Let's Have a Batty Halloween

By anonymous5658

Rated G Submitted December 1998

Summary: Lois and Clark's daughter, Chloe, can't wait to pick out her Halloween costume. A continuation of the author's "Let's Have a Super Halloween."

This is a continuation of my story Let's Have A Super Halloween. It takes place 10 years after the first one. I wrote this after receiving several requests to do a sequel. Again, I'd like to thank Karen Ward for her continued support in my endeavors. If it wasn't for her, I think sometimes I might just give up writing all together.


Lane Kent was fed up with his sister. All day, all he'd heard was, "I'm going trick-or-treating! I'm going trick-or-treating!"

Normally, this wouldn't have bothered him but this year Chloe was under his care. His parents had sat him down last night and told him they'd let him go trick-or-treating by himself this year, as long as he took his sister along.

He'd turned fourteen last month and he'd gotten 'the talk'. He now knew that his father was Superman and he'd also been noticing lately that he was getting really strong. He was glad his parents trusted him enough to put Chloe under his care, but he was also just a bit nervous something would go wrong.

Lois Lane-Kent entered the living room and saw her son. He'd had a lot to take in lately and she was very proud of the way he'd handled it. Chloe came running in the door and launched herself into her mother's arms.

"Mom, can we go get me a costume now?"

"Sure, baby, as soon as your Daddy gets home."

Lois heard the unmistakable sonic boom and soon her husband was walking in the door. After nearly sixteen years of marriage, he still took her breath away.

"Daddy's home now, let's go, Mom, please?"

The Kents climbed in their car, making their way to Cost Mart.

About ten years ago, Lois and Clark had uncovered Mindy Church's involvement in Intergang. Subsequently, all of her holdings were sold at auction and a very successful business man, with no criminal record, now owned the chain of Cost Mart stores.

At the store, it was hard to keep up with Chloe. She was running all over the place, caught up in the excitement of picking out her own Halloween costume.

When she'd made her choice, she ran to find her parents.

"Mommy, Daddy, I've found the one I want!"

Lois and Clark turned around to see what their daughter was holding. She had in her arms a Bat Girl costume.

Clark looked at Lois and they both started laughing.