By Any Other Name

By Maria TB Mendoza <>

Rated G

Submitted January 1999

Summary: For Lois, there is no other name for her superhero.


"I just don't get it, Lois. Ok, I'll admit the guy can fly and has x-ray vision, and is a basically nice guy; I just can't see why you named him SUPER man?"

"Clark, Clark, Clark. You haven't flown with him. You haven't looked into his eyes. Oh, there is NO name for some one that perfect but SUPERMAN."

"Lo-is, it's NOT like he's some god or something. He could be just like anyone else if he just got some normal clothes or something. I mean, he would look just like anyone."

"Stop right there, Clark. I guarantee, I would know him in ANY clothes!"

"You would, huh?"

"Of course I would, Farmboy. There is no way he could disguise himself from me. I know Superman and he would never look, well, like you; no matter what he wore."

"What ever you say, Lois."

"Good, now Perry wanted us in his office five minutes ago. Come on …"