A Bermudan Love Triangle

By Joy N. Sowell

Rated PG

Submitted February 1999

Summary: When Lois takes a trip to the Bermuda Triangle to dispose of the Kryptonite after the episode "Madame Ex," Clark learns something that makes him follow her.

Background and disclaimers: I wrote this in response to the following post:

PW wrote: >gives her time off, CK asks what she will do with her free time and she >says she will go to the Bermuda Triangle. CK is really secretly

>pleased by that. Fanfic idea about that trip?

Then Jessi wrote:

>>You know, that was always one of my favorite fanfiction ideas. Lois goes on a cruise of the Bermuda Triangle and of course the ship would have to crash. With a mix of the Bermuda Triangle and Lois, it inevitable. And, knowing Lois, she would have the kryptonite in her possesion at all times, so when Superman goes to rescue her, she's accidentally killing him. Unfortunately, I don't right fanfiction and I've never seen that fanfiction anywhere, so I guess that one will just stay in my head for a while. (Unless one of you fanfiction writers like it. Hint hint.) <<


Jimmy: (Yelling over to Clark). Hey CK!

CK: (Yelling back). Yeah Jimmy?

Jimmy: (Approaching CK). Did Lois really go to the Bermuda Triangle?

CK: Yep. She called me from the airport this morning with her trip itinerary.

Jimmy: How long will she be down there?

CK: Just for two days and one night, but don't tell Perry that. Lois figures that if she can't fall into a Pulitzer, or even a Kerth caliber story by then, she's coming home.

Jimmy: You miss her, don't you?

CK: Is it that obvious?

Jimmy: Pa-leeze. Everyone knows that you two have the hots for each other. My question is why don't you two make your relationship known. It's not like there is any rule against Planet employees dating. In fact, the Chief and I have a friendly wager as to when we will receive an announcement, and the office pool has grown to over a grand.

CK: Jimmy, I'm going to tell you something that goes no further. Okay?

Jimmy: Okay. I can keep a secret.

CK: I have loved Lois from the first day I saw her.

Jimmy: Well, duh. What's the problem?

CK: The problem is that Lois does not feel the same way.

Jimmy: Yes, she does.

CK: No, she doesn't. She loves someone else.

Jimmy: You mean Superman?

CK: Yes. Superman.

Jimmy: Every woman loves Superman. It's hormonal. But Lois loves you on a deeper level.

CK: (Seriously blushing, but because of the former statement, not the latter statement). No she doesn't.

Jimmy: Sorry if I embarrassed you, but she does. I can't believe it. She didn't tell you. Did she?

CK: Tell me what?

Jimmy: How she *really* feels. Oh boy. I shouldn't have said anything.

CK: (Grinning). If you value your life, you will tell me. I mean you will tell me EVERYTHING.

Jimmy: Okay. It all started when she was getting ready to marry Lex. She was practicing her name. You know, Lois Lane, Lois Luthor, Lois Lane Luthor, and …


Jimmy: And then she said Lois Kent.

CK: How do you know that?

Jimmy: You know the girl I went out with last week? She was working at the wedding and she overheard it when she went to tell Lois that it was time. She was shocked that Lois would be thinking of someone else when she was preparing to marry the world's third richest man. After Lois said 'I can't', this girl knew that Lex wouldn't be giving her a bonus. When she told me about everything the next day, she thought we just worked together, and she didn't realize that you and Lois are two of my best friends. She called Lois some nasty names, and mentioned some not exactly nice things about your um, personality. I told her that I would not tolerate any one speaking that way about the two of you. I also told her that even if Lois *had* said 'I do', then we still would have stopped the wedding, or Lois would have had the marriage annulled.

CK: Lois said I can't?

Jimmy: Yes, right before we came in. She must have realized that she would never love Lex. She didn't tell you about that?

CK: No, we have avoided that whole topic.

Jimmy: Why do you think that Lois does not love you?

CK: Because she told me so. She loves Superman, not Clark.

Jimmy: CK, you must not refer to yourself in the third person. You meant to say, 'Lois loves Superman and not me.'

CK: Okay Mr. English major, why do you say that?

Jimmy: Hey, I'm just trying to learn to speak properly. I want the Chief to start giving me assignments other than obituaries.

CK: Jimmy?

Jimmy: Okay, okay. Lois has never been very good at admitting her feelings. Rumor has it that there was a guy that used to work here before you. His name was Claude. He was here for about a month, and they went out. I don't exactly know what happened between them, but I have a feeling that he refused her advances. She was still kind of new to the Planet herself, so I guess that rejection hurt her more than she realized. She was embarrassed after he left, since she had obviously fallen for him more than he had for her. She knows that Superman is noble, and therefore she feels safe.

CK: Jimmy. That helps a lot. Thanks. How did you become so insightful?

Jimmy: I take pictures and run errands for a living. I tend to notice things that people do and say without them noticing me. I also watch old videotapes of Santa Barbara. Those soaps are very educational. I've noticed the way Lois watches you when you aren't looking. I also overheard her talking to Lucy about you the first night the Planet was back in business.

CK: What did she say?

Jimmy: That she's blown it with you. It was late, but I'm sure she had tears in her eyes. However, since you two have been around each other so much since then, I assumed that you two had just had one of your infamous arguments. You two are really not dating?

CK: No. But thanks to you, that may be about to change. I have an idea.

Jimmy: What can I do?

CK: I'm going after her. Tell Perry that I just got a lead on the biggest story of my life. Tell him that I know that it is probably a long shot, but I'll always regret it if I don't check it out. Tell him I'll be back in a week. If everything works out, Lois and I will be back in a few days. If not, we will need time to adjust to everything again. (He writes the name and phone number of a hotel on a piece of paper and hands it to Jimmy). If you don't hear from us by tomorrow, call this hotel. Lois has kryptonite on her, and if there is trouble, Superman may not be around.

Jimmy: I'll do that. You really shouldn't worry because Dr. Klein gave me Some lead foil. He told me, 'give it to Lois so she will have something in which to wrap the bullet so that it won't harm Superman if he runs into her.'

CK: In that case, I'll have Superman fly me down there himself. Thanks a lot Jimmy. You may have just saved my life.

Jimmy: (Kidding). Just invite me to the wedding.

CK: (Seriously). You can be the best man.

Jimmy: (To himself, but out loud after CK leaves). Smooth.

(Ten minutes later CK lands, suitcase in hand, spins into Clark clothes, and walks around the hotel where Lois is staying).

CK: (To the front desk person). Reservation for Kent.

Front desk guy: Room 503, just as you requested. It is an adjoining suite. The guest in the suite next door will be here only through tomorrow afternoon. Here is your key. How long will you be with us?

CK: Thanks. It depends. At least through tomorrow afternoon.

(CK takes the stairwell, and super speeds to the fifth floor. He then walks to his room. He unpacks his suitcase, and changes into swim trunks and shades. He then heads to the beach where he spotted Lois three minutes earlier. He sees her laid out in a lawn chair sipping a tropical beverage. He quietly puts his towel in the chair next to her. He then goes to get a similar libation. When he returns ten minutes later, Lois has finished her drink and is asleep ).

Lois: (Talking in her sleep). Clark, I have to tell you that I lied to you. I really do love you.

CK: (He heard this, even without his super hearing. He leans over and brushes his hand across her face, turning it towards him). Me too, but I had my fingers crossed. I love you, too, Lois.

Lois: (Waking up, remembering what she dreamed, and why, and being startled at hearing the last sentence he said). Clark?

CK: (SMILING). Yes. It's me, Lois.

Lois: Hi. I missed you. What are you doing here?

CK: I came to tell you that I lied too you. I've only out and out lied to you once, well twice, but the other thing wasn't so much a lie, as an avoidance of the whole truth. I have kicked myself ever since I lied to you. That day when Mr. Stern brought the globe to the Planet, I had my fingers crossed when I said I didn't really love you. Lois, I have loved you from the moment you stormed into Perry's office during my interview.

Lois: (Looking into his eyes). Then why did you tell me that you didn't?

CK: (Holding her gaze). I had just spent the most miserable couple of weeks of my life without you. I had you back in my life again. I did not want to risk us not being best friends any more.

Lois: I realized when I was walking down the isle that I loved you. You were the man with whom I had shared the experiences I was remembering fondly while I headed towards Lex. He told me, I do. I told him, I can't. I could not marry someone whom I did not love, especially when the man I loved, loved me back as well, or so I thought.

CK: I have something that I NEED to tell you.

Lois: You told me that you loved me. That is all that matters. (She kisses him passionately on the lips). That, and that I love you too.

CK: (Breaking off the kiss, albeit reluctantly). Lois, we really do need to talk. I just hope you feel the same way when you hear what I have to tell you.

Lois: This is serious then?

CK: Yes, very serious.

Lois: Okay. We can go up to my room.

CK: All right. I guess we should both change.

Lois: (Getting up and collecting her things as she speaks). Which room did you reserve? Let me guess. 503?

CK: How did you know?

Lois: Because I would have done the same thing. (She stands up, admiring him in his swim trunks, as he admires her in her bikini).

CK: So, have you been to the triangle yet?

Lois: No, I'm taking a breakfast cruise over there tomorrow morning. Would you like to join me? It is supposed to last just less than three hours.

CK: Sounds good. I'll race you to your room. Loser buys dinner tonight, at least if you are still speaking to me by then.

Lois: Deal. Kent, whatever you did, I'm sure it can't be that bad. I missed talking to you during my engagement to Lex, I don't think that I could ever do that again.

(Clark lets Lois think she is way ahead of him before he speeds around the outside of the hotel, flies into his room, spins into the Suit, and waits for Lois in her room).

Lois: (Out of breath, but as she unlocks the door she doesn't see Clark). Ha. I win.

Superman: Win what Lois?

Lois: Oh, hi Superman. Clark and I had a bet. I beat him up here and he now owes me dinner. It's good to see you, but Clark and I really need some time alone.

Superman: Lois, sit down, please. (She looks at him strangely, but she does). I've tried to figure out a way to tell you this, but the words don't sound right out loud.

Lois: (Interrupting). Stop, Superman. I know I told you I loved you, but—

Superman: Lois, please. Let me say this.

Lois: No. I need to say this first.

Superman: Okay, just remember I tried to tell you that I—.

Lois: I love Clark. I know I told you that I love you, but I've realized that the very things that I love *about* you- your integrity, helpfulness, honesty, and innate goodness are some of the same reasons I *love* Clark. Except with Clark, it goes much deeper.

Superman: (Smiling in a very un-Superman like fashion). *LO-IS*. Please, Just watch. (He spins into Clark). I've been trying to tell you that I *am* Clark. I have never told anyone about me. My parents know, but they helped me when I decided to do this.

Lois: I'm so sorry, Clark. You must have been so hurt when I rejected you as Clark, and then practically threw myself at you as Superman. (He takes her in his arms and hugs her tightly). I should be angry with you for not trusting me enough to tell me, but under the circumstances I understand.

Clark: You need to know that I DO trust you. That was never the issue. It is a dangerous secret. I don't want to put you in danger any more often than you find yourself anyway. I also wanted you to love me, Clark, not just the figure of my mother's overactive imagination. Why don't you throw on some clothes, because I believe that YOU owe ME dinner. (He smiles).

Lois: Nope.

Clark: Nope?

Lois: The bet was with Clark, not Superman. If this love triangle thing is going to work we have to keep clear with whom we are speaking. It would not do to have someone overhear a conversation between Lois and Superman, and associate it with a conversation between Lois and Clark. Besides, it is hours till dinner. I only just finished lunch when I saw you.

Clark: You are right.

Lois: I'm always right. We need to agree on something else though.

Clark: What?

Lois: That we will consider it cheating to use super powers in bets between Lois and Clark.

Clark: Agreed, under one condition.

Lois: That would be?

Clark: That you do not refer to yourself in the third person. It is weird enough when I have to do it.

Lois: (She grins). Agreed. (They seal their agreement with a long kiss, only breaking when Lois needs to come up for air). Why don't we go back to the beach? I want to soak up some sun while I can.

(They spend the day lying on the beach, talking, laughing, splashing in the ocean, and in general having a good time).

Clark: Since I'm in charge of dinner, where would you like to go?

Lois: I would love some authentic Chinese.

Clark: How about take out from the same restaurant where I picked up dinner the first night we worked together.

Lois: Mmmm. Sounds delicious. You go get dinner, and I'll go inside and take a shower.

Clark: I'll be back in about 15 minutes.

(He returns in 14 minutes and 30 seconds later to Lois's room as she is getting out of the shower. He has managed to shower and change clothes as well. They have an enjoyable dinner together, learning more about each other. At midnight they say goodnight to each other and share a long kiss. In the morning, they meet at the door between their suites).

Clark: Sleep well?

Lois: Yes. You?

Clark: Much better than I have in ages.

Lois: Good. Because you are going to need your energy today. The cruise will take us to the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, and along it for a while. And then back again. One more thing.

Clark: What?

Lois: Kiss me good morning. (He does as he is told, after all, Superman could not turn down such a reasonable request). One more thing.

Clark: (Grinning). Yes.

Lois: (Handing him the lead wrapped Kryptonite). Toss this into the sun. I don't want it anywhere near us. (He obliges).

(They walk hand in hand down to the dock from where the morning cruise is due to depart singing the theme from Giligan's Island).

Clark: Is it really only a three hour cruise? I almost feel like something is bound to come up. With us, it usually does. The boat doesn't exactly look like the USS Luce.

Lois: The USS Luce? The aircraft carrier? Clark, this is a breakfast cruise, not the Persian Gulf.

Clark: The Professor and Mary Anne probably said something similar.

Lois: Clark, their boat was The Minnow, ours is The Yuppie. (The boat's skipper approaches them).

Skipper: Actually, ma'am. It's The Guppie. The paint has faded the lettering a bit. Skipper Kelly at your service. If you two are ready, I am.

Clark: (To Lois). A private cruise?

Lois: (To Clark in a very low voice). I had originally planned to throw the you know what into the ocean, but then when you showed up, I had a better idea.

Skipper: You guys ready?

Lois & Clark: Yes.

Skipper: Okay. Let's go.

(Two hours later).

Clark: Skipper, shouldn't we be heading back now?

Skipper: No, I have other plans for the famous reporting team of Lane and Kent. My mother is a doctor. Her patient is in a coma now, and she thinks that this will bring him out of it. I don't particularly like the man, but he is my father, and my mother loves him.

Lois: Who is your mother? What does she want? We are very good friends of Superman.

Skipper: Actually, I'm hoping he comes. I have a little present for him. (He points to a metal box, and grins evilly). For the record, my mother is Gretchen Kelly.

Clark: I think we are coming in to a bit of bad weather.

Skipper: Shut up. What do you know city boy?

Lois: *WHAT DO YOU KNOW, SKIPPER?* Clark here, is a farm boy, NOT, a city boy. He has a pretty good sense about these things. If I were you, I'd listen to him.

Skipper: Mr. Kent, do you always let your girlfriend here speak for you?

Clark: (Putting a supportive arm around Lois). Yes. I always let Lois speak her mind. She is usually right, and even when she isn't, she at least has a valid point.

Skipper: This is so touching that I think I want to hurl.

Lois: What's stopping you?

Clark: Lois, I don't know about you, but a sea sick captain is just a bit too ironic, even for me.

Lois: Good point Clark. What exactly DO you want with us, Skipper?

Skipper: Revenge for my father. Superman could have saved him, but he chose not to.

Clark: Who is your father?

Skipper: Lex Luthor.

Clark: Lex was you father?

Skipper: IS my father.

Lois: But I saw him fall to his death.

Clark: Me too.

Skipper: My mother has him on life support, the prognosis is hopeful.

Lois: Hopeful? Now *that* is debatable.

Clark: Lois, be nice. Just because the man is a slimy, rotten murderer who never even acknowledged his own son by marrying the boy's mother, doesn't mean that it is debatable that it is hopeful that he may live.

Skipper: What do you know; the man has a mind of his own after all. At least Lex wouldn't let some female talk for him.

Clark: Yes, Lois, Lex should live. I will personally throw the key away after Superman builds him his own prison.

Lois: Lex does not even compare to Clark. Since I happen to know of Lex's aversion to Country music, I think we should arrange for CMT to be pumped into his cell 24-7.

Clark: You are brilliant Lois. Remind me never to cross you though.

Skipper: Okay, enough you two. You see that boat approaching us? That is my contact. (Clark slugs the guy. Not hard enough to cause brain damage, but hard enough to knock him out. Clark throws the lead box, which probably contains Kryptonite into the sun. Then the boat starts to overturn as the winds pick up).

Lois: Clark, DO something.

Clark: (Focusing on using his weight, speed, and strength to steady the boat). I'm trying, but I can't exactly fly us out of here because I left my suit at the hotel.

Lois: I like you better in a tee shirt and shorts anyway. (The waters calm a bit, allowing Clark a moment to relax).

Clark: I have a plan. When the waves pick up again, I'm flying us out of here, suit or no suit.

Lois: What about what you just said?

Clark: Then the other boat will be close enough to see us capsize, but not close enough to see us fly away, if I go fast enough. My aura should protect you. Let me know if you are uncomfortable though.

Lois: How do you know the boat will capsize?

Clark: A little bit of super breath goes a long way. Are you ready?

Lois: Yes. The sooner we get back to the hotel, the better.

Clark: Okay, here goes nothing. (He grabs Lois, rocks the boat, they jump into the ocean, levitating on the surface. Clark gives a few carefully aimed puffs of breath, then the boat tips over. They fly quickly into the sky, out of view of the rapidly approaching boat. Finally, they rest just above a cloud).

Lois: Clark, I just thought of something. Those guys will realize that something is suspicious if we beat them back to the hotel.

Clark: We will just say that Superman showed up when we hit the water. I Think we can safely say that the Kryptonite was lost at sea, if it even ever comes up.

Lois: Okay. Let's go back to the hotel.

(They do. They land in a deserted part of the beach, and walk up to the front, and then into the elevator to their rooms where they share a brief kiss).

Clark: How would you like to spend some time in Smallville? It's early afternoon here, so they will be up and going by now in Kansas. My mom makes the best brownies.

Lois: Brownies? How fast can you pack?

Clark: Very.

Lois: When you are done, you can help me.

(The elevator stops, opening up at their rooms. They get out and go to their rooms. They are back at the elevator in two minutes).

Clark: While you check out, I'm going to call Jimmy, which I'll explain later. I'll also call mom and dad to let them know we are on our way. And hey, I love you.

Lois: I love you too.

(Five minutes later she returns as Clark is hanging up the phone.)

Clark: Mom just pulled a batch of double chocolate brownies out of the oven.

Lois: Yum. What did Jimmy have to say?

Clark: That he was glad that we were safe and that he'd see us at the end of your vacation. I didn't tell him about us. I thought we should do that together. I just told him that we have a lead on a story.

Lois: (Grinning). Well, the sooner you check out the sooner we will get to those brownies, I mean Smallville.

Clark: (Grinning). You are incorrigible, Lois.

Lois: And you love me for it.

Clark: Yes, I do. (He kisses her to show her just how much).

(Thirty minutes later, they land in Smallville).

Clark: Lois, are you ready for this?

Lois: For what? Clark, your parents are great. Martha and Jonathan are NOT the Spanish Inquisition.

Clark: I've never brought a girlfriend home that was anything more than a friend. I don't know what they'll say.

Lois: Never? Not even in college?

Clark: No, you are the first.

Lois: I'm honored.

Clark: (Yelling to the house as they approach it). Mom, Dad, we're here.

(Martha and Jonathan come out the door and envelop Clark in a big hug. Martha and Jonathan then turn to include Lois as well).

Martha: Clark! Lois! It is so good to see you again.

Jonathan: Welcome back, son! Lois, I'm glad to see you again too!

Martha: Why don't we go inside and have some brownies?

Lois: Now you're talking.

(They go inside and enjoy some good conversation and some great brownies. As they clear the table, the conversation turns to sleeping arrangements).

Martha: I'm assuming that you will want the couch tonight, Clark?

Lois: I doubt the boy scout in him would have it any other way Martha. (Now teasing). No matter how much you and I try to tell him otherwise.

Jonathan: Martha, we raised a fine son.

Martha: Jonathan, we better get to the store before they close. You need that tractor part before tomorrow's harvesting begins.

Jonathan: Make yourselves comfortable, you two. We'll be back before dinner. (Martha and Jonathan leave).

Clark: Lois, wait right here. (He runs upstairs to get something and then returns). Lois, I knew from the first moment I saw you that you would be the only one for me. I don't want to rush you, but I want to let you know how I feel. (He takes a deep breath, and then lets it out slowly). Will you marry me?

Lois: Yes, Clark. I will marry you.

Clark: (Grabbing her for a quick kiss before releasing her). You're sure?

Lois: Yes, of course I'm sure. I admit that the whole idea of marriage is a bit scary, but the thought of NOT spending the rest of my life with you terrifies me.

Clark: In that case, this is for you. (He pulls a beautiful diamond ring out of his pocket and puts it on her finger).

Lois: Oh, Clark. It's beautiful.

Clark: I bought it the day that we found out that Stern bought the Planet. I knew that I'd be able to give it to you one day. When Jimmy and I talked yesterday morning I didn't even think that you would say yes so soon.

Lois: What exactly did Jimmy tell you?

Clark: (He told her the story that Jimmy told him). I guess we should decide how to tell everyone.

Lois: I think we should call Perry and Jimmy to tell them. We just need to make sure to tell them that they are not to tell anyone else. We will just wait and see how long it takes for everyone else to notice. We will tell your parents after dinner, if they don't figure it out before then.

Clark: We'll call Perry and Jimmy after dinner. There is something that I want to show you first. Do you remember the globe from Superman's ship?

Lois: You have it here?

Clark: Yes. I want you to see it. It's important to understand my past, in order to share my future.

Lois: I'm touched. Clark, you have given me so much. What did I ever do to deserve you?

Clark: You said yes. (He touches her cheek then turns her face up to his where he kisses her gently. They walk to the tree house, and then he floats them up. They talk about Krypton, their future, and even a story about Lex's supposed resurrection. They came down only when Clark heard his parents' truck coming down the road).

(During dinner, Lois pours herself another glass of tea, when Martha notices the ring).

Martha: Um, Lois? Do you and Clark have something to tell us? (She stares at the ring causing Jonathan to notice it too).

Jonathan: It's about time son.

(Later that night, after many congratulations, and preliminary wedding plans, Martha and Jonathan say goodnight as Lois and Clark start a movie. Clark promises his dad that he will sleep on the couch).

Clark: I think we should call Perry and Jimmy tomorrow.

Lois: I agree. I would much rather watch a movie with my fiancÚ than listen to an Elvis story. Clark, you promised your dad that you would sleep on the couch, but I never promised where I would sleep.

Clark: Lois!

Lois: Clark, I just thought that it would be nice to fall asleep in you arms and not have to get up in the middle of the night to go to bed alone.

Clark: For a mad dog, you are a softie.

Lois: Just remember, I like to be on top.

Clark: I remember.

(They enjoy watching When Harry Met Sally, both laughing and wincing at the similarities between Harry and Sally and themselves).

Clark: I say we turn of the lights and the television and get some sleep. It is going to be a long day tomorrow.

Lois: I like the way you think farm boy. By the way, I'm glad you fell for me.

Clark: (He reached for the remote to turn off the t.v. and he turned of the couch side lamp). Lois, sweetheart, I had already fallen for you way before you said that.

Lois: I've never been anyone's sweetheart before. I think I actually like it. (She kisses him passionately. She pulls back slightly when she starts to realizes the effect she is having on Clark). Clark, if we don't stop now, we won't be able to. At least, I won't, and all evidence points in the same direction for you).

Clark: You are right. Our time in The Bermuda Triangle must have done more to us than we thought. We've both heard the stories about the strange occurrences there. I guess for us, it was more of an inhibitor lifter than anything else. (Grin). Right now, I'm having some very un-Supermanly thoughts.

Lois: That is because right now you are Clark, my fiancÚ, not Superman, hero to the world. The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle are nothing compared to a day in the life of the Lois-Clark-Superman triangle.

Clark: I love you. Goodnight.

Lois: I love you too. Goodnight. (She settles in against his chest and they both promptly fall asleep).

(5:00 the next morning Martha and Jonathan notice their son and soon to be daughter-in-law asleep on the couch. They smile at the sight at begin their morning routine. Three hours later the happy couple wakes up).

Clark: Good morning Lois. (He kisses her lightly on the lips).

Lois: Mmmm. Yes, it is.

Martha: (Who entered the room as this happened). I'm glad you two are up. Clark, why don't you get your shower, and then when you are done, Lois and I will have your coffee ready. (He speeds to the bathroom, showers, and speeds back dressed in a tee shirt and jeans, in less than three minutes).

Lois: Wow. Martha, I don't think I'm ever going to get over that; I just hope he doesn't do everything that fast.

Martha: You mean you haven't…?

Lois: No, we decided to wait until our honeymoon. It had better be a short engagement.

Clark: I am in the room, you know.

Martha: Yes, dear. Now you can fix breakfast for Lois while she gets her shower.

Lois: Thanks Martha. (She leaves to get her shower).

Martha: Anytime. Now hurry. We have a lot to do today.

Clark: Mom?

Martha: What is it, Clark?

Clark: Well, it's kind of personal, but I know that I can talk to you and dad about anything. Right?

Martha: Of course you can.

Clark: (Taking a deep breath). Did I mature as a normal boy, a human boy? I mean did I grow at the right times, learn to walk and talk at the right times? That sort of stuff.

Martha: Yes, why?

Clark: If Lois and I are ever able to have kids I'd kind of like to know what to expect.

Martha: Every child is different. But, based off of your childhood, if you *can* have kids, they should mature in the same way as their peers.

(Fifteen minutes later, Lois appears in a tank top and jeans, a little make up, and damp hair).

Lois: What's for breakfast?

Clark: Coffee, grapefruit, and a croissant fresh from France. Are you ready to call Perry and Jimmy?

Lois: Yes. Hand me the phone. (He does, and they call the Daily Planet).

Jimmy: Daily Planet.

Lois: Hi Jimmy. Clark told me about the office pool on how long it take for us to get together. Jimmy, I want you to transfer me to Perry's office, go in there with him, and close the door. Then pick up the phone. (He does that). Jimmy, is the door closed?

Jimmy: (Somewhat nervous). Yes.

Lois: Put me on speaker phone.

Jimmy: Sorry, Lois, we really did not mean to pry. We were just having a Little fun. Right, Chief?

Perry: Go easy on the kid, Lois.

Lois: Who had what dates in the pool?

Perry: (He told them. Perry and Jimmy had the same day, about a week from now). Lois, why?

Lois: Now, since there appears to be a tie, who wants to know how I plan to break the tie?

Perry: You mean you two are an item now, officially?

Lois: In a manner of speaking. I know that you hate to keep news to yourself Perry, but you will have to keep this next thing a secret.

Perry: Lois, you scare me sometimes.

Clark: I'd listen to her, Chief.

Perry: Okay, we promise.

Lois and Clark: We're engaged!

Jimmy: That's great. Congratulations, you two.

Perry: That's the best news I've heard since the Planet has been rededicated. Congratulations.

Lois: Remember, not a word. To anyone. (Click).

Clark: Maybe we should drop by and make out in the newsroom this afternoon. That way, no one wins the bet.

Lois: I think we should go now. Besides, we can work on our story better in

Metropolis. (They say goodbye to Martha and Jonathan. They promise to call later to discuss the wedding plans).

(Three days later, they find Gretchen Kelly, Lex, and the Skipper in a mausoleum fronted lab. They write the story that will earn them their first joint Kerth).