Baby Blue


Rated G

Submitted March 1999

Summary: An L&C song parody based on George Strait's "Baby Blue."

From the George Strait Song Baby Blue


Lois was a remarkable lady
But sometimes she acted just like a child
Clark Kent up close was
Was really Superman in disguise
But somehow I always knew
They'd tank the show when the ratings got low
And his tights were Baby Blue

Baby blue were the color of his tights
Baby blue like the Smallville skies
In 4 seasons the show came and left
and the producers won't say why
so here's to you and whoever watches L&C tonight

Clark had colors in his ties
that my eyes had never seen
when Lois started to care
I never watched so much
I try not to think of the cancellation
but I fall asleep and do I drift off where the reruns are new
And his tights are baby blue