By Jessi <>

Rated PG

Submitted September 1999

Summary: Clark takes Lois to a local high school's "Homecoming Game."

Football By Jessi <> and with help from my friend Lisa Written on October 16, 1998

Revised on September 29, 1999

Note: This is my first fanfic. It takes place when Lois and Clark are dating, but after Dan and Mason. I got this idea when I was attending our high school's homecoming in 8th grade. Now, thanks to the homecoming from this year, I decided to add in a bit more.


Clark rushed to Lois's desk. "Hey, Lois! Perry just assigned us to the North Metropolis High homecoming game."

"And I should be excited because?"

"They are playing South High. This is the biggest game of their season. How can you not be interested?" he replied.

"Clark, football amuses you, not me. I have better things to do with my time," Lois said, still typing away at the story she was working on.

"What, like sitting at home?"

"Are you implying that I sit at home all the time doing nothing?" she asked defensively.

"No," Clark said, "but you should get out more often."

"That's why we are going out. I'll get out when you ask me out. If this were a date, I would have no problem with it. It's not though, is it? No, it's a sports story Perry has assigned to us," Lois explained.

Clark thought a bit. "Well, I'll do the story by myself and ask you to come with me, like on a date. You said you would go if it were a date. It's a date."

Lois gave him her look, but then smiled. "Ok, Clark. It's 4:30, my story is done, I'm going home and you are picking me up at 6:30 tonight. And no running off!" She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and walked over to the elevator.

"Ok." Clark followed her. When they were in the elevator, he said, "This is not something you need to get dressed up for, so don't."

"What are you implying now?"

"Well, usually when I ask you out, you get really dressed up. We are going to a football game, Lois. The majority of the people there will be high schoolers. Just wear jeans and a T-shirt. That's what I'm going to wear."

"Ok. Good excuse, Kent," she replied.

"Thanks. Most of them have to be," he said, smiling.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Ah, my floor. See you at 6:30," he said, kissing her.


At 6:00, Lois was frantically searching for her old North high T-shirt. "It's got to be here somewhere!" She was in her typical before-date getup; curlers in her hair, bathrobe on, brushing her teeth, while doing a couple of other things, too. "Ah-ha! I found it!" She ran into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Clark, of course, wasn't ready either. He didn't have to be. He could get ready in 2 seconds if he knew what he would be wearing. It had been a slow week for Superman. He was flying around and thinking. He was thinking about Lois, how he wanted to tell her his secret and what it would be like if she did know. Something interrupted his thoughts. He glanced at the watch he was wearing. "6:20; better get back home and get ready." When he got home, he took a shower, got ready and then flew to Lois's; all at super speed.

He arrived just at 6:30. "God! He has such good timing, it's bad!"

Lois thought to herself as she was hurrying to open the door. "Hey, Clark, why are you always here at almost the second you're supposed to pick me up?"

"I'm usually on time for everything. Don't be jealous. Can I come in?"

"Oh, yeah, sure. I just need to get a jacket. Don't sit down." She opened the closet door grabbed her jacket and said, "Ok, I'm ready. Come on."

Clark had sat down. "Ok. I guess you weren't kidding when you said not to sit down!"

"No. Get up. We're leaving." Lois smiled and pulled Clark up off the couch. She grabbed her keys and walked out the door, still pulling on Clark.


Lois and Clark arrived at the game 5 minutes till 7:00, which was when the game was supposed to start. "I think we should get something to eat first. No, wait. I'm not that hungry right now. What do you think, Clark?" Lois rambled.

"Well, I'm not that hungry either, Lois, but we should get something now because in the middle of the game, the concession stands will be swamped," Clark replied, kind of laughing at her because of her ramblings.

"Ok, here's an idea. I want nachos but I don't want a lot and we are both kind of hungry, so let's share. Sound good?"

"Sure." Clark said as he and Lois went to get their nachos. After that, they went to go find a seat. Luckily, all of them weren't taken. They found some good spots in front of the 50-yard line. They started to eat the nachos. They stared flirting and eventually Lois was feeding Clark and Clark was feeding Lois, that is until the game caught Clark's attention.


At the beginning of the second quarter, Lois finally got fed up with Clark being zoned. "Clark, why are you paying so much attention to the game?" Lois asked, clinging to Clark's muscular arm. Lois thought to herself, <He's got to work out a LOT!>

"Lois, remember? I have to do the story on this game."

"But Clark, you are also on a date with me," she said with a puppy dog face.

Clark couldn't resist. "Ok, let's go walk around the track."

"That's better!" Lois smiled and got up.


Lois and Clark had been walking around for 30 or 45 minutes. They tried to go back to their seats, but someone had taken them, so they kept on walking. South was winning 13 to 9. Right before half time, it had gotten really cold. During half time North was driving the homecoming girls around in convertibles. They had to be cold. Lois was cold, too.

"Lois, do you want my jacket?" Clark asked, concerned.

"No, you keep it. You'll get cold."

"I doubt that…" he said wrapping the jacket around her shoulders.

"Thank you, Clark."

They kept on walking around until the game was almost over. North was winning so far: 21 to 17. South had time to catch up, but in the end North were the winners. It was quite amazing, because they usually lost, not to be rude or anything. Lois and Clark cheered with the rest of the people.

"Ok, the game is over now. Let's go," Lois said.

"Not yet. There are going to be fireworks here in a bit," Clark replied.


They decided to sit down on the cement railing stuff, away from the bleachers, and watch the fireworks. Clark started thinking again. "Lois," he began.

"Yes, Clark?"

"I have something to tell you."


"I love you," he began.

"I love you, too, Clark."

"I wasn't finished!" he said, kissing her.

"Ok, so finish." she replied, laughing.

Just then, one of the fireworks blew up in the cannon. Clark rolled his eyes and thought "Five more minutes!" Lois looked over towards the blaze that had started. Clark rushed off. Lois got mad. Superman came flying over and put out the fire before it could do a lot of damage.


After a bit of commotion around where the fire was, an announcement came over the speaker "Due to the problems with the fireworks, we will not be continuing the show." Lois walked around looking for Clark, ready to go and no longer in the mood to put up with him running off at any unknown time.

"Hey, Lois!" Clark yelled, as he finally found her. "I've been looking all over for you."

"Well, ditto. Come on, I'm ready to leave," Lois said, upset.

"Ok." Clark knew why Lois was mad at him. He decided that he would definitely tell her his secret. He didn't want the woman he loved to be mad at him constantly for saving the world, the day, or her.


Lois was going to drop Clark off at his place. The ride there was in complete silence. Clark knew what Lois was thinking and he knew Lois had no idea what he was planning on telling her, if she decided to talk to him ever again. When she stopped for Clark to get out, he asked, "Lois, will you please come in? I need to talk to you."

"You know Clark, coming in wouldn't be a problem if you wouldn't have ran off while we were talking. It sounded like you were going to tell me something important. I told you no running off. Unless you have one of your brilliant explanations planned, I'm going home," she replied.

"Lois, look at me. Please come in. I have to tell you *that* something," Clark said seriously.

"Fine." Lois got out of her jeep. She followed Clark up to his apartment. He let her in first. When they were both inside, Lois turned around and said, "Ok, so what were you going to tell me? It better be important."

"Lois, what I'm about to tell you is something I've never told a single soul in my entire life. It is very important that you know this. Sit down."

"What is it, Clark?" Lois was no longer sounding angry, which made it easier for Clark to talk to her.

"I…I'm…well, maybe this will explain it." Clark pushed his hair back and took off his glasses. He waited a while for Lois to say something.

"You…you're…him!" she said in complete surprise. She couldn't believe it. Clark Kent, hack from Smallville, was actually, in reality, Superman. It seemed to her, after a bit of thinking, that this was a dream come true; she could have Clark and Superman, now, since they were the same person.

Clark hadn't said anything; he knew Lois had to think over this new revelation in her life. "Lois?" he began, "I know you are probably mad, but…"

Lois interrupted. "No. Clark, I'm not mad. Not at all." She leaned over and kissed him.

"You aren't? I was talking to the real Lois Lane a second ago…"

"Yes, you are talking to the real me. Why wouldn't I be the real me?" she asked defensively, as a joke though.

Clark kissed her. "Clones have been a part of your past, you know?" They laughed together, in between sweet kisses. Their kisses got a little longer. "Lois, will you stay here tonight? I don't want to let you leave."

"Clark, I don't know. Do you mean as in *sleep* here or just sleep here? Because that's how my other relationships usually ended!"

"I would never do that to you, Lois. I'm not saying it won't eventually happen, but I don't think we are ready to take that big of a step tonight."

"What did I ever do to deserve you?" They kissed again; this time it was *extremely* passionate.

"I don't know, Lois. I was just thinking the exact same thing." The couple then snuggled up together on the couch and fell asleep in each other's arms. When Clark realized Lois was asleep, he flew them both into his bedroom. On the verge of falling asleep himself, he whispered, "I love you," quietly into Lois's ear.


At the Planet the next morning at 8:30, Lois and Clark came walking in together, smiling at each other. Perry was just a tad suspicious. He thought Lois and Clark looked way too happy, considering the fact they went to the football game last night, Lois didn't like football and Clark did. Perry walked up to Clark and asked, "Did you finish the…uh…story on the Homecoming game? You did go, right?"

"Yeah, Chief, I went, but I didn't get the story done because…um… my computer crashed and I lost what I started. I'll retype it today and have it in by 11:00, ok?"

"Ok, I guess I can put it in the afternoon edition." He walked away grinning.

Jimmy came up and asked, "What's up with CK and Lois?"

"Jimmy, do you see how happy those two are? The whole aura around them has changed," Perry said to the young reporter.

"Chief, not to be rude, but what are you talking about?" Jimmy didn't understand.

"Well, I believe last night something, oh, the King only knows what, happened between them and they aren't just friends any more!" he replied laughing.

"Chief, I think you may be on to something there." Jimmy grinned. As soon as he got the chance, he ran to talk to Clark. "CK? I'm going to need details."

"What are you talking about, the game?"

"No, you and Lois. What's going on?"

Just then Lois overheard the conversation and walked up. "Nothing is going on. We are just going out, Jimmy. Same as yesterday." She grinned at Clark wryly.

"That's not what I hear, but if you say so…!" He walked off. Lois and Clark looked at each other, laughed and went on with their day.