Big Girls Do Fly

By Beth Guide (

Summary: A vignette that picks up at the end of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly." Will Clark return from New Krypton, and when?

This is my first attempt at fanfic so I hope you guys will be kind. Since BGDF has aired I have toyed around with the idea of how tptb were going to deal with this little problem. I have worked out many different scenarios but I wanted to try my hand at writing one myself. Please let me know how you like it.


"Lois, I love you," Clarks voice trailed off into the dark night. Lois flopped down on her sofa, clutching her pillow tightly. Tears slowly followed, one after another down her face. She could not believe that instead of sitting eating dinner with Clark she was actually facing an unknown future without him. He had only been gone hours, yet she longed to feel his arms around her, his lips on hers. It seemed like an eternity.

"Why did I let you go," she yelled to her empty apartment, firing the pillow across the room nearly hitting the lamp. "Clark, how am I going to live without you?" Her words reached him, causing him to grimace at the pain he heard in Lois' voice. He began playing with Lois' ring that hung from around his neck.


Lois finally had sobbed herself to sleep. Restlessly, she tossed and turned on the couch until the phone woke her. "Lois, it's Jonathan, just wanted to see if you were all right," the voice said gently into the phone.

"I'm okay, I guess," Lois replied unconvincingly weak.

"Well, I just wanted to let you know that Martha and I have decided to stay at Clark's for awhile. We think it's what's best for all of us. We should all be together for a while."

"I think that's a great idea," Lois said, almost sounding relieved they were staying."

"Well, honey, I'm gonna let you go now. Sleep well. This will all be okay. Clark will be back soon."

Lois returned to the sofa and tried to drift back to sleep. The tears in her eyes made them burn. But she knew the only mental relief she would get was through sleep. At least she didn't have to totally be aware of her dreams.

Just as she was almost out, she felt a woosh of air go by. She didn't pay it much attention because she thought it was her mind playing tricks on her.

"Lois, honey, it's me. Wake up. I changed my mind and have decided to stay."

Lois reluctantly opened her eyes not knowing if what she heard was real or not. It was. She reach up and grabbed him, grabbing on to him as if they had been apart for 5 years not 5 hours.