I'm Like a Bird in a Guilded Cave

By Sara Kraft (skfolc@hotmail.com)

Summary: Third in the author's series of "journal entries" detailing the hold "Lois & Clark" has over its fans ... um, at least one fan. :-) The series begins with "Losing a Grip on Reality."


This is gonna have to be short ... Daniel still checks on me every 20 minutes. Under the circumstances, I was surprised when they said I could still watch Lois and Clark. I learned very quickly that they just wanted to 'monitor my progress'. Every twitch or smirk that I made was looked upon as a setback. So every Sunday at about that time, I make like it's no big deal ... just a tv show ... I don't run to the tv (although I make sure I'm there just in time), I don't appear to be hysterically happy (at least on the outside) ... I just sit down and watch L&C like it were any other, normal show.

Thanks to my acting classes at school, this arrangement worked just fine ... for a while. TPTB ... oohhh ... darn them!!!! I wasn't as easy to stay neutral when I saw those three dreaded words To Be Continued ... AARGHHHHH!!!!!! I still can't stand them. I wasn't expecting those words ... on that week. It hadn't even crossed my mind ... you know ... we had just started a new season ... TPTB wouldn't be that mean that soon. But no, they were. But there it was ... right across the bottom of the screen ... right after Lois's conviction. I couldn't handle it ... I screamed. No make that a screaming, punching and kicking tantrum. Daniel and my father (I thought he was on my side) had to turn off the tv and restrain me. They didn't even let me see the teaser for the next show!! They strapped me down to the bed ... as if I were one of those psychotic mental patients that need to be put in rubber rooms and tied down to their beds at night so they won't hurt themselves.

So much for progress. EVIL ... EVIL ... EVIL ... Lex must be working behind the scenes at my shrink's office ... or maybe Dieter is the head doc ...

Worse off than being strapped to my bed, they searched my room. Like I had anything to hide ... they took ALL my L&C memoribillia and my secret stash of fanfic. Thank god they didn't find my laptop ... it's the only thing that's keeping me sane ... that and the mental videos of all the L&C videos ... the ones that I can watch as many times as I want to, when ever I want to ... the only ones they can't take away.

OOhh ... look ... it's 7:03 ... dinner time. Maybe there will be chocolate for dessert.