The Fugitive

By Amy Sams (

Summary: A poem based on the episode "Dead Lois Walking," in which Superman busts Lois out of jail.

This poem is based on the Lois and Clark episode "Dead Lois Walking", which is the episode where Lois is accused of murder and is broken out of jail by Superman. All the Characters of course are from ABC network. I hope that you enjoy it!!


There Lois sits alone in her cell, Where is Superman, only time can tell. She dreams of Superman flying her away, No one awake, all alone, nothing to say.

"There you are, I dreamed of you," she said, Clark looked around and glanced at the bed. With no effort he cradles her up in his arms, And with the speed if light, he smashes through the bars.

A fugitive she is now, alone with her Clark, They listened to the radio as they hurriedly parked. Into the hotel room, hoping to hideout, There was a beating on the door, Lois began to cry out.

"Have you seen her, 'Mad Dog Lois'," the cop said, They both heard a creak and Clark shook his head. He sighed with relief as he closed the door behind him Lois looked very worried, Clark said don't even mind him.

We've got to figure out who's behind this Clark said, They looked at all the names on the list, full of dread Being a hard fitting newswoman is easier than it used to be To know what happens next, watch the episode you'll see.

Long hair and sun glasses, Lois is disguised Somewhere deeply hidden, they will find the truth that lies. "Stay here, Lois, and don't do anything dramatic." "Yeah right," said Lois, and she began to panic.

A murder takes place killing Lois' accuser Superman shows up, He knew he knew her. All of the action was caught on video tape To the Planet he flew, with his bright red cape.

He shows it to Olsen and examines it carefully Using his supervision, he spots the old bully "I think I know who's behind this," he glances at Jimmy He flew back to Lois, people of the press, he sees

Seeing a reflection in the mirror, he knew who was behind this He flew back to Lois to tell her the good news. "What did you find out," asked Lois, full of fear "With the information that I've found, I sense the bully near."

For who could have ever framed her; Lois Lane Who would have put her through such torture and pain Discussing matters carefully and thinking through it all Clark glanced behind him, Mad Dog Lois they did call.

Hearing this Clark takes a chance in his actions Press surrounded a speaker, gave Clark satisfaction Clark knocks him down, and secretly grabs the bullet, he finds "How did you do that?" Lois exclaims, he goes to Dr. Kline.

I have government orders to remove the Hydron Kryptonite Dr. Kline looked confused, and Superman was out of sight Another hallucination, caused by Lois' accuser By hallucination they framed Lois, Dr Kline certainly knew her.

So they figure out the mystery, framed by hallucination It didn't take long to get Lois' clarification. Lois Lane Cleared, was the headline that day It was all forgotten, there was no more to say.