It's Just a Sweet, Sweet Fantasy, Baby

By Allison Forbes <>

Rated G

Submitted October 1999

Summary: We all know how Lois felt about kids in the first season, right? Well, maybe not. When she turns out to be really good with a little girl that she meets in Centennial Park, no one is more surprised than Clark, and it starts him dreaming of a family of his own…

Author's Note: It's mid-first season, just after the Smart Kids, and we know how Ms. Lane feels about kids. I wrote this because I've seen pictures of Teri Hatcher with her daughter and could not accept the idea that Lois has no maternal feelings!

I got the idea for the title from a Mariah Carey song, and this fic could just as easily be called "The Daydream". Also, I'm assuming that Lois and Lucy are only two years apart.

Thanks to Chris H., who said the idea sounded "cute" even before she saw the story. I hope you appreciate the inside jokes, Chris!

'Speech' in single quotes represents thoughts.


It was a slow news day in Metropolis, so Clark Kent persuaded his best friend and partner, Lois Lane, to go on a picnic with him in nearby Centennial Park. It was early October and the weather was already starting to cool off. However, today was unseasonably warm, so the two were dressed down. He was wearing his usual suit and psychedelic tie, and she wore a casual business skirt suit. It was cream-colored and set off her skin tone very nicely.

"How about here, Lois?" He was already spreading the large blanket on the grass. "You can see the whole park from here. What do you think?"

"I guess all those years growing up on a farm didn't totally go to waste," she replied, only half-sarcastically. "I always love Metropolis this time of year. It's just starting to cool off, but there's still a hint of summer left."

"Yeah," he smiled, "the perfect time for a picnic!"

She flashed him a bright smile, and his heart flip-flopped. They were seated under a large maple tree that provided plenty of shade, and Clark couldn't stop staring at the woman sitting across from him. The afternoon sun filtered through the leaves, shining on Lois's face and hair. The effect was breath-taking. He just couldn't keep his eyes off her.

She noticed him staring at her. "Clark?" He didn't answer. "Hello? Earth to Kent! Come in, please…"

Finally, he blinked. "Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, Lois. I was just wishing I had a camera right about now."

"A camera? Why?" she asked, puzzled.

'To capture your ethereal beauty forever.'

"Oh, I don't know. It's just such a nice day, I thought I'd get it on film," he answered smoothly.

She regarded him for a moment, then simply acknowledged it with a "Hmph."

They ate and talked, and just enjoyed the day. "I remember when Lucy and I came on a picnic once. I was about nine, and she was seven. We got this old, faded quilt from the linen closet…" She laughed lightly at the memory. "…and Mom made us some sandwiches and Kool-Aid, and we went out into our back yard…" She trailed off and her smile became bitter-sweet. "It wasn't really a back yard, y'know, with grass and flowers and a fence. It was more like a small lot with crabgrass and weeds." Her expression then became sad and haunted.

"That was right before the Big Split. After that," she whispered, "there were no more picnics." Painful memories began flooding her mind, until she looked up to see Clark staring at her with the saddest look she'd ever seen.

She instantly snapped back to the present. "Oh, God! Clark, I'm so sorry! I can't believe I went off on a tangent like that, dredging up something from so long ago! I mean, it has nothing to do with today, right? We're just two co-workers, enjoying a slow news day, and…"

The feel of Clark's warm hand on hers stopped her babbling. "It's okay, Lois, really," he smiled.

"But I know how much my babbling annoys you."

'Actually, it's one of the things that made me fall in love with you.' "No, really, Lois. I don't mind."

"I just wish I had more happy memories of picnics with my family." She smiled softly. "I know we were happy for a while, but it all seemed to be overshadowed after the divorce. Now I can't really remember any of the good times."

She stared into the distance for a moment, then looked back at Clark. "I'm doing it again, aren't I?"

"It's okay," he laughed. "Why don't we just enjoy the day and the park?"

"Good idea!"

"Hey, I do have one from time to time."

They sat and ate in comfortable silence. After a few minutes, the quiet afternoon was broken when a family entered the park. A young woman of maybe twenty-six or so walked with her two children over to the swing set. They were close enough to Lois and Clark for the pair to easily watch them. The mother was medium height with sandy blonde hair and a trim figure. The older child was a little girl, about three or four with long reddish hair, a little darker than her mother's, and was already flying through the air on the swing-set, screaming, "MOMMY! Look at me, look at me!"

It was the other child that gave Clark cause for concern. He knew that Lois was uneasy around children, and that they didn't respond well to her. Their experience with the Beckworth School Smart Kids had taught him that.

The other child was a baby girl, no more than a year old, with golden-blonde hair and chubby little arms and legs. She was wearing a red jumper with white socks, and her mother was taking her out of a greyish-blue stroller and setting her on her lap.

Clark noticed that Lois was wistfully staring at the little family. "Uh, Lois, you want to move to another spot, maybe where there aren't any…"

"No, Clark, I'm fine. Really." She shook her head in emphasis. "I'm fine." She glanced over at the family again. "I think it's kind of sweet, actually."

"You do?"

"Yeah! An attractive young mother with two… beautiful… little girls. And the kids look so happy. I wonder if she's a single mother…"

As if responding to Lois's rhetorical question, the mother reached for a ringing cellphone in her purse. They were close enough to hear bits of the conversation. "Hi, honey… yeah, here at the park… Megan's on the swings… Karly's on my lap… uh-huh… okay… home by three… yes, love you too… bye." She replaced the cellphone and began bouncing the baby on her knee.

Lois sighed. "And she seems happily married, too." She looked at Clark, who'd also been watching them and smiling. "I *do* think it's sweet. I'm not anti-family, Clark."

His smile grew even wider. 'You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that, Lois.'

"It's just that some families are great, like yours…" She smiled, flashing her teeth, making his heart do another flip-flop. "…and some are like mine." The smile faded.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that," he said sincerely.

She regarded him for a moment. "Yeah, well, it's over, and now I'm a world-class, award-winning, investigative reporter for the Daily Planet… What more do I need?"

'You need so much more, Lois. If only you'd let me give it to you, my love…'

Getting a little edgy, she changed the subject. "So, Kent, I noticed you brought something else with you besides lunch. What's in the bag?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. I saw this in a bookstore and thought you'd be interested. It's sort of a how-to on making your own portfolio, 'Resumes for Dummies'." He flipped through the pages, rattling off various pages of interest when he realized Lois was no longer listening. She wasn't even on their blanket any more.

Worriedly looking up, he found her standing next to the young mother. And what she was doing left him completely dumbfounded.

Clark couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was impossible! He never thought… he never imagined; all right, he imagined, but he never allowed himself to believe…

The book forgotten, he stared at the sight before him. Lois was playing with the baby! She was bent over, making goofy faces, lightly poking the little girl, tickling her, and covering her face and going, "Peek-A-Boo!"

The mother gestured to the girl, and Lois reached out and eagerly held the child in her arms, rocking her, swinging her, making silly faces and noises. Then she grasped the child's waist and lifted her over her head, bouncing her up and down, pretending to bite her stomach, making the child squeal in pure delight, her arms and legs flailing.

Clark couldn't remember if he was breathing or not. All that registered was the sight of the woman he loved playing with that baby. And the child obviously enjoying it!

Lois settled the child on her hip and gestured for the mother to follow her back to the blanket. "Clark! I want you to meet Nicole. She's new in Metropolis." But Clark was still slightly dazed. "Clark?"

"Huh? Oh! Hi, Nicole. I'm Clark Kent…" he began absent-mindedly.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Kent. Ms. Lane here tells me you two are partners at the Daily Planet."

"Yes, we're a reporting team."

Nicole nodded politely, then turned her head to see her daughter on the swings. "Megan! Don't go so high! You'll fall!" She ran back over to the swings, leaving Lois still standing there with the baby in her arms.

"Clark, this is Karly, Karly, this is my friend Clark." She started bouncing Karly up and down again, making faces and cooing. "He-llo, Karly! You are such a big girl — oh, yes, you are! Such a big girl!" Lois then spun her around over her head, play-biting her stomach, the child all the while laughing and squealing in sheer delight.

Clark had never seen Lois like this before. She looked so happy and content. An image began to form bit-by-bit in his mind. It was the same image in front of him now, but it seemed to be moving in slow motion. He saw Lois playing with the baby, but instead of a little blonde girl, it was a dark-haired little boy cradled in her arms. A dark-haired little boy with chocolate eyes and a gap-toothed grin, wearing a red and blue jumper with a yellow belt, and red socks and shoes. It was the most beautiful baby Clark had ever seen.

It was *their* baby.

The image of Lois holding their baby — *his* baby — in her arms took his breath away. Then the image changed slightly. She stopped bouncing him and held him securely at her breast, cradling his dark head, murmuring soothing, cooing sounds. She lifted her head and saw Clark.

"Look, sweetie — Daddy's here!" She held out her hand and Clark reached out and took it. He went over to her, and gazed at his beautiful baby; he looked so much like his mother. Clark then looked into the eyes of the love of his life, the mother of his son, kissed her deeply, and whispered against her lips, "I love you, Lois."

She looked into his eyes and smiled. "I love you too, Clark," she said solemnly, then added more playfully, "and so does Mommy's Little Sweetheart!"

Clark smiled blissfully as he embraced his wife and son. His family.



"CLARK?!" Lois said more loudly. Suddenly the glorious image of her holding their baby vanished like a fog, and once again she was holding blonde little Karly. He looked at her, wide-eyed.

"Clark, are you okay? You've been staring at me for five solid minutes!"

"What? Oh, yeah, Lois, I'm okay. Just daydreaming, I guess."

"Must've been some daydream, the way you were staring at me," she remarked.

He sighed and murmured, "It sure was."

"So," she chuckled, "what was this wonderful daydream about anyway?" she queried, still bouncing little Karly on her hip.

The image of her holding 'Baby Clark' was still clouding his mind, and he had to ask himself, 'Do I really want to tell her? I know she really isn't comfortable around children. How will she react if I tell her I saw her holding our child? She's just starting to feel comfortable around me; I've only recently gained her trust, I don't want to scare her away; not when I've come this far.'

He gave her a small, yet warm smile. "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me!"

"Well, if you've returned to Earth, maybe you could help me gather this stuff and put it back in the jeep. We need to get back."

"Yeah, sure, okay." He answered with a wan smile.


Daily Planet, the next day

Lois and Clark were each hard at work on their next stories. Clark glanced up from his computer and looked at Lois, who was totally engrossed in her work.

'She is so beautiful,' he thought. 'And totally devoted to her job. I've never seen anyone so tenacious, so determined.' He thought back to yesterday when he saw her playing with that child, and the way she looked… 'I wonder if she would put the same energy into being a mother.'

He sighed, his reverie broken when he thought of all the times she shied away from anything that resembled domesticity. While he was still staring, she looked up at him and, to his delight, smiled. The warmth he saw there made him want to melt in his chair.

Just then, his phone rang. "Clark Kent… yes… you do? When? Okay, I'll be right there. Thank you."

He got up, gathered his coat and walked over to Lois's desk. "Lois, I just got a tip that there might be some new information in the Reinhard Hug case. The guy I just spoke to said he's got something that might be useful."

"Finally! A break!" She nearly jumped out of her chair and grabbed her purse. "Well, come on, partner! What're we waiting for?" He smiled again as Lois dragged him towards the elevator.

Clark's informant actually turned out to be very helpful, and gave them some information that would possibly convict the accused embezzler. They were on their way back to the Planet when they saw the woman from the park with Karly.

"Ms. Lane, Mr. Kent, it's nice to see you again!" Nicole said cheerfully. Clark smiled back, but Lois only stared blankly. "We met the other day in the park, Ms. Lane; I had my two little girls with me…"

"Oh, yes — Nicole. It's nice to see you again," Lois replied, then checked her watch. "Oh, Clark, I'd better get back and started writing or Perry'll really let us have it."

"Okay, I'll meet you back there in a few."

Lois smiled politely at Nicole and hurried down the street towards the Daily Planet. Clark watched her retreating form, a smile playing on his lips.

"So, Mr. Kent…" Nicole began.

"Please, call me Clark."

"So… Clark, how long have you and Ms. Lane worked together?"

"We've only been partnered for a few months."

"You seem to work very well together, and you two are obviously good friends."

"Yeah," he replied wistfully.

Nicole regarded him a moment, then cleared her throat. "If you don't mind my saying so, Clark, it seems to me that there's more going on here than just a business relationship."

"No," he sighed, "we're just partners."

"That may be, but I can see just by the way you look at her that you wished it could be more than that." At that, Clark blushed. "Ah, so I was right! You do wish it was more!"

She took Clark's silence, and the way he shuffled his feet as confirmation. "You two remind me of me and my husband, Eric. We pussyfooted around each other for a good year-and-a-half before we finally admitted our feelings for each other! We aren't a reporting team, but I can tell by the way you look at her and the way she pretends to be all business around you, that there's something brewing under the surface."

She paused and waited for him to respond. He stared into the distance for a moment, then took a deep breath. "Well, yeah, you're right, Nicole. I do feel more than just friendship for her. A lot more. But I'm just not sure how to go about telling her that. I know that I cannot just blurt it out. I've been so patient up to now, but yesterday, seeing her holding our… er, your daughter, all those emotions just came rushing up and…"

"Wait a minute, you mean you saw her holding Karly, and imagined her holding your baby? Clark, that's so sweet!"

"Maybe so, but it's just a fantasy."

Nicole could see the sad, hopeful look in his eyes and felt for him. How he must suffer, quietly, every day, working with such a beautiful young woman, and not being able to tell her how much he loved her. She stepped a little closer to him and touched his arm. "Sometimes, fantasies have a way of coming true," she said mischievously.

He smiled appreciatively, then looked down the street towards the Daily Planet, where Lois no doubt was furiously typing away at the story she knew would win the Pulitzer, and sighed. He then checked his watch. "Ooh, I'd better be getting back. Lois'll probably need my help, though she'd rather eat one of her Kerths than admit it." He laughed.

"Oh, may I come with you, Clark? I need to make a phone call and I forgot my cellphone."

"Sure, let's go!"

The Daily Planet was abuzz with activity. People scurrying hither and yon, trying to get information for stories or confirmation from sources, getting copies of stuff, getting coffee and donuts (the *other* lifeblood of journalism)… Clark and Nicole stepped into the bullpen and made their way down the ramp towards Clark's desk. Lois was working on her keyboard and didn't see them at first.

"Here you go, Nicole. Help yourself," Clark said, handing her the phone.

"Thanks so much, Clark. You're a big help." Clark smiled and went to get a cup of coffee. She dialed the number, and was about to speak when little Karly started fussing. At first her mother was able to drown her out in the hopes that she would calm herself, but then Karly began to wail, so Nicole finally had to pick her up and balance her on her hip. She tried to speak into the phone, but Karly became so upset that her mother could hardly balance her and the phone.

"Here, let me help." Lois stood up and gently took the baby from her. Nicole gratefully handed the baby to Lois while she talked to the other line.

Suddenly having another pair of arms holding her unsettled her even more, so Karly began crying a plaintive, gasping kind of cry. Nicole tried to end her conversation, but became more engrossed. Soon the whole newsroom was staring at the new, unfamiliar noise. Clark heard the commotion and hurried back to his desk to help. He was almost to his desk when the loud wail stopped and became a mild whimper. When he saw the cause of the change in the baby's mood, he froze, and he grasped the cup he was holding so tightly it almost shattered.

Lois was holding the baby in her arms, cradling her little head against her breast, and crooning a soft lullaby in her ears, her voice just above a whisper.

"Baby mine, don't you cry, Baby mine, dry your eyes, Rest your head close to my heart. Never to part, Baby of mine.

"Little one, when you play, Don't you mind what they say. Let those eyes sparkle and shine. Never a tear, Baby of mine.

"If they knew sweet little you, They'd end up loving you, too. All those same people who scold you, What they'd give, just for the right to hold you.

"From your head down to your toes, You're not much, goodness knows. But you're so precious to me, Sweet as can be, Baby of mine.

"All those people who scold you, What they'd give, just for the right to hold you.

"From your head down to your toes, You're not much, goodness knows. But you're so precious to me, Sweet as can be, Baby of mine.

"Baby of mine…"

She hummed the song for a moment, swaying from side to side, rubbing the child's back, smoothing her hair.

Clark watched as the child stopped fussing altogether and eventually fell asleep in Lois's arms. Her little thumb was stuck securely in her mouth, and her tiny nose twitched as she snored peacefully in the cocoon of Lois's warm embrace.

"There, I think she'll be all right," Lois said quietly, a smile playing on her lips.

Nicole had finished with the phone and was watching Lois, so at ease with her fragile charge. "Lois, that was amazing! She's usually so nervous around strangers. How did you know what to do?"

Lois looked up, and saw Clark staring at her, his eyes glowing with admiration. She looked down at the chubby baby and blushed. "I don't know," she murmured. "I just remembered that old lullaby from when I was a kid. It used to calm my sister Lucy. We had to sing ourselves to sleep after my parents…" She paused, willing herself not to go there. "We had to rely on each other for things like that, and when I saw Karly getting upset…" She looked down again and stammered, "…or maybe I just saw it in some old movie."

Nicole looked at Clark, then back at Lois again, and shook her head. "Or maybe it's maternal instinct kicking in."

Startled, Lois looked at Nicole, then at Clark. "No, I don't…" She paused. "You really think so?"

Nicole shook her head and said with conviction, "Absolutely."

Lois looked at Clark, who watched her unabashedly holding the sleeping baby, then looked down at the child herself. She chuckled to herself. "Here, why don't you take her? I'm afraid I'll drop her!" Lois handed Karly back to Nicole. "Wow, she's still asleep!"

"Yeah, your soothing voice must've really done the trick, Lois," Nicole remarked, carefully placing the child into her stroller.

Lois shook her head. "Oh, no, I didn't. I…" she tried to protest.

"No, Nicole's right, Lois," Clark agreed, coming to stand next to Nicole, facing Lois. "You really had a way with her." He smiled, that disarming smile that always managed to turn Lois's knees to jelly. She gazed into his deep chocolate eyes, and for a moment, was utterly lost in them. Lois shyly tucked her chin-length hair behind one ear and blushed.

'I wonder if he can hear how hard my heart is beating right now,' she wondered to herself. She tore her gaze from Clark's and looked down, giggling nervously.

Nicole covertly watched this exchange, while pretending to tuck in her baby. Not wanting to break up what was brewing between them, she turned the stroller around and said quietly, "Well, I'll just be going now…"

Unfortunately, the mood was broken — for the moment, anyway. Clark blinked and looked at Nicole. "Let me at least see you to the lobby."

She waved her hand dismissively and grinned. "Not necessary, Clark. I can find my own way." She began to walk towards the elevators. "Thank you for letting me use your phone, Clark."

"No problem," he answered amiably with a grin.

"Lois, it was nice to see you again."

Lois, just now regaining her equilibrium, smiled brightly. "You too!" She didn't know that her polite smile nearly knocked Clark off his feet.

When the elevator doors closed, and the din of the newsroom returned to normal, Lois and Clark were left standing there, staring awkwardly at each other. Her heart was still pounding, and she could still feel the blush staining her cheeks. Clark just stood there, smiling at this woman who had had such a way with that child, wondering how she could not think she was good with children. He was also smiling because he could see how deep she was blushing, and he could hear her heart pounding. It was almost as loud as his.


Smallville, Kansas, later that evening

"Mom, you should have seen it! It… it was a miracle!" Clark stood in his parents' kitchen, gesturing wildly with his hands, describing the incredible feeling he had after seeing Lois with the child. "Seeing her like that, holding that tiny, beautiful little girl in her arms…" He paused to take a breath, then looked at his mother. "It was like the baby belonged there. She held the baby over her head and played with her, and the baby looked so happy, giggling and squealing!

"And then today, at work, we saw her again. She started crying, and Lois just picked her up, and held her…" He held his arms to his body, mimicking Lois. "Then she started singing, the sweetest song I've ever heard, and the child just stopped crying! She cuddled into Lois's arms, stuck her thumb in her mouth, and just went to sleep!"

His parents just stood there, staring at Clark, who was catching his breath. Finally his mother spoke. "Clark, are you all right?"

He looked at Martha in confusion. "Yeah, Mom, I'm… I'm fine."

"Well, I'm only asking because you seem to be having a very strong reaction to this whole thing."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, it wasn't your baby, Clark!" Martha said gently. "So she just happened to have a way with one baby. That doesn't mean anything."

Martha Kent knew how her son felt about Lois Lane. The first time she saw Lois, the week of the Corn Festival, she knew there was something special about the young woman. And she knew how Clark felt, too. She and Jonathan knew from the first moment he started talking about her that Lois Lane was important in their son's life.

"Clark, honey, your father and I both know how you feel about her; we know you love her." She stepped closer to him and put her hand on his arm. "I'm just afraid you're getting a little carried away, that's all."

"Mom, you're right. I do love her. I have since the moment I saw her…" He smiled, feeling a little foolish. "…and maybe I am getting a little carried away. But you should have seen her, mom. She always says she's not comfortable around children, but when I saw her singing the baby to sleep, she looked so beautiful, and…" He paused, searching for the right words. "…perfect." He sighed. "I couldn't help but see her holding our child in her arms."

His mother regarded him with a look of understanding pity. "Oh, honey."

"What are you going to do about it, son?" his father asked.

"What do you mean, Dad?"

"I mean, are you going to keep your mouth closed and keep being Lois's best friend and partner, or—" Jonathan fixed his son with a stern gaze. "—are you going to foolishly tell her about this daydream of yours and possibly make her think you're going to push her into something she's not ready for?"

"Dad, I would never push her into doing anything she didn't want to do! I'm not like that. I may tell her some day, but not until she's ready to hear it." Clark looked at his father, wondering if the elder Kent thought him capable of going against his upbringing just to satisfy a longing.

After a moment, Jonathan's expression softened. "I was just checking, son. I know you wouldn't do that. Your mother and I didn't raise you like that. We raised you to be a gentleman, and we know you'll behave like one."

"Of course he will, Jonathan!" Martha agreed. "Because if he doesn't," she eyed her son with a stern, loving mother's glare, "he'll answer to *me*."

They all laughed, then Clark bid his parents good-night, and flew back to Metropolis.


Clark's apartment, that night

He knew he had a minor decision to make. Tell Lois about the incredible feelings he had while watching her with "their" baby, and in doing so possibly ruin his precarious relationship with her — which, right now, was only slightly more than friendly tolerance — or to, as his father had put it, keep his mouth shut, and keep his friendship with Lois in the hopes that someday he could tell her.

"Well, that's a no-brainer!" he muttered to himself. That night while he slept, he dreamed. He had wonderful, beautiful dreams full of himself and Lois, some tame, some not, dreams where he could release his mind and allow it to fill with images of Lois in his arms, flying through the midnight sky, in his bed, her face glowing with such a wondrous love and desire it made his heart beat triple time.

Then there were dreams of him and Lois with their children, and in these dreams he saw the baby he'd seen before. He had dark hair and eyes like his mother, and was once again wearing the blue and red jumper with yellow belt and red shoes. Clark smiled in his sleep when he realized the significance of the colors of the jumper. He allowed the images to wash over him, and when he woke up and got ready for work the next morning, his decision was made.


Daily Planet, the next day

He strolled out of the elevator into the bullpen. He made his way to the coffee maker and poured two cups: one with low-fat milk, artificial sweetener and one little dollop of cream; the other had real milk, real sugar and three creamers. He walked over to Lois's desk, where she was busily typing away. "Morning, Lois," he said cheerfully, and handed her the mug.

"You're late," she answered, but gratefully received the mug and sipped. "Mmmm. Perfect."

Clark smiled as he perched on the edge of her desk. "So, what have we got going on today?"

She took another long sip from her coffee before answering. "I'm just finishing up the Reinhard Hug story. I think we're really gonna nail this guy!" Clark smiled at her never-ending tenacity. "Then Perry wants to see us for our next assignment. Something about someone claiming to be a survivor of the Titanic." She rolled her eyes. "Give me about an hour, 'kay?"

"Sure." He got up to walk to his desk. She got up and quickly followed. "Hey, Clark?" He stopped and turned around.


"You never did tell me what your little daydream was about." She searched his face for a moment, waiting for his answer. He knew she'd bring it up again. He made a decision last night, and he was going to stick by it, for her sake, for their future's sake.

"You're right, Lois. I *didn't* tell you." He grinned, that annoyingly charming grin.

"Well, come on, Kent — spill it!" She crossed her arms over her breasts, and stared at him.

He opened his mouth to speak when Perry White hollered across the newsroom, "LOIS, CLARK! In my office, please!"

"Someday, Lois," he promised her as she dragged him towards the Chief's office. "Someday, I promise."


Fade to Black.

"Baby Mine" by Allison Crauss and Union Station, from the album "The Best of Country sings the Best of Disney".