The Biggest Surprise of All

By Pamela Mariano ( )

Summary: An alternate ending to the episode "AKA Superman" — what would have happened if Lois and Clark had returned home before the surprise party arrived.

Author's Note: This is my alternate ending to A.K.A Superman. What would have happened if Lois & Clark got home before the guests arrived to surprise Clark.


"Now that was one of my more interesting birthdays," Clark said with a small smile as he led them into the vestibule of their house.

"I'm sorry, Clark, I really tried to pull off a party for you," Lois said while she started searching her bag for her keys.

"That's okay," Clark said. "I liked this better anyway."

She glanced at him and said, "You sure?"

"Yeah, just you and me…" He said.

"Alone at last," she finished absentmindedly. The words came back to her. She looked into his eyes, dropped her stuff and kissed Clark passionately.

Clark's hands found their way under her jacket which he pulled off quickly. He unlocked the door. They fell inside; the door quickly closed behind them.

Clark immediately started to unbutton her blouse while Lois started to unbutton his shirt. She placed her hand inside in hopes of feeling his skin, but only felt his suit. She ripped his shirt open and pulled it off, she started looking for the tiny zipper in the back to undo the suit. She started to unzip it when she heard Clark gasp.

He quickly grabbed their stuff and dove behind their couch and started to kiss her again.

Lois finally got the suit off and it got pushed under the couch.

They heard the door open and the lights flick on. It was Perry and about thirty other people. They started decorating the house when they heard Lois laugh. They saw them and quickly left without a word.

As soon as they left Lois & Clark started laughing. "I think you actually got your part, Clark." Lois said between giggles.

"You're right!" Clark said with a smile. They went back to making out.


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