Short Short Fanfic

By Jennifer L. Adkins ( )

Summary: Martha and Lois prepare a different supersuit for Clark, but he's dubious of this new fashion statement. :-)

All characters in the following story belong to WB, ABC, et. al. I posted this on a while back, but I didn't send it to the fanfic list because it is so short. Events in the comics have made me think about it again, so here it is.


"Please, Clark?"


"Just think about it."

"I'd feel stupid!"

"Now, your mother worked hard on this, you could at least try it."


"The doctor said that we should try this. The problem could be yours…"

"Lois! Everyone is used to the original! They'll ask questions."

"Just tell them that your mother made it for you, and your wife is making you wear it."

"Yeah, right."

So, over Metropolis that night, Superman was sighted wearing boxers instead of briefs. :P