A Little Kent in Their Future

By Megan Sullivan (lessa1@geocities.com)

Summary: Clark uses his "vision gizmo" on Lois to discover that, yes, a little Kent is on the way. They can't wait to tell Perry and the Kents the good news.

{I began this before 'It's a Small World After All'. This is only my second attempt at fanfiction, so be kind. I'm only a YOUT (as my mom would say). :) I wrote this story for all you Folcs who were wondering what would happen if Lois and Clark had kids. Here's my guess. Thanks to everyone on listserv who helped with some of the finer details. For fun, I added a couple of subtle jokes in the story. See if you can catch any of them. Send a note if you find them.}


One beautiful morning, Clark Kent awoke, and reached over for his wife, Lois Lane-Kent. But she wasn't there. He immediately used his superhearing to find out where in the apartment she was. He heard her in the bathroom, vomiting. He sighed and got out of bed. He walked over to the door and knocked on it gently.

"Lois, honey, are you all right?" This wasn't the first morning Clark had found her in the bathroom.

After a moment, Lois opened the door and leaned in the doorway. She gave him a weak smile.

"I'm great. Just great."

"Hon, you've been sick every morning for almost two weeks. What's going on?"

"Clark, you may want to sit down for this…"

"Why?" he interrupted. "What's wrong? Are you sick?"

"No, no. Nothing like that. Clark, I think I might be pregnant."

"Really?" Clark exclaimed. "Lois, that's great!" He picked her up and gently spun her around.

"Hey, Clark, watch the spinning. I've had enough nausea for one day."

"Oh. Sorry. Are you positive you're pregnant?"

"You mean you can't tell?"

"I don't know. I've never tried that."

"Well, here's your chance."

He shrugged his shoulders. "I guess I could give it a try. He stared at her abdomen and, using his x-ray vision, examined her. After a second, a huge grin appeared on his face. "Lois, you were right. You're pregnant!"

Lois got a huge grin on her face. "And all thanks to your cool vision gizmo. Well, first things first. We have to tell veryone."

"All right. Well, since we do have to go to work today, how about starting there?"


Perry was more than happy for them. He was ecstatic. "Lois, Clark, that's wonderful! Congratulations! Have you told the rest of the staff yet?"

"Actually, Chief," said Clark, "you're the first person we told."

Perry was flabbergasted. "Wow. I'm honored. Do you plan to tell the rest of the staff?"

"No, Perry. We're just going to wait until I look like a whale and see if they can guess."

A voice came calling from the main office. "Chief?"

"Be there in a second," he replied. "Congratulations again." He left the room.

Clark leaned over and whispered into her ear. "I don't think you'll ever look like a whale."

"Thanks, Clark."


Lois and Clark managed to get the rest of the day off, so they decided to take a trip to Smallville to visit Jonathan and Martha Kent. They didn't tell their news to the Kents immediately. They decided to keep it a secret, at least for a few minutes.

"Lois! Clark!" exclaimed Martha. "It's so nice to see you two here."

"What's the occasion?" questioned Jonathan.

Clark and Lois glanced at each other and smiled secretly.

"Jonathan!" scorned Martha. "They don't have to have a reason to come and visit. Maybe they just wanted to be friendly."

"Maybe they just wanted a home cooked meal."

"Mom! Dad! Maybe we'll tell you later."

"Sorry, son. You too, Lois. I really am glad to see you two."

Clark felt like he was ready to explode. He had to tell them. They were his parents. They had just left the room, so he whispered to Lois. "I don't know how long I can wait before telling them."

"I know exactly what you mean. Your mother is like my best friend. She's the only woman that I know who I can talk to without worrying about revealing the fact that you're Superman."

"What kind of stuff do you two talk about?"

"You know. Stuff."

"Like what?"

"Things that I can't talk to you about."

"You don't tell her about us… do you?"

She looked guilty. "Who else am I supposed to talk to?"

"But she's my mother!" he exclaimed.

She just shrugged her shoulders at him. "Anyway, to get back to the original subject, let's tell them now."

"Right now?"

"Yes. Right now."

"What about right now?" asked Martha as she and Jonathan came back into the room.

Clark and Lois glanced quickly at each other. She nodded to him.

"Mom, Dad, sit down. Lois and I have something that we need to tell you."

"What is it, son?" asked Jonathan, looking concerned.

"Don't worry. Nothing is wrong," said Lois

"In fact," said Clark, "Something is very good."

"Okay, I give. What are you two talking about?" asked Martha.

"Well," said Clark, "How do you two feel about being grandparents?"

"Clark!" exclaimed Martha. "Are you saying… Are you…"

"Come on, Martha," said Jonathan. "Spit it out."

"Lois, are you pregnant?"

An enormous grin spread across Lois's face. "Yes."

Both Martha and Jonathan spoke at once.

"Oh my God!" squealed Martha.

"Congratulations!" exclaimed Jonathan.


Needless to say, the Kents were more than happy for their son and daughter-in-law. But talking to them raised a few questions for Lois and Clark. Martha mentioned that she would be there for them if they needed any help raising a 'superchild'. This was something that neither of them had considered. Back at home, they discussed this possibility.

"Clark, what if this baby gets superpowers? How do we deal with a kid who can lift furniture?"

"The same way that my parents did. It can't be that hard. Not to be insulting, Lois, but I do have superpowers, too. We'll just have to be sure we set limits for this child, so it's not flying around the world 24-7."

"You're right, Clark. I guess I'm just being paranoid. But what happens if my pregnancy causes someone to find out that you're Superman? I have to get prenatal care. Couldn't a doctor figure that out?"

"Lois, I don't know. Don't worry. No one will know."

"But what if…"

He interrupted her by planting a long, slow kiss on her lips. "Now. Can we save these worries until they come up? We may not ever have to worry about them. So," he said as he kissed her neck. "What do you say? Can we save this?"

Lois was convinced and was becoming even more and more so by Clark's kisses. "All right, all right. I'll stop. I've never been happier, Clark. I can't wait to be a parent."


for now