Someone Knows

By Miss Emily Jerome ( )

Summary: The diary account of a girl who runs into Superman at the park, asks him some precocious questions, happens to bump into Clark Kent … and makes an interesting comparison. Just goes to show, as one of this story's subtitles states, "13-year-olds are not as galactically stupid as some may think."

Authors Note: All these characters (excluding Amy) belong to DC Comics in association with Warner Brothers, December 3rd Productions, and ABC. Used without permission… yada', yada', yada'. FYI, Amy is based on me… very much so. I think the only difference is the name and actually meeting SMan. :) I got this idea after watching Season's Greedings again and wondering if maybe a 'mere child' figured it out. This is what I came up with. Please tell me what you think!! "I beg of you…" :P

Someone Knows -or- 13 Year Olds are Not as Glactically Stupid as Some May Think -or- Hello, Duh! Clark Kent IS Superman -or- Amy's Diary -or- Yet Another Story Written by Miss Em -or- You May Just as Well Skip Over This One -or- Lois is an Idiot

(Just pick which one you like the best. <g>)


Monday, July 1, 1996

Dear Diary:

Hello. You are (obviously… duh!) my new diary. I know quite a bit about you, like you were made in Korea, but you don't know much about me. I guess I should share. My name is Amy Spikerlin and I live in Metropolis, New Troy. I am now 13 years old. I do pretty in school (GPA of 3.83 from this school year) and am going to be in eighth grade (ninth grade math). I don't watch much TV but I love music and am obsessed with computers. I have dark, curly hair and hazel eyes. Oh, did I mention a lot of the time I feel useless and a lot of people treat me that way. Well, that's not important. Sorry if I'm not saying the right things here. I have never really done this 'diary' thing for more than four days before — I don't have enough consternation. I doubt that this time will be any different, but it's worth a try. (That's what I have said every other time I have tried this.)

Well, today a few big things happened. First off, I got you. You are my 'summer project' of sorts. Also, today I actually met HIM. Superman. As soon as he came to Metropolis I have been obsessed with him, so this was a really big thing. I guess that this book is meant to share everything with, so I guess I'll do just that.

It was interesting. Strange. He just seemed to appear, but yes, I know he flew in. It was just unusual. He flew right in front of this bench I was sitting on and started up a conversation. First, he asked me if I knew who he was. DID I KNOW WHO HE WAS!?! HOW COULD I NOT??? Well, I was a little more friendly than that, I said, "Of course I know who you are! Who doesn't?" He seemed a little embarrassed — I'm not sure if it was because he was shocked that he was so well known or because he realized it was a stupid question a little too late. Either way, he was embarrassed. We just talked about noting for about 15 minutes until he said that he had to go. He said something about a call for help, but it seemed to me that he had other plans. I didn't really mind — he was SUPERMAN! He could tell a little white lie to me and I wouldn't care. Anyway, there was one part of our conversation that sticks out in my head. I had asked him if he was 'involved'. His eyes grew large… no, HUGE, and he said "WHAT??" I asked again and he said, "Yes, I heard your question. It's just I wasn't expecting it." "So?" "No… of course not." "Well, why not?" I asked. "You're Superman, it's not like every female over 12 across the nation isn't willing!" "Because…" he started to answer, "because I am Superman. Superman doesn't get 'involved' with one woman." It seemed simple, but I heard something else in his voice — something that led me to believe otherwise. However, right before he left he said that he would try to meet up with me again. I asked him how and again his answer was simple — "I'm Superman. I'll find you." I am walking on air, but yet I am not going to tell anyone. At least I probably won't.



"So, where have YOU been? Out saving the world again?" Lois asked Clark sarcastically.

"No, I was NOT out saving the world. And just for giving me that sarcastic tone of voice, I refuse to tell you where I have been. Who are you anyway? Some FBI agent?" Clark responded with even more sarcasm in his voice.

"Please, Clark? Have I told you lately that I love you?" Lois put on the best lost little girl/sad puppy/hopeful look that she could muster.

"Who could resist a look like that? I doubt that even Superman could." Clark said with a grin.


"If you must know, I started my new campaign today."

"Your new campaign?"

"That's what I said."

"And what new campaign would this be? Is it something that you haven't shared with me, your soon-to-be wife? I'm hurt, Clark." Lois said, trying not to grin.

"Ha, ha Lois. You, hurt. Somehow I just can't believe it."

"Clark, out with it. Since you continue to keep this from me I am getting worried. I'm afraid that it was your new 'find a new and improved significant other' campaign."

"No, no, no. Of course not. It was not really MY campaign at all — it was Superman's new "make friends with Metropolis campaign."

"And this would be…?"

"Well, since it seems that Metropolis has been going through an all time crime low I decided that it was the perfect time to make Superman seem more accessible to the public. Just try to make some more 'friends'. You never know, this may keep people from making guesses on Superman's alter- ego." Finally Clark told Lois what he had been up too.

"Okay, that's fair. So, who were you talking to?"

"Some kid — I think her name was Amy something. I'd guess her to be 13 or 14. Really sweet. Seemed to have some self-esteem problems though. I guess a lot of kids that age do though."

"Just as long as this wasn't some really beautiful, mature, 13 year old I don't have a problem with it."

"Nope, she wasn't really that beautiful at all. A little cute, but nothing spectacular. And NOTHING compared to you. She was kinda' mature, but not as mature as a 30 year old. The worst part was that she babbled."

"Clark, by the way, no, I am not a FBI agent. I am the better half of Lane & Kent." Lois said with a smile.


Friday, June 12, 1996

Dear Diary:

Hello again. I told you that I am not very good at this diary thing. It's been what, 11 days? Well, today I met him again. Yes, Superman. He didn't lie, he came back. We didn't talk about much this time either. He asked me a few questions about myself. It almost seemed that he was used to it… that he was used to interviewing people. His questions were simple, what my age was and stuff like that. I really hope that I didn't babble. People have told me I do that. Today I had another star-sighting. I saw Lois Lane and Clark Kent — the hottest reporting team. Well, it was a little more than a star 'sighting', but not much more. I knocked into Clark while walking near the Daily Planet building. Somehow, this was kinda' strange. I said sorry at the same time he said sorry and he looked me right in the eye with this little smile on his face. I would swear that I saw this look — this FACE somewhere before, but I just couldn't make it all fit. Probably just my imagination running away with me again.



"So, how's your campaign going?" Lois asked with a smile.

"Oh, it's been okay. The only person I've really talked to is Amy though. I found out that that IS her name. Amy Spikerlin. She is 13. I was right on that too."

"I still want to see her."

"You have."

"Oh yeah, when?"

"You know that girl I bumped into today?"


"That was her."

"Your right, nothing spectacular." Lois said with a smile.


Monday, July 29, 1996

Dear Diary,

Me yet again. What, another 17 days. These entries are few and far between, I know. I'm not good at this. Well, today I have something useful to write! In the past two and a half weeks I have talked to Superman two more times and talked, yes TALKED, to Clark Kent once. It has clicked, but I'll get to my big news in a minute. The two times that I talked to Superman were the same thing. Nothing important. Just that I got used to the look of his face. (That ends up being more than you may think.) My talk with Clark Kent was today. It seems that the Daily Planet was doing some series of stories on today's youth, and since it has been a 'slow news month' as Clark put it, both he and Lois were interviewing 'today's youth'. I always seem to look at a person very carefully when I meet them, just as I had done with Superman. He asked me questions and everything seemed so familiar. It was so strange. Then it clicked! I DID know Clark Kent. CLARK KENT WAS SUPERMAN!!! Of course I discovered this towards the end of the interview so I didn't get to say anything. I may have to call him. I wonder if Ms. Lane knows. I would like to think so, I mean they ARE engaged…



"So Lois, how did your interview go?"

"Oh, it was fine. I was just hoping for something more exciting. Brian was your typical 16 year old C student. Nothing spectacular — nothing fun."

"I'm sorry you didn't have fun, but neither did I. I was interviewing Amy. At least I did find out more about her."

"Like?" Lois pushed on, always wanting to know more.

"She has a 3.83 GPA with high hopes of a 4.0. She loves music and loves to sing. Apparently an aspiring Christian recording artist."

"Oh, well that's nice. You don't hear that one every day. Brian had no idea what he wanted to be and didn't really care."

"Amy also loves computers. She is really nice, just kinda' normal. But not really… it's hard to explain."

"Yeah, I think I was the same kind of kid when I was little."


Thursday, August 8, 1996 (1 PM)

Dear Diary,

I called Clark today asking him to meet me somewhere. At first he seemed kinda' worried, until I told him I wanted to see him because "I knew." After I said this he seemed even more worried. He said that he would meet me at Metropolis Union Station in an hour. Well, half an hour from now. I better be going.



Thursday, August 8, 1996 (4 PM)

Dear Diary,

I just got back from my meeting with Mr. Kent. He was really nice. I got straight to the point. "I know who you REALLY are," I said.

"I knew this was coming. Just a feeling I had. One correction though, this is who I *REALLY* am. *He* is my alter-ego."

"Oh, sorry. If you don't mind me asking, does Ms. Lane know?"

"Yes! Of course she knows."

"Just making sure."

"Now, I have a question to ask. Have you told anyone?"

"No. Of course not."

I didn't tell him that I had told *you*. I don't think you count.

"Good. Well, just don't tell anyone. Please."

"I never would even think of it!"

"So, do you have any questions?"

"Well, yeah, one. I was just wondering why you didn't tell anyone."

"Because it would put me in danger. It would put my loved ones in danger. I couldn't even imagine doing that. And if I was put in danger, Metropolis may be put in danger. I also just wanted to live a life as a normal person, but on the other hand I couldn't bare to just let things happen knowing I *could have* controlled them."

"That makes sense. I guess it must be hard."

"Yes, very hard. It's also hard on the people around me."

Our conversation kinda' went on like this for awhile. I asked him a lot of questions and he asked me questions. Then, when it was all over, he said something that sticks out in my mind more than anything. "By the way, I'm surprised you figured it out this quick. You have known me for what, a little over a month?"

"Yep. It wasn't that hard to figure out."

He laughed and said, "It took Lois three years and she was around both me and the other me everyday. Even thought she loved the other one. And yet it took half of 'the best reporting team in town' three years. It's kinda' surprising to find out that a 13 year old can catch on roughly 36 times quicker than a 30 year old."

"Yeah know, not all 13 year olds are idiots. But don't tell Ms. Lane that I called her an idiot, 'cause I didn't."



"Lois, Amy knows."


"Amy knows."

"Knows what?!? Please don't say that she knows who you are."

"Yep, that's exactly what I'm saying. Amy figured out in a month that Clark Kent and Superman were the same person. And if you don't mind me saying, it took you *THREE* years."

"She didn't tell anyone did she?!? And yes, I know that it took me three years — you don't have to rub it in my face."

"No, she didn't tell anyone."

"Well, how can you be sure? How can you believe some 13 year old."

"Because I *TRUST* this 13 year old. And I wouldn't be calling THIS 13 year old 'some 13 year old.' She DID figure it out WAY before you!"

"Oh fine, I trust you. And, like I think I already said, don't rub the three year thing in my face."

"Yeah, whatever. By the way, she called you an idiot…"


Saturday, August 11, 1996

Dear Diary,

Well, this is the last time I will be writing to you. Like Mr. Kent said, I shouldn't tell anyone. You never know who could find this. I mean, Anne Frank had her diary published! I have decided to burn this little book. Just a few thoughts before I do so.

I know something big. Something REALLY big. Something that no more than 6 people (I have heard the Lex Luthor has found out) know. This is amazing. It is like putting a child in charge of watching the vial that holds the last of the small pox germ. Something that has to be protected with utmost care. Something that most people wouldn't even think of entrusting in a 'mere child' but yet it has been so. I feel really, truly important for the first time in my life. It is a wonderful responsibility, but yet kind of frightening. I can't help but think of what would happen if I accidentally told this secret. I can just pray that I don't screw this up.

Why is it that some people don't think that 13 year olds are intelligent? That a 13 year old can't take care of themselves. That a 13 year old isn't more mature? I guess these are something's that will never change. At least in a short 17 years I won't have to worry about being treated like 'a yungin''. If people that are older than me are so smart, why aren't they smart enough to know that all teenagers aren't the same? There are some questions to ponder.



"Hello, is Miss Amy Spikerlin there?" Lois Lane said into her phone receiver.

"Yes, this is Amy."

"Hello Amy. Lois Lane. Nice to be talking to you after hearing so much about you."

"Yes, nice to hear from you too. Clark is really great. So is Superman," Amy said with a smile.

"Yeah, I know. Anyway, I guess I should just get to the point. I have heard that you think I am an idiot…"