All I Want for Christmas Is You

By JJ (

Summary: Lois wishes Clark would give her his undivided attention on Christmas Eve.


It had been a very busy week for Lois and Clark Kent. There were only three shopping days left before Christmas, the Daily Planet was very busy, and Superman was needed twice as much as usual. Finally, Christmas Eve arrived, and Lois and Clark had planned a special romantic candlelit dinner at their house. Lois was dressed in a dark green velvet dress that was very short. Clark was dressed in a tan colored shirt, and black pants. They each thought that the other one looked hot.

"You look wonderful, Mrs. Kent," Clark told Lois, happy that they finally were able to share his last name.

"You don't look half bad yourself," Lois told her husband.

Clark pulled a chair out for Lois and Lois sat down. Clark brought out the food. Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, yams, and stuffing. "This looks delicious," Lois said. Clark pulled down his glasses, and with his heat vision, lit the candles. This would be the first night in a long time that Lois wouldn't have to share Clark with the rest of the world. They each piled their plates with food. They were about to start eating when Clark cocked his head to one side. Lois knew what that meant, and reluctantly she said, "Go, honey. I'll wait for you before I eat dinner." Clark got up and gave her a kiss.

"You're the best," he told her and zoomed off. Lois got up from the dinner table.

"The best," she repeated. "Why do I have to be the best? Why can't I be selfish one night out of the year, and tell him to let people die? I don't want to be the BEST! I'm tired of it!" Lois started crying. "I don't want any kind of gift this year except for Clark. I want Clark to come home, scoop me up in his muscular arms and kiss me. That's what I want for Christmas." She turned on the radio and the song, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was playing 'How fitting,' Lois thought to herself. All of the sudden, there was a knock on the door that interrupted Lois' thoughts. She looked through the peephole. It was Clark! She opened the door and threw herself into his waiting arms. "Clark! You're back!" she exclaimed. "Why did you knock?"

"I wanted to make sure that you weren't mad and would open the door," Clark explained.

"I wasn't expecting you back so soon," Lois said, letting go of Clark but leading him inside.

"The truth is… I never went. I turned back around and changed," Clark admitted.

"Why didn't you go?" Lois asked.

"I've been leaving you so much this week and now it's Christmas Eve. The world can live without me for one or two days out of the year. But you need me."

"Every day," Lois said. She kissed him. And they never let go of each other all night.