The Foundling - Part Deux

By Joy N Sowell

Rated PG

Submitted March 1999

Summary: When Clark decides Lois was insensitive following his break-in, he sends Superman to her place to show her the error of her ways.

This story is the result of a challenge that Peggy issued. The idea belongs to her, the characters belong to their owners, and the story belongs to me. <g> I'd like to thank those of you who offered comments and editorial assistance. I LOVE feedback.

Never being one to back down from a challenge, I accepted. However, I thought that Superman should take a proactive approach to helping Lois see the light. Without further ado, I present (drum roll please…)


(Superman appears at Lois's apartment that evening. Clark was not happy with the way Lois had treated him after she found out about the globe. How dare she say that it was okay for her to lie, but not for him? However, upon reflection, he realized that Lois was trying to protect Superman. If HE had been completely honest, then she would know his secret, and the whole globe thing would be a moot point. But, she's not ready to know the secret just yet. Clark knows that he can trust her not to write the "Clark Kent is Superman" headline, but he wants Lois to really appreciate Clark for himself, not his alter ego.)

Superman: Lois, I need to talk to you. May I come in?

Lois: Sure, Superman. You are always welcome here.

Superman: I talked to Clark. He told me how mad you were at him because you thought he was keeping something from me. I appreciate your loyalty.

Lois: Superman, you know that I would never say or do anything that would harm you.

Superman: I know, but Clark is my friend. He was hurt when he thought you cared more about your story than about him.

Lois: That's ridiculous. Clark is my best friend. Of course I care more about him than some story.

Superman: Have you ever told him that?

Lois: Not in so many words, but I did give him a shoulder massage while we were writing the story. I don't do that to everyone you know.

Superman: I think that he would like to hear it, Lois. The guy thinks you are the best reporter he has ever seen, and the most interesting person he has ever met. I think he feels that you don't even know he's alive sometimes.

Lois: (Surprised) Did he say something to you?

Superman: Not in so many words. I'd appreciate it if you don't tell him I told you that. It is obvious how much he respects and admires you. When you put him down, it hurts him, more than he will ever admit.

Lois: I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I have been keeping people at arm's length for years. I guess I should be more receptive, huh?

Superman: I'm not asking you to change in ANY way. I'm sure that Clark loves you just the way you are. I DO know, however, that he has been watching videos by himself tonight and that he could use a friend.

Lois: Thanks for stopping by, Superman. I will go see Clark tonight, but first I need to run a few errands.

(Lois drives over to Clark's apartment after talking to Superman.)

CK: Lois, come in it's freezing out there.

Lois: (She walks into his apartment.) Hi, Clark. I felt bad about how I treated you over the past few days. I acted like I cared more about my story than my partner. It wasn't true. I didn't care more about the story than you. So, I brought dinner as a peace offering.

CK: (Teasing) You treated me like I was only a source for your story, and now you want to cook for me? Do you hate me?

Lois: No Clark, I don't hate you. You're my best friend, and I feel bad that I made you feel bad. I picked up some take out, a bottle of wine, and a video. I wanted to let you know that you do mean more to me than any story. Now I want you to sit down and relax. (He sits and she begins to massage his shoulders.)

CK: Mmm. Lois, that feels wonderful, and the food smells great. What did you bring us?

Lois: I brought an assortment: Lo Mein, Kung Pao Chicken, Schezwan Beef, General Tso's Chicken, and Beef and Broccoli. I also brought us a bottle of wine and a video.

CK: You didn't have to go to all that trouble.

Lois: It was no trouble. I was hungry, so I was going to get dinner anyway. I wanted to do something to make it up to you, so I thought we could eat together. I also do not like the thought of my best friend sitting here by himself.

CK: How did you know I was by myself? Best friend, really?

Lois: You've met Louie; I know guys, who know guys. Yes, Clark. You are my best friend. I've told you things that I've never told anyone. I am not very good at expressing my emotions, well except anger. I'm pretty good at expressing that. (She grins and so does he.) You mean a lot to me. I have never felt this close to anyone else in my entire life. You are a good person. You are caring, generous, and honest. That is why I was hurt when you lied to me. You have never done that before. I understand, but I just wish you had told me sooner why you had the globe.

CK: (He hugs her.) Oh, Lois. I'm glad you came over and we had this talk. There are things that I still want to tell you, but not right now. Right now I think we should enjoy our dinner and movie.

(They separate and sit back on the couch and enjoy the food, wine, movie, and most of all the company.)