My Girl

By Katie (just Katie)

Summary: A scene from a movie they are watching triggers memories for Lois and Clark. A short pre-relationship story.


Lois Lane sighed and leaned against her partner and best friend, Clark Kent's muscular arm. She had known him for almost two years, but she still couldn't get over just how … solid he really was. There were even times when she couldn't help but think of him in another way- but, no, that would be too weird. Her and Clark? It just didn't seem right.

"Lois, you want something to drink?" Clark pulled away from Lois and headed towards the kitchen.

"Sure, why not?" Lois grinned and settled back into the warm spot he had left on the sofa. "Oh, wait, you're gonna miss the best part!"

"Lois, I've seen this movie a million times already."

"So have I, but I never get tired of it." Lois grinned- they were watching "My Girl," at Lois' insistence. She had loved that movie since the first time she had seen it, months ago.

"Aw, they're so adorable. God, I remember my first kiss." Lois smiled as Anna Chlumsky and Macauly Caulkin shared a first kiss by the lake. "I was twelve years old."

"Really?" called Clark. "I was thirteen. It happened in Metropolis, as a matter of fact." Clark stepped back into the living room and handed Lois her drink.

"What happened?" Lois turned towards Clark eagerly- she loved to hear stories about his childhood.

"I was visiting my cousin Angelica, who's a year younger than me, and she dragged me along with her to a Friday night dance at Metropolis Middle School. I was feeling kind of shy, so she grabbed me and kind of forced me to dance with one of her friends."

"Angelica DeSmet? I know her! We were friends for years!"

"She's the one," answered Clark.

"Always playing the match maker- she forced me to dance with some guy at a dance once, too- it was my first kiss, as a matter of fact. We were dancing, and he was kind of reserved and shy-ish, but he smelled really good-" Lois leaned in towards Clark, just a smidge.

"She was wearing this adorable white dress, and she had dark brown hair, the girl Angelica made me dance with- I remember thinking she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen." He stole a sidelong glance at Lois.

"I was feeling kind of awkward, because he was older." She tilted her head up to meet his gaze, and held it for just a fraction of a second.

"The song was over way too soon. I tightened my arms around her waist, and she looked me in the eyes-" Clark rested his hand on Lois' arm, gingerly.

"He looked at me so tenderly, just as the song was ending, and I wanted to kiss him more than anything in the world. So I did." With that, Lois pressed her lips against Clark's, and gave him a gentle kiss, which quickly intensified. As they kissed hungrily, a sudden realization dawned on both of them, and they pulled back, amazed, speaking in one voice-

"That was YOU?"