by Karin Tessin (aka Volley) (

Summary: A poem about the insanity FoLCs suffer while waiting for new episodes to air. Here's a poem I wrote out of complete insanity. What TPTB are doing to us FOLCs is very unfair. All Warner Brothers and DC disclaimers apply. Please send any comments. They are all welcomed.


I've had it

It's driving me insane


Is one big pain

April 28th

Is a long way off

To see Teri's episode

TPTB may end in a trough

The FOLCs are upset

We don't understand

Why we have to wait

All across this land

We're sick of reruns

Because we have them on tape

We can see Teri

And Dean in his cape

"It's a Small World After All"

Written by Teri

It's the next new episode

Then we'll be merry