okay?"

Clark reached for her hand as she took her keys out of her purse.

CK: "Look, I know you're in a hurry, but you're obviously upset with me!"

He walked her to her couch and she sat down pensively.

CK: "Out with it!"

LL: (Slapping her hands on her knees) "Okay, Clark, remember you asked for it."

Lois stood up and faced him. Clark with raised eyebrows waited for the bomb to fall.

LL: "What's going on? Have you defeated Lord Nor? What's the deal? Are you coming back or are we going to play mind games the rest of our lives?!! I feel like there's stuff going on, that I'm not clued in on and that makes me crazy! I get bits and pieces from you and not everything and THAT makes me crazy!"

Clark looked at the floor trying to choose his words correctly, then he looked sweetly in Lois' eyes.

CK: "Lord Nor's been defeated and New Krypton is starting to rebuild now."

LL: "Okay. So where are you Clark? Why am I getting conjugal mind visits and you're staying away??!"

CK: (Looking down at his hands) "I've run into a problem … "

LL: "What kind of problem? See, here I go having to pull everything out of you!"

CK: (Smiling softly at her) "You're not gonna like it."

LL: "Don't tell me — IT starts with Z and ends with A."

CK: "Yeah. I'm having some problems getting out of the marriage."

LL: (Throwing up her hands and starts heading for the door) "Great! So while you're off playing husband to someone else, I get visits in the night like a … "

Clark runs and blocks the door.

CK: "Lois, I love you!! That's why I've been with you! No other reason!"

Lois' eyes are filling up rapidly.

LL: "Well, Clark, it's time for a decision here isn't it? Unless you're not telling me everything!"

CK: (Looking down, avoiding her gaze) "Lois, I'm working on this as best I can."

LL: "Why won't you look at me? Is there something I need to know?"

CK: (Snaps head up) "NO! There is nothing between Zara and me! You know that!!"

LL: "Then what Clark? What's going on? What's going on with us?"

CK: "I just can't go into it all yet. But Lois … "

LL: (Pushing past him now) "Fine Clark! You let me know when you can clue me in on your life!"

And with that she walked out the door, leaving a very disgusted, and frustrated Clark in her living room. She couldn't leave him though without one parting shot. She hurt and she wanted him to!! Ah love! Ain't it grand!

LL: "I believe you know the way out. You've got this leaving stuff down pat."

When Lois finally got to the office, it was obvious to all that she was not in best of humor. In fact, everyone made a wide berth around her desk.

Lois noticed it immediately and try as she might, she couldn't get rid of the anger. She wasn't just mad, she really was hurt. There was something he was keeping from her — AGAIN. She had thought that it had all stopped when she found out he was Superman, but evidently not. Later, after running down a lead, she returned to the office to find on her desk a dozen red roses. She turned to Jimmy immediately.

LL: (Agitated) "Jimmy what is this?"

JO: (Nervously) "They're a dozen red roses."

LL: "I KNOW THAT! Where did they come from!?"

JO (Shaking his head) "I don't know."

Lois stopped herself, took a deep breath and let it out

LL: "I'm sorry for yelling. It's been a rough morning."

JO: "Have you talked to Clark lately?"

LL: "You mean have I fought with Clark lately? Yes!"

JO: (Starting a smile) "Then 10 to 1 those are from him."

Lois roughly grabbed the card from the flowers and read it.

It simply said, 'Please, don't give up on us now. Love, Clark'.

She reluctantly gave the card and flowers a smile and sat down at her desk staring at them both. Men! She just wanted to scream! Suddenly …

VOC: "Hi."

LL: (Somewhat loud) "GO AWAY! This is not going to work this time!"

Suddenly she realized four or five people had stopped when she shouted.

VOC: "You're a … talking out loud Lois."

LL: (Sending her thoughts) "Okay so now everybody KNOWS I'm loony!"

VOC: (Chuckling) "No you're not. Listen, we'll talk soon I promise and I'll be able to tell you everything."

LL: (Sarcastically) "I'm honored."

VOC: "Lois, put the bottom lip in … (she did) … good! Now I gotta run, but I'll be in touch."

LL: "As usual."

VOC: "I loooove you Lolo."

LL: (Smirking) "Yeah right."

Realizing he might be gone, she panicked.

LL: "Clark!"

VOC: "Yeeeeeeesss?"

LL: "I love you too."

VOC: (Chuckling) "I'm honored!"

Well, that actually made her smile so it was worth it he thought.

Lois put the card to the flowers in her purse and walked to Perry's office. She knocked at his door.

PW: (Looking up) "Come on in Lois."

Lois sat down slowly in a chair and watched what Perry was doing at his desk. He had this small model of an Elvis doll he sat admiring.

PW: (Noticing Lois' interest) "Only 4,500 of these babies made. Authentic Elvis doll from the early 60's. The hair is his real hair! Some Army guys cut his hair when he slept one night and then sold it practically a strand at a time. Had to pay a pretty penny for this one."

Lois smiled amusingly at him and couldn't help think that she needed to find him a date … soon … very soon. She waited for his full attention.

PW: (Putting the doll aside, smiling brightly) "What can I do for you today?"

LL: "Perry, does that offer still stand for me to take a few days off?"

Perry now leaned back in his chair.

PW: "Sure honey! You gonna go see Clark in Smallville?"

LL: "Yeah. I thought it might be nice. He could use some help on the farm too."

PW: (Sly grin) "You ever been on a farm, Lois?"

LL: (Smiles) "Not too much. Squeezed an udder or two in my time though."

PW: (Starts laughing) "Okay. I hope Clark knows what he's getting himself into with 'Miss Never Leave the Big City Reporter' coming to help!"

Yeah right, she thought. Lois managed a smile as she stood up to leave.

LL: "I'll plan on being back a week from Monday then, if that's okay. I had one story I was working on and I gave it to Fredericks."

PW: (Returning to his doll) "Sure, honey, give my best to Clark and his parents."

Lois went to the phone and quickly dialed the Kent's number.

MK: "Hello"

LL: "Hi! Martha it's me, Lois."

MK: "Honey! How are you!?"

LL: (A little nervous) "I'm … okay. I was wondering if I could come out for a few days."

MK: "Oh Lois that would be great!!"

LL: (Grinning) "Wonderful! I'm getting the next flight out."

MK: "Honey, why don't you try and contact Clark, maybe he can bring you."

LL: "I'd rather not right now. I should make it in around 6 tonight."

MK: "Lois, is everything okay between you two?"

Lois felt tears in her eyes and her throat starting to choke up. She had a lot of emotions still raging and she wasn't handling any of them very well right now.

LL: "I'll talk when I get there, okay?"

MK: "Okay honey. We'll see you tonight. BE CAREFUL!"

As Lois hung up the phone, she thought "what wonderful people. Wonderful people with a dumb son."

As she started to leave her desk, Jimmy yelled to her.

JO: "Lois, it's your mom on line two."

LL: (Putting her stuff down) "Great! I need her like another hole in my head!"

LL: (Picking up the phone) "This is Lois."

EL: "Lois? Honey? How are you?"

LL: "I'm okay mom. What's up?"

She knew she sounded like a witch, but she just did not want to deal with her mother right now.

EL: "Well, I hadn't heard from you since Clark left for Smallville. I just wanted to know how you're doing."

LL: "I'm fine mom. I'm headed out the door this very minute for Smallville in fact."

EL: "Well, I won't keep you. I just wanted to check on my little girl."

Ellen Lane always knew how to pull on her daughter's heartstrings.

Whenever she called her "my little girl", it made her feel like she was five years old. She would always get this mental picture of sitting on her mother's lap as she brushed her long, brown hair.

LL: (Eye's filling up) "Thanks mom. I'll call when I get back okay?"

EL: "Sure sweetie. Lois, are you all right?"

LL: (Trying not to cry) "I gotta run mom. I'll call you."


It didn't take long for Lois to get her baggage checked in and her seat assignment. Then as she stepped off the escalator, she saw it! For the first time, she got to see the new poster of she and Clark for the Daily Planet. It was taken the day after Clark had been unshrunk and things were half-way normal. It was a great picture, Lois thought.

Perry had been the mastermind behind it, going with the casual look for his now famous pair.

They were wearing jeans and matching dark blue tee shirts with the Daily Planet emblem in white.

Clark stood behind her with his arms around her and the photographer had caught them both laughing. At the bottom of the poster it read:



Lois stood there staring. She had seen the proofs, but this was quite different, seeing it in a bigger than life poster. What a difference a few weeks make, thought Lois. Now things were not so rosy. They may never be a team again. A wistful look crossed her face and she reminded herself to get to her gate. As she stood there giving the poster one last look, his thoughts came through to her.

VOC: "We're still the best team going, you know that!"

Lois smiled, she really wanted to hear him and he had perfect timing this time. Her next statement had nothing to do with anything really, she just wanted him to know … again.

LL: "I'm always my happiest when I'm in you're arms, Clark."

VOC: "Same here, sweetheart."

LL: "Guess you know where I'm goin'."

VOC: "Yeah. It'll be good for you. I'll meet up with you there and we'll talk."

LL: "Okay."

VOC: "Hey … I love you."

LL: (With a soft smile) "How could you not! … love you too."

When Lois landed in Smallville, she didn't call the Kents.

Instead she picked up a rental car and headed for their house. The rental car gave her a little freedom to go and drive if she wanted to, and she had a feeling she'd want to.

When she pulled up in front, Martha and Jonathan quickly came out.

MK: (Hugging her) "Lois! You should have called! We'd have picked you up!"

LL: (Giving hugs all around) "That's okay. I figured this would work out better for everybody. (and with a laugh) Besides Perry's picking up the bill!"

They laughed and hugged for a moment longer. It WAS so good to see them. They had missed each other terribly. The night was light hearted and finally around 9:30, Lois said she should turn in. Martha took her upstairs into Clark's old room and got her settled in. Lois dressed for bed and was turning down the covers when Martha made her last bed check for the evening. She tapped lightly on the door.

LL: (Getting under the covers) "Come in."

MK: (Poking her head in) "Anything else I can get you, honey?"

LL: (Sitting up) "You got a minute?"

MK: "Sure!"

Lois patted a place next to her on the bed for Martha to come sit down. Martha smiled softly.

MK: "You've had quite a day haven't you?"

Lois looked down at her hands, tears filling her eyes. They came so quickly today, she thought. Then with a painful look on her face she looked at Martha. Martha being the woman that she is, looked at Lois and knew what she needed most. She'd have to be a substitute.

MK: (Reaching for her) "Oh honey, come here!"

Lois threw her arms around Martha's neck now and the tears came in buckets. For the first time in a long time, she cried out loud. Martha simply rocked her and stroked her hair. Simply a touch is all we need at times when we're hurting so bad that the pain seems unbearable. A touch somehow makes it bearable, at least for the moment. Finally the crying stopped, but Lois couldn't really talk about all she was going through. Martha understood completely of course and simply held her for a little while longer. Finally Lois broke the silence.

LL: "I really need you."

MK: "I'm here honey, WHENEVER you need me! Now, how bout you getting some good old country, smell the clean air, sleep!" Lois smiled and nodded and got under the covers. Martha tucked her in and bent down and kissed her on the forehead. As she turned out the light, she smiled back at Lois.

MK: (Laughing) "You need your rest, Jonathan has BIG plans for you tomorrow!"

LL: (Quietly) "I'll be ready. Night Martha."

And with that Lois rolled over and hugged the pillow next to her and drifted off to sleep. In her dreams she was with Clark and again everything was all right.


Lois settled in nicely on the Kent farm in Smallville, Kansas. Jonathan had lived up to his promise and had kept her quite busy all throughout the day. It was the best thing for Lois because she had no time to really think on one thing very long. This was Jonathan and Martha's plan all along and it was working nicely. Lois had been there almost four days and still no sign of Clark. It really was making her mad. How could he possibly go four days without seeing her? She was missing him terribly even staying busy, why wasn't he missing her?

Jonathan had Lois up every morning at 5:00 sharp. The first day she thought she'd die getting up that early. The second day she knew she would!! First things first, there was a good breakfast for all, eggs, bacon, pancakes, coffee, milk and orange juice. Lois had always been your "grab a coke and a twinkie" kinda gal and this took some adjustment. Martha's cooking was fantastic though and Lois was loving it!!

This particular morning, Jonathan had Lois on the John Deere cutting the back yard. It must have been about 2 acres and when she first looked at her task, she quickly gave Jonathan "a calf dying in a hail storm" look. Jonathan patiently showed her how to operate the big green machine and with a pat on her shoulder he comforted her with these words, "Just think of it as a story you're working on. You want to go down every possible path and mow down the evidence so you can see clearly and then when your all done … voila, the story unfolds for you!".

Lois gave him a smirk and replied comically, "I just don't want to "uncover" any hidden "snakes" in my story, Jonathan!"

"Ahhhh … lived in these parts for 50 years and only saw a snake once!", he assured her.

Lois gave him a relieved look as he started to walk away.

"Of course it was SOME snake, but after I got his fangs out of my hand it was a piece of cake." he said, turning back and smiling at her.

Lois rolled her eyes at him and started the mower. She hadn't been on it very long when she heard a familiar voice — Clark's.

VOC: "If I didn't see it with my own two eyes, I wouldn't have believed it!"

Then somehow, she wasn't sure how, she was now sitting on his lap on the mower. His one hand was over hers on the wheel, the other around her waist. Lois didn't really know why, but she was mad at him again and she wasn't going to give him the reunion he was hoping for. Her feet hit the brakes and she turned the mower off. Immediately she jumped off the machine and Clark followed her.

CK: (Running after her) "Where are you going!?"

LL: (Walking rapidly) "Back to the house!"

CK: (Grabbing her arm) "LOIS! STOP! What's going on?"

Lois had stopped in mid stride and now turned and gave him one of her best hateful looks she could muster on the spur of the moment. They were now facing each other, both with their hands on their hips.

LL: (Angrily and loud) "That's a real good question!? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!"


Martha came into the kitchen where Jonathan was looking out the back window.

MK: "Did I hear the mower stop? She having problems?"

JK: (Not turning around) "Not with the mower."

Martha came behind Jonathan and looked out the window with him.

MK: "Oh it's Clark! Let's go say hi!"

Jonathan gently pulled her back.

JK: "Martha, take another look. Do they really look like they need us out there right now?"

MK: "Oh my! It does look a little heated doesn't it."

JK: "I think she's about to throw a punch!"


Clark was dumfounded by this sudden outburst and stood there with his mouth open but finally snapped back angrily.



Lois was peeved and Clark was about to sink to her level quickly. They had had fights before but this one was going to be a doozy, he could feel it.


Well, he could have said anything you know, but that. Don't tell Lois Lane you're working out her future, at least not to her face. If he had thought she was mad before, he hadn't seen anything yet.


Now the Kent's being the concerned parents ;) that they were, stood there in the kitchen and watched the fireworks. Due to the volume, the conversation was coming in loud and clear. As soon as Clark had let out his last statement, Martha gasped and Jonathan shook his head.

MK: "Oh my gosh, I don't believe he said that!! Jonathan, someone needs to stop him before … "

JK: "He's a dead man."

JK: "Where was he the day they taught "how to talk to women" in school?"

MK: (Patting Jonathan on the shoulder) "I think that was supposed to be your job dear."

Jonathan scratched his head and they listened on.


Lois' eyes got really big at this point and she screwed her mouth up making her look like she had just eaten sour grapes. Well, I guess she had.

LL: (Low) "What … did … you … just … say?"

Clark pretty much knew the noose was around the neck and the old box was about to be kicked out from under him, but he valiantly made another effort.

CK: (Exasperated) "Look Lois! That's not … how I meant to say that, but I've been working on this marriage thing and … "










Here's where Clark kinda really took a nose dive and he went on the attack now. Everyone knows you don't win against Lois Lane. He EVEN knew that. WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? Clark started walking around, flailing his hands wildly in the air.



MK: "This is ugly."

JK: "You're telling me."

MK: "Think we should go break it up?"

JK: "I was thinking we could get the hose!"

MK: (Stifling a giggle) "Oh Jonathan!"


Lois now used Attack A against the enemy, start crying. She hated using this one but she really didn't know what to say next and she was simply so beside herself in frustration that the tears simply began to fall.

It always worked immediately and Clark felt the box go out from under him. He fell backwards on the ground and screamed as loud as he could.

CK: "I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lois fell tiredly next to him, and leaned on his chest.

LL: (Still crying) "I swear sometimes, Clark Kent, you drive me mad!!"

CK: (Sighing, putting his hand on her face) "Feeling's mutual, Lois Lane. See that big oak tree over there?"

LL: (Lifting her head) "Yeah?"

CK: (Tiredly) "Let's go over there and talk. I promise I'll tell you everything. We'll have a little more privacy there."

He then pointed to the kitchen window and both he and Lois looked at Martha and Jonathan staring at them. Very slowly they began to wave at their onlookers.


MK: "Busted!"

JK: "Well, I guess I'll go turn on the TV."

MK: "I'm goin' downstairs and finish the clothes."

And immediately they were gone from the window.


Clark and Lois stood up and looked at each other sadly. Clark reached down and took her hand and led her to the big oak tree.

When they got there, Lois took in the view. It sat on an elevated part of the Kent's farm and the panoramic scene was beautiful. As they stood there side by side holding hands, Clark turned to her and smiled. Lois was the first one to speak, however, as she took a step into his arms.

LL: "I'm sorry."

Clark wrapped his arms around her softly, and as he did they both relaxed and the tension left both their bodies.

CK: (Looking out in a distance) "No, you're right. I still do it. I don't know why, but for some reason I can not fathom the idea that someone wants to be a part of my life completely. I still try to work things out on my own."

Lois looked up at him and with a beautiful smile, ran her fingers through his hair.

LL: "I know I still go off the deep end too. I've been by myself for a long time too. I understand about wanting to protect me. As headstrong, and obnoxious, and independent as I get, that's really what I want deep down - you to protect me. In a lot of ways I want the knight in shining (well red and blue) armor to sweep me off my feet and take me away from all the madness in this world. And Clark! You have! In so many ways! When I'm in your arms, everything stops. All the nuts out there, all the people hurting, all the injustices in the world, all the evil trying to get at us. But I can't stay there."

CK: (Chuckling) "We could try."

LL: "Protection is fine … but you gotta talk to me! Clark that's what marriage is all about. That's why it scares me so badly, when you push me away. I saw my dad do exactly what you do to me. He'd work, work, work, with so many problems coming at him and he'd never, NEVER, let us in on what he was going through. Until it was too late. It ruined a wonderful marriage."

Lois simply stood there staring at him and Clark placed a hand on her face and smiled. What a gem he had gotten. He had better learn his lessons now, he thought, or he was going to lose her.

LL: "Now, can you tell me … everything?"

CK: "Can I please kiss you first?"

Lois smiled and reached up and put her arms around his neck. Clark bent down and slowly he kissed her. His tongue gently outlined her lips and then made its way inside her mouth.

It was one of the things Lois liked best about Clark, the way he kissed her. Always gentle, always kind, and always passionate. They stood there, their mouths were one now and their bodies pressed against one another. Soon he let his mouth fall to her neck and he took in all the flesh he could with his kisses. Then he gently kissed her ear, his warm breath filling it again and again. Lois' mouth now roamed his face and neck and chest. She gently placed kisses everywhere she could see his skin and then gently she found his ear and her tongue danced merrily around it and in it. Clark took a deep breath as she did and his hands started moving down her sides. Then he stopped (always the one with the willpower!) and looked at her, his heart beating as if it was out of control.

LL: (Breathing heavily) "I know why I've been so cranky lately." Clark simply smiled at her and kissed her again on her lips and let her continue.

LL: (A little shyly) "I know … it was all in our minds, but Clark, I've never been loved like you loved me. Your touch, your caress, your body and your kisses over every inch of mine, the look in your eyes when you … "

Lois let out a sigh.

LL: "I should stop."

CK: (Embarrassed smile) "I know. I know. It really seemed like a great thing to do, at the time, and Lois it was … (looking intently in her eyes) just simply fantastic! Words can't describe how wonderful you are. But now it's like the flood gates been opened and ALL the ships want out, if you know I mean!"

CK: "I'm in New Krypton working on some plans, and I see you. Lying next to me and I feel your skin and your body and then you're kissing me, and the movement of your body … well, I usually spill or knock something over right about that time!"

Lois smiled broadly at him and taking his hand, they sat down on the ground facing each other. They still had to have a very important talk. They sat there, smiling at one another, drinking each other in. Finally he leaned back against the tree and letting out a sigh, he began. This was so difficult, he thought, how could he tell her this without crying himself.

CK: "First of all, Lord Nor has been defeated, and as I said before New Krypton is headed into a phase of building out of the rubble. I've been overseeing most of the reconstruction. Now the day after I had pretty much started setting some things in motion, I was summoned by the Council of Ra."

LL: "Zara's family?"

CK: "Yeah. Well, they wanted to thank me for coming to New Krypton and helping in the struggle and they ended their little speech by "and we hope you will be quite happy here in New Krypton."

Lois put laid her head down on her knees and swallowed hard. Here it comes, she thought.

CK: "You okay?"

Lois shook her head yes for him to continue without looking up.

CK: (Jokingly) "So, of course, I said, I'll just be getting on my horse and leaving town and you can find another sheriff."

LL: (Looks up) "They didn't like the idea."

CK: "Essentially Lois, the council doesn't want New Krypton to go through another struggle like they just encountered. So, when I told them that I wanted to come back here, they weren't, shall we say, pleased. So I spent the next two days pleading my case. And I was given three options."

LL: (Looking up smiling slightly) "I probably don't want to hear these do I?"

CK: "Ready?"

LL: "Wait!"

And with that Lois got up and moved very close to Clark now and rested her body in his so he could hold her as he sat and talked.

LL: (Looking in his eyes) "Ready."

Clark smiled at her and brushed back her hair and kept his hand on her face. He would do anything for her, anything in his power. How could he make sure she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt?

CK: "Number 1 — I can stay in New Krypton and rule with Zara at my side."

They both looked at each other and at the same time shook their heads and said, "Naaaaa". It was a moment of levity needed at the time and Lois chuckled and placed a kiss on his neck and nuzzled closer as he gave the next option.

CK: "Number 2 — I can come back to earth, without Zara, come back to Metropolis, marry the woman I love … but stripped of ALL powers forever."

Lois now looked at him in astonishment.

LL: "Can they do that?"

CK: "Yeah. Evidently they can do anything they want."

LL: "And the third?"

CK: (Pulling her close and putting his arms around her tightly) "Okay, here we go. I can come back to earth as Superman, but only still married to Zara."

Then there was silence and as Clark held Lois, he felt her body start to tremble and shake. As he held her, he felt the tears roll down his face. He felt so helpless. Lois put her hand on his face, and feeling the tears looked at him sadly. She put her arms around his neck, trying to somehow merge with him, but she couldn't. Finally Lois wiped his tears and looked at her fiance.

LL: "Seems like we're just not gonna be able to be together, huh?"

CK: "Hey, I haven't given up! That's why I put that on the card. Don't give up on us now."

Lois remembered his words when he had been hit with nuclear fallout.

LL: "Another minor wedding detail we have to work out, huh?"

CK: "And what did I tell you then?"

LL: "Lois, NOTHING is going to keep me from marrying you!"

CK: "Very good! You DO listen to me!!"

Lois laughed and placed her head on his shoulder.

LL: "Oh Clark, what are we going to do?"

CK: "How do you feel about me coming back, but without powers?"

Lois looked intently in his eyes.

LL: "I'll tell you what it'd be like. You'd hear a siren in the night and couldn't go help. You'd read in the paper that an apartment filled with people burnt to the ground, because no one could get to them. You'd see on TV were a mass murderer went on a rampage and killed 20 some odd people because no one heard them cry. And every time something would happen, Clark Kent would die inside just a little more."

Clark simply smiled at her, she knew him so well, he was awestruck by it sometimes.

LL: "You said once 'Clark is who I am, Superman is what I do'. That's not really true Clark, you are both. You can't separate the two. I think I've tried to do that to you in the past. But Clark Kent, you came to earth for a reason. You became Superman and for a reason. You met me for a reason."

Lois had turned around in his arms now and both were looking out over the vast acreage.

LL: "It's touching to think you'd give it all up to have me, but you know we'd be miserable in a lot of other ways. There's a line from a StarTrek movie, when Spock died saving everyone. Remember it?"

CK: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one"

CK: (Holding her tightly, laughing softly) "You sure do pack a lot of horsesense in them there tight britches."

Lois laughed with him and then turned serious.

LL: (Tears in her eyes) "About option 3 — Clark I couldn't bear it if you came back to earth with her and every so many months I'd run into you and … "

CK: (Pulling her to himself) "Let's not go down that road okay?"

Clark kissed her once again and smiled so brightly.

CK: "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

LL: (Tears in eyes, whispers) "I think so … so what happens now?"

Clark gave her a look letting her know he was just as much in the dark as she was. Then he looked thoughtfully up into the skies.

CK: "There's a story in the Bible about this widow woman who every day would go before a judge to get retribution and he refused to hear her case. And this judge didn't really care about this widow woman but every day here she'd come. So finally he said 'give her what she wants 'lest her constant coming to me — wear me out!'"

LL: (Soft smile) "So you're gonna wear them out?"

CK: "Or until WE can think of something else!"

LL: (Jokingly) "Ah!!! The WE word … doesn't it have a nice ring to it??! WE … I definitely like it!"

CK: (Kissing her on the cheek) "I thought you would … now what do WE want to do now?"

LL: "I was wondering if you'd do me two favors?"

CK: "Sure, what are they?"

LL: "See that hammock down by your house?"

CK: "Uh-huh!"

LL: "Can we go lay down in that hammock and you hold me until I fall asleep?"

CK: "Sure! What's the other favor?"

LL: (Tears in her eyes) "Leave before I wake up. Because, quite frankly, I don't think my heart can stand to see you leave one more time."

Clark kissed her on her forehead and helping her up, they headed for the hammock.


As they headed off the hill to go to the hammock, Clark stopped and pulled her once again into his arms.

CK: "There's something else I have to tell you. I just don't know how to though."

Lois noticed his eyes were now moist and it scared her. Hadn't she had enough bad news?

What could possibly be worse than what he had told her? Lois said nothing but waited.

CK: "This is my last visit."

This was worse! Lois let out a gasp as Clark looked down at the ground.

She put both hands on his arms now and shook him making him look at her. The tears were now falling.

LL: "What?!"

CK: (Tears brimming) "Well, this a mind thing … sending my thoughts … then making you feel my thoughts and then being able to, uh, be places. They're all abilities I wasn't born with Lois … I was given them as Lord Kal-El, to be used in the struggle. Well, now they say I've abused my rights by contacting you."

LL: (With a look of horror on her face) "Then how are you here!!??"

CK: "I asked for one last time."

LL: (Confused look) "And they let you … how … how did they know you wouldn't stay here?"

CK: "I gave them my word."

Lois moved out of his arms slowly.

LL: "Oh, I see."

CK: "Lois, I thought it was the best thing to do!"

LL: "That "I" word again … thank you."

CK: "Oh god Lois, don't do this … I'm coming back to you … somehow, some way, some day … I'm coming back to you … if you're still willing to wait."

As Lois stood there, a tear fell down her face and she looked bravely in Clark's eyes, then as if it was too painful, she turned away.

LL: "So how 'bout that hammock?"

She and Clark quietly nestled in the hammock and he held her tightly. Her head was nestled in arms and gently with her hand she slid her hand in his shirt and felt his skin. Clark closed his eyes.

LL: "I don't understand how the Council can take away your powers though, your Superman powers."

CK: "They can only be taken away by an appointed elder Kryptonian. I've met the man and he assured me that if I return to you for good, that for the rest of my life he'd make sure I had trouble opening a tube of toothpaste!"

LL: "Wow … I just never thought … they'd keep you from coming back."

CK: "I love you Lois Lane."

Clark felt Lois move and she shifted her body to look him in the eyes. She reached and kissed his softly and long, her body saying everything she had no words for. When she finished, she felt her eyes getting heavy.

LL: "I'm going to fall asleep … "

CK: "Okay."

LL: "Clark."

CK: "Yeah?"

LL: "I love you … and I'll be here … waiting."

And with that Clark felt the last resistance leave her body as she softly fell off to sleep. With only love in his heart for her, he sent her one final thought. Lois smiled gently as it floated to her. It was a wonderful thought filled with his passion for her, but sadly it was his last he would send her. In a little while Martha came out to check on them. Seeing Lois asleep she tiptoed up.

CK: (Whispering) "Mom, can you go get a pillow?"

MK: (Whispering back) "Sure! Be right back."

Martha came back shortly, and Clark taking the pillow, gently left her side and placed the pillow in his place. Lois still dreaming her wonderful dream Clark had given her, gently grabbed the pillow and held it close. Tears filled his eyes again as he kissed her forehead.

CK: (Whispering into her dream) "I have loved you from the beginning. Remember, in my heart I AM your husband and YOU are my wife. ALWAYS!"

With that he turned to his mother and walked inside to talk to his parents before leaving. He kept his promise and was gone well before Lois woke.


The atmosphere at the Daily Planet was tense and electrifying. A new crime wave had hit Metropolis since Lois had come back from Kansas. She had been back one month today and the mood of the city was dark and foreboding. People walked each other to their cars, children didn't play in the streets and Lois Lane no longer jogged at night. It was the chance for all the rotten low lives to take advantage of Superman being "out of town". Just wait till he comes back, Lois would often muse. She was working almost around the clock since she had been back. A situation good for some reasons and bad for others. Good in that she didn't have the time to think about "him". Bad, that the constant work and restless nights, had left her tired and pale. During the past 30 days Lois had literally thrown herself in her work, Perry had gotten word from Martha Kent that Jonathan had taken a turn for the worse, and every night, in the wee hours of the morning, Lois cried, missing the only true love she had ever known.

At the present moment, Lois and Jimmy sat in the conference room going over a story. Lois was desperately in need of another pair of eyes, and another set of hands. Jimmy was typing at the laptop as Lois dictated. He was helping her write THEIR first story. Lois had stopped pacing and was bent over the laptop, talking to Jimmy, when Perry came in.

LL: "No Jimmy … you don't want to say it that way. You're making the mayor look like a doofus."

JO: (Looking at his screen, with a smile) "Well, he is a doofus!"

LL: "Fix it!"

Perry, in an attempt to interrupt, cleared his throat.

PO: "Boys and girls, if you could break this up for a minute, I want you all to meet our new journalist, fresh from the Midwest."

Lois, without raising her eyes from the last line Jimmy wrote, extended her hand in an absent-minded greeting.

LL: "Good! Now put in that part about his plans to conduct the safety meetings for the kids … nice to meet you … Lois Lane … sorry … we're just about to finish this and we're a little behind if we're gonna beat the Post."

CK: "Well, I know you like to be on top."

Lois was just about to give Jimmy her next sentence, but now she stood there frozen like a popsicle!

Lois looked at Jimmy out of the corner of her eye, who in turn looked up at Clark, who was now standing behind Lois, and then looked back at Lois. A small smile started on Jimmy's face and spread rapidly. He was beaming from ear to ear now at Lois. Lois swallowed hard and suddenly had difficulty breathing. Slowly she turned around, and there in his wire-frame glasses, black shirt, and jeans, stood her 6'1", 190 pound, strikingly handsome, fiance.

CK: (Softly, taking her hand) "Hello."

He placed a very nice soft kiss on it and smiled tenderly at her.

LL: (Barely above a whisper) "Hi."

PW: (Breaking in) "Well, uh, Jimmy what'dya say you and I go finish this story you're working on in my office?"

JO: "Right!! Right!! Just what I was thinking Chief!"

As he went past Clark he patted him on the shoulder.

JO: "Welcome home, CK."

Clark smiled at him as he passed him, then looked back at Lois.

CK: "Thanks Jimmy, it great to be here."

Lois stood there with her mouth still slightly agape and tears now started filling up in her eyes.

LL: "Are you really back? For good?"

CK: (Smiling broadly) "I'm really back … for good!!"

LL: "By yourself?"

CK: (Laughing now) "By myself!"

With that statement said, Lois through her arms around his neck and kissed him so hard he nearly fell back.

CK: "Now that's a welcome home!" and he returned the kiss taking her face in his hands, his mouth enveloping hers. After a long minute, he allowed her up for air.

LL: (Crying) "I can't believe it … I can't believe it!!"

CK: (Looking sweetly in her eyes) "What did I tell you?"

LL: "Lois … I'm coming back to you … somehow, some way, some day … I'm coming back to you!"

And with that she grabbed him once again around the neck, but this time she was laughing.

LL: "I listened, didn't I????!!!!"

CK: (Holding her in his arms) "You sure did sweetheart! … Now can we go somewhere and be alone?"

Lois looked through the conference room windows to the office. Forty to fifty people were staring, grinning from ear to ear, but still staring. When Lois looked around at them, they all started shouting.

Crowd: "Lane and Kent, Lane and Kent, Lane and Kent!" And then a thunderous applause went up.

Finally Clark got them free from all the friends outside and into a hallway.

CK: "Your place or mine?"

LL: "How about yours … I'll drive."

CK: (With a nice smile) "No need to drive when you've got "super air transport"!"

Lois was shocked, but before she could say anything they were gone and flying through the air. Superman was back!!! He landed them safely on his balcony and taking her hand, rushed into the apartment. Immediately he turned back into Clark and reached for her.

LL: (Smiling broadly) "You wore them out!!!!"

CK: "Yeah me and about 5,000 New Kryptonians. I came up with a plan where everyday the council was visited by 700 some odd people petitioning for my return to Earth on MY terms."

LL: "Made a few friends I suppose?"

CK: "A few … (putting his hands on her hips and reaching for her neck) Can we stop talking now?"

LL: (Sexy smile) "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

CK: "I can't read or send thoughts any more I'm afraid."

LL: "Well let me tell you what I'M thinking!!"

And with that she reached up and whispered in his ear. Clark's eyes got very big and this nicest smile came to his lips. And in a slight moan he said …

CK: "When do we start?????"

LL: "Well, there is a little wedding I think that's still in the plans here."

CK: "Lois, WILL you marry me?? I mean right this very night?"

LL: "Well, I don't have a wedding ring, you see."

CK: (Smiling his great smile!) "Funny you should mention that! I just happen to have a lovely ring around my neck!!"

He pulled it out of his shirt and dangled it slightly in front of Lois. When she saw it she wanted to cry, but instead she attacked him and jumped into his arms. He caught her in midair and twirled her around and around.

And that evening, for the first time, they made love as husband and wife. And with their eyes opened or closed, they were both really there … forever.