Strawberry Fields Forever

By Shawn V.

Summary: Lois realizes she's made a big mistake in marrying Lex Luthor when she was really in love with Clark Kent. Who can save her now? And who's that knocking on the door of the honeymoon suite?

Author's note: Okay, for this story, I assumed that Lois married Lex. (Don't stop reading here because of that, I fix it early on.) It's set right after her and Lex's wedding. It was the first fanfiction I wrote, so please be kind. I hope you like it! I'd love to hear comments about my story!


Lois sat on the couch of the honeymoon suite of the Hawaii branch of the Lexor hotel with her head in her hands. She was miserable. She knew that she shouldn't have married Lex, but it was too late for that now. She could have had Clark, but she was just too stubborn to admit that she had been wrong about Lex.

At the moment, Lex was in the bathroom, enjoying a bubble bath. Lois thought that it was a rather feminine activity for him, but it didn't matter to her. Anything that kept him out of her hair for a while was wonderful. She was using her private time dreaming of Clark and filling her head with pleasant "what-ifs". What if she had not married Lex? What if she had told Clark she loved him, too? With each question, she played out a little scene in her head about what would have been.

Clark, meanwhile, was trying to find Lois. Even though Lois and Lex had not disclosed their honeymoon location, Clark figured he could find it with a little patience and his x-ray vision. Okay, a LOT of patience. But he was determined to find her. It didn't matter that he had no idea what he would do when he found her. She might not want to be disturbed, but he wanted to see her anyways. After only 12 hours of searching, his persistence paid off. He spotted Lois sitting on a couch in a hotel, looking rather sad. He couldn't stand to see her sad, so he made up his mind to pay a visit, even if she bit his head off. Mad was definitely better than sad for her.

Lois' head snapped up at the sound of a knock upon the door. She wondered who it could be. She got up and opened the door, expecting perhaps a maid. She was both surprised and pleased that the visitor was none other than …

"Clark!" she exclaimed, and threw herself into his arms. They clung to each other for just a minute before Lois pulled away and said, "Clark, I'm miserable. I hate Lex — you were right about him, I love you, and I want you to take me as far from here as you possibly can before I either go insane or commit suicide."

Had he heard right? Lois had just said she loved him!! "Lois, do you really —"

"Hate Lex? You bet your life, I do. Want to get out of here? More than anything. Love you? Well, I sort of realized that maybe my feelings were quite a bit deeper than best friends, even though that's what I told you—"

"Lois, I love you, too. But there's something that you don't know about me that you're not necessarily going to like. Or maybe what you don't like will be that I haven't told you before this."

"Clark, nothing could change my mind about loving you. Nothing."

He took a deep breath. "Lois I'm Superman."

She blinked twice, shook her head, as if to shake out all of the shock, and obviously succeeded. "Well, good. That means we can fly far and fast away from Lex."

"You're not — mad?" he asked cautiously.

"Clark, do you think I was lying when I just said that nothing could affect my love for you?"

"No, it's just—"

"Besides I always sort of suspected something like that. Never in the same place at the same time, and who really belongs to cheese-of-the-month clubs, anyways?"

Clark smiled at her. That had been one of his worse excuses, for sure.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Clark? Let's go!"

"Wait a minute. I have an idea. Do you have paper and a pen?"

"Sure. What for?" she asked, as she got the requested items.

"You'll see."

Clark proceeded to write with his left hand, so that his writing couldn't be traced.


I've captured your wife. I'm not asking for ransom. I don't want to give her back. Please don't take this personally. I really didn't want to upset you but there was no other way. I need Lois.

Best Wishes,

A Kidnapper

Lois nearly choked with laughter at the note. It was so cordial. That was just like Clark. "Best wishes, Clark? That has got to be the friendliest, most polite kidnapping note I have ever seen!"

"Well, it would have been rude of me to leave a nasty note to him on top of taking his prized possession."

"Ugh. Please don't talk about me like I'm a thing. I've had enough of that from Lex to last a lifetime."

"Don't worry, Lois. You'll always be a person to me. I respect you."

"Don't get all sappy on me, Kent. Let's just fly out of here and FAST!" she said, but she was secretly pleased at Clark's statement. Lex didn't give her any respect. He didn't really treat her as a person. That was what made the marriage so unbearable, besides the fact that she loved Clark, not Lex.

As Lois watched, Clark spun into the suit. He picked her up and flew out of the window into the sky with her. They flew at a leisurely pace. Well, if it was anyone or anything besides Clark flying, it would have been fast, but for Clark it was leisurely. Lois looked out over the ocean as they crossed it. The sun's rays reflected off the waves making them glitter like a diamond. The thought reminded her of her rings. She looked at them sadly.

"Clark, no matter where we go, I'm still married to Lex. I'm still legally Mrs. Luthor! What can we do?" her voice trembled. "I don't want to be an adultress!"

"Actually, Lois, I heard that the person who administered your wedding vows wasn't a real minister. They found the man who was supposed to officiate tied up in a closet after you had left for your honeymoon. Nobody knew where you had gone, so we couldn't tell you it was not legal."

"Do you know who tied up the minister and put him in the closet?" she asked suspiciously.

"I have *no* idea!" Clark exclaimed. He put on his best, most innocent I-had-nothing-to-do-with-it face. It didn't fool Lois for a millisecond.

"I hate to admit, your plans lack nothing, you scheming superhero." Lois smiled up at him. "Well, since my marriage isn't legal, I guess I won't be needing these." She took off her rings and dropped them into the ocean with great finality. "Free!" she exclaimed. "Free forever from Lex Luthor!"

Lois closed her eyes and relaxed, savoring the feeling of being safe in Clark's strong arms, flying through the air. It was one of the most wonderful things she had ever experienced. Of course, she had flown with Superman before, but now that she knew his secret and they were in love, it was so much better. Clark felt the same way, so he asked Lois if she wanted to take a detour to, say, Europe?

"Of course, Clark!"

So Clark corrected his flight direction and headed east. As they flew over England, Clark pointed out all of his favorite spots. "There's one place in particular that I want you to see, but right now it's full of people, so we can come back tonight."

"I can't wait."

After finishing their scenic tour of Europe, they flew back to Metropolis. They landed on Clark's balcony and went into his apartment hand in hand.

To Lois' surprise, Clark's parents were there. "Martha! Jonathan! What are you doing here?"

"Well, we came when you were getting married to Lex to give Clark moral support. But I see he doesn't need it now," Martha quipped. "Come on, you two. I've cooked a delicious dinner."

The four walked into the dining room and ate the best dinner of Lois' life. It wasn't so much the food as the company. She had Clark, and now she had everything.

After dinner, Clark asked her if she'd like to see that special place in England now. "Because of the time change, it'll be the middle of the night in England. Nobody'll be there."

He gathered her up into his arms and they flew across the ocean to England.

When Clark landed, Lois looked around and discovered that they were in Strawberry Fields, London. It was a beautiful garden, even at night. The moonlight shimmered off of the water in a fountain and the wind rustled through the treetops.

"Oh, Clark, it's beautiful!" Lois exclaimed, taking in the sights.

"Lois, looking at the flowers isn't the only reason I wanted you to come here with me."

"What's the other reason?"

"I needed to ask you something." He got down on one knee and said, "Lois, will you marry me?"

Lois' breath caught in her throat and her eyes positively shone. "Yes, Clark, I will marry you!"

He stood up and they held each other in a tight embrace as if they would never let go. After a long time that seemed only a few short minutes, Clark broke the embrace. "Lois, do you want to go dancing?"

Did he have to ask? They flew off towards a club in Syracuse, New York, after stopping off at each of their apartments to change into something a little bit more dressy.

After dancing for three songs, they sat out for one. Then Lois heard the opening notes for a song that she loved. It just seemed to fit her and Clark. She told Clark that.

"They're playing our song?" he asked Lois.

"They sure are. Let's dance!"

They moved out onto the dance floor


I don't wanna live without your love

I can't imagine

looking in someone else's eyes

What we have surpasses

Even paradise

It's hard to fathom

Reaching for someone else's hand

What we share is magic

Heaven had a plan

Sent from up above

So much love

In my life

I can't get enough

Of your touch

Feels so right

Unending passion

Somehow the fire never dies

What we share is everlasting

Love without demise

He made it happen

Placed so much joy into our hands

What we dreamed

We finally captured

Heaven took command


After Mariah Carey sung the final chorus, a slow song began and Lois moved closer into Clark's arms as they danced. It was all so perfect. She tilted her head up and looked into his beautiful soft brown eyes. They sent a message of love to her that made her heart skip a beat. He leaned in and kissed her tenderly, lovingly. As the song ended and people left the dance floor, he broke the kiss reluctantly.

They walked over to a table and sat down while the band took a break. Then a young woman walked up to them and asked, "Excuse me, but are you Lois Lane and Clark Kent of the Daily Planet?"

"Yes," Lois replied.

"Oh, wow. I'm Susan, and I'm a big fan of your work. Could I have your autographs?" The girl looked at them hopefully.

Lois and Clark exchanged a private smile. It wasn't often that someone asked them for their autographs. Well Clark was asked to autograph things as Superman, but not as Clark. They both signed a piece of paper.

"Thank you!" she exclaimed. Then she hesitated. "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?" The question was directed at Lois.

"Um, go ahead," said Lois. She was pretty sure she knew what was coming.

"Aren't you married to Lex Luthor?"

"I was, and I realized right after the wedding, or maybe it was during, or before, that I love Clark. I thought it was too late. I had had my chance at happiness and I blew it. Then Clark showed up at the hotel room door during my honeymoon, told me that my marriage wasn't legal, and I ran away with him. Now we're engaged."

"How romantic!" Susan sighed.

Lois reached over and took Clark's hand. "It's a dream come true for both of us."

They invited Susan to sit down at their table and talk with them for a while. Lois and Clark learned that Susan was living on her own in Syracuse. She had trained to be a journalist, but couldn't get a job. She was currently working at Wegmans, a large grocery store.

"Have you ever thought about moving to Metropolis?" Clark asked her.

"Well, no, I've never considered it," she said.

"I bet we could get you a job at the Planet. If you've got the qualifications, that is. The Planet doesn't hire people for personality alone," Clark said.

"If it did, you can bet I wouldn't be working there!" Lois cracked. They all laughed.

"I don't know. I think I'm a little young to work at a big paper like that."

"Nonsense," Lois said matter-of-factly. "You're the same age as Jimmy Olsen, and he plays a very important role in the Planet. He digs up information for us. Actually, he could probably use a partner. There's only so much he can do and so fast he can go. He always has a 'to do' list ten miles long."

"You'd get along great with Jimmy," Clark put in. "He's a really nice kid."

"Yeah, you two would be great together."

Susan started to look a little uncomfortable, causing Lois to stop and re-evaluate what she and Clark had been saying. "Look at us," she mused silently. "We've turned into a pair of matchmakers!"

"Well, we have to be going, Susan. We've got some shopping to do, but please seriously consider coming to work at the Planet, and if you give us your address, you can come to our wedding," Clark said.

"I'll think about going to work there," she promised. Then she gave the couple her address. "When's the wedding going to be?"

"Oh, we don't know yet," Lois answered.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, Susan," Clark said.

"Nice meeting you too, and thanks for the autographs!"

Lois and Clark left the building, ducked into an alley, and flew up into the night sky. "Now," said Clark as they flew, "how's about you and me looking around to find an engagement ring?"

"Is there any place that is open this time of night?"

"It's not night in Japan!"

So the zipped across the globe to a jewelry store in the Land of the Rising Sun. It was located in a rather small city in Hokkaido.

Lois looked over the cases of beautiful rings. One in particular caught her eye. It was simple, yet beautiful. It was made of white gold with a solitaire diamond. The cut of the diamond made it shine like the sun when it was struck by rays of light.

"Which one do you like?" she asked Clark, hoping he would like the same one she did.

He didn't disappoint her. "That one," he said, pointing to the gorgeous white gold one.

"Me, too." She smiled.

Clark pointed to a sign that was in Japanese. "It says that each engagement ring has a set of matching wedding rings. That would be perfect."

"Should we buy the whole set, then?"

"I think so. Once we have the rings, all we need is a marriage license and we're all set. That'll take a day or so. Then we'll need maybe a week to plan—"

"Six days."

"Or six days," he said smiling. She smiled back, and they bought the rings.

It was almost dawn by the time they got back to Metropolis. Martha and Jonathan were asleep in Clark's bedroom. Lois didn't dare go back to her apartment in case people were looking for her. It wasn't that they had really done anything illegal, but Clark's note would throw them off, and neither of them felt like dealing with the police, explaining that she'd run away. But she figured that no one would be there this early in the morning, so she and Clark flew in to get her clothes and things. Lois spent the night at Clark's place. She slept on the couch. He slept near her, but in midair.

A few hours later, Martha and Jonathan got up. They nearly laughed when they saw that Clark was floating, but they didn't want to wake the sleeping couple.

Martha noticed something sparkle over by Lois. She walked over and saw the diamond ring. Her face broke into a huge smile and she pointed at the ring for Jonathan's benefit. Her happiness immediately spread to him, and as they went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, they both wore smiles that were so huge it was a wonder that their faces didn't crack under the strain.

At around lunchtime, Lois and Clark finally woke. Lois chastised herself for sleeping so late. She and Clark had a lot to do and only a week or so to do it in. When Martha learned of their plan to get married so fast, she naturally offered to help. In only five days, she had sent out the invitations, rented a church, and hired a minister. She had also prepared the entire reception. Everything was ready. Martha herself was going to bake the wedding cake. Lois was going to wear Martha's wedding dress. Martha had altered it a little to fit Lois' smaller frame.

The whole time Martha was preparing the wedding, Lois' mother was trying to. Ellen wanted to arrange everything, but her tastes tended towards fancy and expensive, so Lois didn't want her setting everything up. So Ellen had to be content to co-plan with Martha. This meant that Martha was actually making the decisions, but she did it so tactfully that Ellen thought that she was responsible for a large portion of the decision making.

Lois and Clark made the smaller arrangements, such as picking out bridesmaids dresses, (The bridesmaids were going go be Star, Cindy, and Alice White, the maid of honor was Lucy), tuxedos for the groom and best man (Jimmy), what to serve at the reception, and what kinds of flowers to have at the ceremony.

After running around like chickens with their heads cut off for days, the Kent and Lane families finally had everything in order. Lois went to bed Saturday night thinking, "This time tomorrow, I'll be with Clark!" Clark's thoughts mirrored hers.

Sunday morning dawned bright, clear, and beautiful. The birds were singing and the air was fresh and sweet. It was a perfect day.

Lois rose at 7:00 and had a quick breakfast. She wasn't very hungry. Then she began to get ready. She put on her old family heirloom pearl teardrop earrings, a new silver herringbone anklet Clark had bought her, and a bright blue garter, made out of a certain piece of blue spandex that had a good amount of sentimental value. <g> her headpiece would be fastened with pins borrowed from Lucy. So she had the traditional something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

She, with assistance from Lucy, put on the dress. It fit like a dream. It had a chapel-length train and a beaded front. The neckline was a v-shape and showed off Lois' perfect figure.

Lucy made up Lois' face and attached the Juliet veil. Lois stood back and looked into the mirror. She looked *good*. She couldn't wait to see Clark's face when he saw her.

Time blurred by mercifully quickly, and she was walking down the aisle on Sam's arm. She looked at Clark and was pleased to see his admiring and loving gaze. She could tell he liked the dress. It had special meaning for him. Now both of the women in his life had worn it on their wedding day. Lois supposed that, if they were to have a daughter, she also would wear the dress on her wedding day. It could become a sort of a family heirloom.

Lois looked up at Clark, taking in his appearance. He looked perfect in his black tuxedo. Not that Clark would ever look bad in anything, but in a tux he was drop-dead gorgeous. And his hair looked so great, gelled just so, but it still flopped slightly into his face. And his smile was absolutely stunning. The overall effect was weakening.

The minister began to administer the vows. Lois and Clark said every line and meant it with all their hearts. Finally, they exchanged rings and heard, "Lois and Clark, by the power vested in my by God and the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife." And then to Clark, "You may kiss the bride."

So Lois' husband took her in his arms and kissed her for the first time as husband and wife. Unnoticed by them, Perry stood up and mouthed, "One, two, three…"

Everyone in the chapel shouted, "Finally!" The crowd applauded and laughed as Lois and Clark made their way down the aisle and out to the limousine, dodging rice.

They sat in a comfortable silence all the way to the reception, just holding hands and reveling in their new identity as a married couple.

They arrived at the reception hall and walked in. Everyone cheered for the couple as they walked up and took their seats on the dais. They didn't stay sitting for very long, though. "Let's dance!" Lois exclaimed.

So they got up and went out onto the dance floor. They danced for about five songs and then split up for the traditional "give the bride money to dance with her" thing. That lasted for quite a while, as everyone wanted to dance with Lois. Actually, most of the women were doing the same thing with Clark, too. He was too hard to resist in a tux! After that was over, it was time for the cake.

Martha had outdone herself. The cake was absolutely gorgeous. It looked better than anything that came from a baker. Lois peered closer at the tiny bride and groom standing on top of the cake. It was her and Clark! She'd have to ask Martha about that, but later.

She and Clark cut the cake together and each put a forkful of cake into the other's mouth. It was so wonderful.

After the cake had been eaten it was time for the garter throwing. Lois sat down in a chair placed on the now- empty dance floor. Everyone watched as Clark reached up under her dress to remove the garter. He blushed at the cheers and catcalls that were shouted by the guests as he pulled it down her leg. But that didn't mean that he wasn't enjoying himself.

All the single men gathered on the dance floor and Clark shot the garter rubber-band style into the crowd. It was caught by Jimmy.

Then the single girls came up for the tossing of the bouquet. Lois turned her back and threw it into the hands of Shannon Aurl, a co-worker of Lois and Clark's.

She sat down in the chair Lois had recently vacated, and Jimmy came over to put the garter on her. He pushed it up slightly over her knee and they both blushed. Shannon's face was almost as red as her hair.

When the excitement died down, Lois and Clark went up for the last dance. The DJ announced through his microphone, "OK, this will be the bride and groom's dance. The bride has requested that it be "The Woman in Me" by Shania Twain."

The music started, and Clark held Lois close to him as they swayed to the song.

I'm not always strong

And sometimes I'm even wrong

But I win when I choose

And I can't stand to lose

But I can't always be

The rock that you see

When the nights get too long

And I just can't go on

The woman in me

Needs you to be

The man in my arms

To hold tenderly

'Cause I'm a woman in love

And it's you I run to

Yeah, the woman in me

Needs the man in you

When the world wants too much

And it feels cold and out of touch

It's a beautiful place

When you kiss my face

The woman in me

Needs you to be

The man in my arms

To hold tenderly

'Cause I'm a woman in love

And it's you I run to

Yeah, the woman in me

Needs the man in you

Yeah, the woman in me

Needs the man in you

Then the song was over, and it was time to leave for… home! They were going to leave for their honeymoon that night, so now they were going to Clark's apartment, which was crammed almost to the bursting point with Lois and Clark's stuff.

They got up to the door of 344 Clinton and Clark unlocked the door. He lifted Lois into his arms and carried her over the threshold. He set her down in the living room. "Everything ready for the honeymoon?"

"Well, Clark, I was thinking. If we go to Hawaii, we'll feel obliged to go places and do things, right?"

"And it would be pointless to go to Hawaii if all we are going to do is remain in the hotel room?"

"That's what I was thinking."

"You know what I think?"


"I think you're right. We've waited too long for this moment as it is, and now that it's here, why waste time?" He grinned.

"The honeymoon location has been officially changed from Hawaii to your bedroom, then, Clark."

He leaned forward and kissed her softly, slowly, but with love. She returned the kiss, adding in some of her own fire. She moved her lips to Clark's ear and whispered hotly, "I think we're overdressed for the occasion, don't you?"

"Patience, patience, my dear, everything in time," he teased, but began slowly undressing her. She returned the favor, as they floated into the bedroom. Clark lowered her to the bed.

In the morning, they were on the ceiling, stunned. "Clark," Lois said, "That was the best thing that has ever happened to me, ever."

"I know what you mean," Clark said.

"How'd we get up here?"

"Um, I don't really know. I think we floated up."

"I guess there are all sorts of advantages to being married to Superman, huh?" They both laughed.

"Like what?"

"To coin a phrase, 'he's faster than a speeding bullet'."

Clark looked at her. "I guess that does have a double meaning, now doesn't it?"

And Lois just grinned.