Do You Love Me?

By Arpit Kumar <>

Rated G

Submitted March 1999

Summary: An alternative ending to the scene in the first-season episode "Barbarians at the Planet" when Lois tells Superman that she would love him even if he had no powers.


"Lois I love you," Clark said, trying to talk her out of marriage.

"I love you too Clark, but as a friend," replied Lois with no idea what Clark was feeling at that very moment. "Can you tell Superman to come at my place tonight? I need to talk to him."

"Lois, but…okay."

—In the night—

Whoosh, and Clark came to Lois' window where she was patiently waiting for him.

"Hi Superman."

"Hello Lois, Clark told me…you had to talk to me."

"Yes, you've probably heard about Lex's proposal. I wanted to know…is there any hope for us?" Clark sighed. "Superman, I would love you even if you had no powers."

This was far more than Clark would take. At this point, he couldn't control himself. "Lois, much as I want to believe what you are saying, but it's not true."

"What do you mean? You know I love you."

"Do you?" With that he changed into Clark.

"Wha…how is this possible? You are Superman?!?!" Lois was shocked more than ever. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Yes, Lois, I'm Superman. The mild mannered reporter who worked with you, stayed around you and who even admitted that he loved you. That Clark is nobody else but Superman." With that, he flew off.

Lois was still in shock. How come she never noticed it? She even called him "Hack from Nowheresville." But at this moment, most of all she was upset because she declined Clark for Superman. She cried all night.

Next day, in the Daily Planet, she noticed Clark, more serious than ever. She wanted to talk to him and even tried to but couldn't. Clark wouldn't give her a chance. Later that night, she went to Clark's place.

On the other side, Clark, too upset to talk to Lois was sitting at his home and thinking. He called his parents and told them what happened. He couldn't live with the thought of living without Lois but he wanted her to be happy. He started packing up to leave Metropolis overnight.

Just when he was about to leave, the doorbell rang.


"Hi Clark, can I come in?"


"I'm very sorry about what happened Clark. I never wanted this to happen. You must be feeling…what the hell is going on over here? Clark, are you going somewhere?"

"I'm planning to leave Metropolis forever."

"Is this your way of showing that you love me?" Tears rolled out of Lois's eyes. "I…I love you."

"That's not true Lois, you love Superman, not Clark."

"You are Superman."

"No, Lois, Superman is what I can do, Clark is who I am, a normal man without any powers."

"Don't leave me Clark, please don't. I'm very sorry for what I've done to you but don't do this to me. You are my best friend, to be honest, my only friend. I don't want to loose you."

"Lois, please, don't cry. There is nothing in the world that I'd do to hurt you Lois. I'm sorry about what happened last night."

"Do you love me?"

"I love you as a friend Lois. I just didn't want you to get married to Lex Luthor. I don't love you as in romance." Clark had his fingers crossed.

Lois looked at him blankly. She was very upset inside her but she didn't show that. She was about to turn away when she saw Clark's back in the mirror behind Clark. She saw his crossed fingers. She ran to him and kissed him.

"I love you too, Clark Kent."

Just then Clark noticed what happened. He had no idea that this is what Lois was thinking. He was happy though. He didn't want to lie to her anymore.

He kissed her back.

This was the beginning of a relationship which neither of them ever thought of, or at least this soon.