It's All in a Name

By Maria TB Mendoza <>

Rated PG

Submitted February 1999

Summary: Lois worries that her first encounter with Superman was a disaster until … who's that knocking at her window?


<<Why hasn't he contacted me? Did he not like the name? That's it, isn't it? He hated the name! He hated the name 'Superman' and now he's avoiding me. He's never going to speak to me again. I'll become the only reporter in town not to have any Superman exclusives. I'll start covering cat shows and county fairs. I'll be a wash-up. Perry will keep me around as an example to future generations of what can happen when you name a person without their consent. I'm finished! >>

Forcing more Rocky-Road ice cream into an already frozen mouth, ace reporter Lois Lane wallowed in complete self pity.

<<Maybe there was never any real connection between us. Maybe I just imagined it. >>

Pulling at the hem of her oversized sweat shirt, Lois tried not to think about Superman.

<<I may as well try not to breath. >>

Sitting on the arm of her couch, she thought over her earlier conversation with Clark Kent. Could he be avoiding her because she had scared him away by giving him such an admittedly abnormal name?

<<Only I could scare away a guy that can fly and bench press cars. That must be some kind of record.>>

"He probably hates me." With a mouth full of ice cream, she rose to get another tub; this one was way too small.

"I could never hate you, Lois"

"What?" <<He's here. He's actually outside my window!>> "Uh, you wanna come in or something?" <<Has he been listening to me? He must— I'M IN A SWEATSHIRT! >>"I'll, uh, just be a minute." Dashing toward her bedroom, she was stopped by a gentle hand on her arm.

"You look fine, Lois. Anyway, I can only stay a minute. I have some things I need to do this evening."

"Things?" <<He does things !?>>

"I'm meeting someone for dinner."

"Oh." Inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale "Well, I wouldn't want keep you from your date."

"He would probably appreciate it."

"HE !?"

"Yes, Lois, He. I'm meeting with the Mayor to discuss a new crime prevention campaign he want me to head. You don't think I would date anyone without telling you, do you?"

<<He's flirting with me! Superman is actually flirting with ME!!>>

"Well, I -that is- we haven't spoken since you flew me back from the shuttle and I wasn't sure you remembered me."

"Lois, Of course I remember you. You're the first person I ever ate a bomb for."

<<I may be the first person, but I am definitely not the last. You saved all those people at theŠ>>

"Šand I just want you to remember that."

<<Come on, Lois, pay attention. >>

"I've really got to go. I just wanted to stop by and apologize for not coming to see you earlier. It's been a bit hectic lately, and I haven't had a chance to do much but work."

"I know how it is."

<<I knew he had to have a logical explanation for not seeing me. >>

"I've had stories that seem to occupy every spare minute, but I'm sure it will ease up soon, and maybe we can get together for dinner ourselvesŠ to discuss the crime campaign your planning with the Mayor."

"I'd like that. I'll see you later then."

"All right."

"Bye, Lois."

"Bye, Superman."

Closing the window after him, Lois smiled smugly to herself.

<<I knew he hadn't forgotten me. Lois, sometimes you get the wildest ideas. Next you'll be saying that just because he gave Clark that first interview it means that the two of them are best friends or something. Yea, Clark and Superman- talk about opposites. Superman probably gave him that interview out of pity. >>

Picking up the ice cream carton from where it had fallen, she carried it to the trash and then rinsed off the spoon.

<<I wonder what he likes for dinner. I'd better find a good restaurant, maybe something French. Well, I'll just have to ask him about it next time he stops by. Now, since I am supposed to meet Bobby Bigmouth for breakfast, I'd better get to bed. Maybe I'll see if he likes Chinese. Clark knows that great Chinese food place.>>