Best Friends

By Karin Tessin (aka Volley) (

Summary: A poem about Lois & Clark's friendship.

Author's Note: All disclaimers apply to Warner Bros. and DC Comic characters used. Please send comments. I need them. I hope everybody can keep their sanity throughout this summer. I hope this little poem helps in that.


Lois and Clark Are each other's best friend They tell each other things And help each other mend

They've been through the good And through the bad They started out as partners And tried to make each other mad

They started to grow closer And then they became scared They had little fights, But they really cared

Mayson came along And Lois got jealous She couldn't understand Why Clark put up the fuss

Lois didn't understand why Clark put up with her Then Dan came along And became one big burr

They got through it Just like any other time They will always remain the best of friends And that ends this little rhyme.