A FoLC's Revenge

By Karen Thompkins (brianamarie@carolina.rr.com)

Summary: A short crossover between Lois & Clark and "The Lion King."

Authors note: All characters were borrowed and I don't expect to be paid for this. Lois, Clark, and Superman belong to DC, Warner Bros., and anyone else who has a cut in the fame and money. The animals are not technically borrowed, just alluded to, since I did not use names. I mean no real harm to those characters, since I do like the movie. But let this be a lesson to all who interfere with my weekly fix! As they say, 'Hakana Matata,' FoLCs!


Lois was sitting at her desk working on an article when she noticed Clark get up. She looked up at him.

"A fire in Africa. It's threatening to burn up a village," he explained. Lois nodded, and Clark rushed out of the newsroom, to be seen a moment later flying past the window in his suit.

After about an hour of fighting the fire, Superman finally stopped it. As he was flying home, he noticed a strange sight on a rock formation. On the rock were the burnt carcasses of a couple of lions, a warthog, a meercat, a bird, and a monkey. He shrugged it off and flew home.