From the Beginning

By Melisma <>

Rated G

Submitted August 1999

Summary: This "what if" vignette shows us what might have occurred if both Lois and Clark had returned baby Clark to Schuster's Field near the end of the episode "Tempus Fugitive."

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Comments: This little story was written as a response to the thirty-minute challenge issued by Wendy Richards on Zoomway's boards. Therefore, thanks go to Wendy (as it usually does) for inspiring me to write this. And thanks also go to Wendy, Irene and Tank, to name only a few, who begged me to send it to the archive. Here you go, guys - happy now? :) I would like to dedicate this story to Crys, Mandy and Karen - I respect and admire your writing talents, even though I don't always tell you that. I'd also like to dedicate this to Kara and Adam, my cybersis and bro - here's wishing you all the happiness you kids deserve!


"I've always wanted to do this in front of you," Clark confessed a little shyly. He took a few steps away from Lois and baby Clark, tucked his glasses into a pocket, and began to spin faster and faster until her amazed eyes perceived him as only a blur. Gradually his form turned a familiar red and blue, and when he stopped twirling, Superman was standing before her.

"Wow!" Lois breathed, then giggled.

Returning to her side, Clark took his younger self from her arms, but kept looking at her. "Well, I guess I should get him back to Schuster's Field; it's nearly night," he remarked finally, moving off again as if to leave her there.

Lois, suddenly feeling bereft of both Clarks, stopped him. "Um, isn't there some way I could come too?" she asked a little plaintively. After all, she *had* flown with Superman before, even if she hadn't known at the time that he was also Clark Kent, her partner, best friend and… something more these days.

Clark couldn't refuse when she asked like that. Handing baby Clark back, he scooped her up in his arms. "Hang onto me, er… him," he corrected himself. "I'll hang onto you…" He took off as soon as he sensed that she and the baby were comfortable, flying carefully so as not to harm his precious load.

As angry as Lois had felt earlier when Tempus had mocked her for not knowing Clark's secret, she found that she was enjoying this moment. Finally they had no more secrets between them. She nestled herself closer against his chest, holding the baby like the precious cargo he was.

When they got to Schuster's Field, Lois helped Clark tuck little Clark back into his spaceship cradle, then impulsively kissed the little guy on the forehead. "Bye-bye, sweetie," she whispered. "I guess I'll see you in about… well, thirty years."

Clark looked down at his younger self, and a strange lump rose in his throat. "We're all set, little one," he said. "Now I just have to make sure that Mom and Dad find us… you." He closed the lid carefully, then looked over at Lois. "Mom and Dad said they saw what looked like a shooting star. They followed it, and that's how they found me…"

"But since the ship landed so much earlier, that would have to be…" Lois reasoned.

"Me," he finished for her. "I can't fly fast enough to look like one if I carry you."

"So I'll just wait for you here," she replied.

Clark took off again with a whoosh, his suit and velocity combining to make a shooting star seem to streak across the sky. Within a few minutes, he landed softly behind Lois. "You think it worked?" she asked.

Just then they heard a pair of voices coming across the field, and they quickly hid in the shrubbery. Two people approached the spaceship. "Mom and Dad," Clark murmured in Lois's ear, a note of awe in his voice. After all, this was one of the pivotal moments of his existence. Lois gently took both his hands in hers, trying to reassure him that she was there for him.

In front of them, a young Jonathan Kent was opening the lid. "Oh my Lord," he whispered. Young Martha said nothing, but tears were in her eyes as she picked up baby Clark and cuddled him close. After exchanging glances, and apparently coming to a silent agreement, the couple walked back to the truck together.

In the trees, an older Clark pulled Lois into his arms. "They loved me right from the start," he whispered, emotion making his voice husky.

"Yeah, and so did I," Lois answered, turning to face him.

"You did?!" He laughed incredulously. "I've loved you from the minute you walked in on my interview with Perry…" His voice trailed off as she leaned up and kissed him full on the mouth. He drew her tighter against him and was moving to deepen the kiss when a rasping sound interrupted.

"Ahem, er, um, so sorry." It was HG Wells. "Tempus is safely incarcerated in a time period where he can do no more harm, and we really need to be getting you back to your own time period…"

Clark made a face and Lois sighed disappointedly. "Hey, partner, we can finish this later," she told him softly as they disentangled themselves and followed Wells off.