Bad Guys are After Clark/Superman and Lois Can't Help

By JJ (

Summary: Lex Luthor stalks Lois and Clark.


Clark was headed from the Daily Planet with his wife, none other than Lois Kent, who at this time was eight months pregnant. Lois and Clark had received bad news. Lex had escaped from jail, and was after Clark. He even broke into Star Labs' kryptonite vault and wiped out all of the kryptonite. Lois and Clark had to watch every where they were. Lex escaped a week ago and so far hadn't bothered them. They walked into their house. They were in it for about five minutes when Clark heard a scream for help.

"Lois, someone's in trouble. Will you be OK alone?" Clark asked spinning into Superman.

"Yeah, honey, I'll be fine," Lois said kissing him.

"Stay here," Superman said firmly and flew out of the window. No sooner had he left, when Lex walked into the door.

"Hi, Lois," Lex said. Lois gasped and stood up quickly.

"Oh no," she finally said.

"Don't worry, we won't go anywhere until Clark comes back," Lex assured her, "but I don't have all night so if you don't yell for him right now, I'll kill you without thinking twice."

"Clark! Help me!" Lois screamed. Superman just finished rescuing someone when he heard Lois yell. He quickly dashed away and sped home. He jumped through the window and saw Lois standing at gun point, Lex holding the gun. "I'm sorry, Clark, he made me yell. Don't hate me," Lois pleaded.

"It's OK, honey," Superman soothed her, and spun around back to Clark. "What do you want, Lex?"

"I want you both to follow me," Lex said. Lois and Clark followed, and Lois squeezed Clark's hand. Lex took them to an abandoned building. He threw them in a room with one window, and tossed seven pieces of kryptonite in with them. Clark fell on the floor immediately.

"Ohh!" he yelled grabbing his chest. Then all of the sudden, Lois did the same thing.

"Ohhhhhh!" she screamed painfully holding her stomach as she fell to the ground. When she did this, Clark was able to stop thinking of his pain, and think of her.

"Lois! What's wrong?!" he asked anxiously.

"Clark, it's-it's effecting the baby! It hurts so badly!" she yelled. Clark saw the window and got an idea. As much as it hurt him, he picked up the kryptonite, and threw them all out of the window. Since he had gotten so close to the kryptonite, he fell back on the ground, but quickly crawled to Lois' side, where she still lay in pain.

"Lois, are you OK?" he asked cradling her in his arms.

"I think so. Are you OK? You got so close to the kryptonite. Ow!" she said.

"I'm fine," Clark said, "let's get you home." He flew her home and took care of her. He thought she was OK, except that night she started running a fever, and sweating. "Are you OK?" Clark asked her again.

"It's just a little illness, honey, I'm fine, I promise. Now, are you going to join me in bed? After all, you can't catch this." Clark jumped into bed, and put his arm around Lois. "If you need me tonight, just wake me up." Lois nodded, showing she understood, snuggled up to Clark and quickly fell asleep. Around 1:45 that morning, Clark woke up to Lois moaning quietly in her sleep. Thinking it was nothing, he turned over and closed his eyes. But then she let out a glass- shattering scream and sat straight up in bed. Clark sat up too.

"Lois, what's wrong?!" he asked.

"I'm in labor!" Lois panted.

"OK, don't panic," Clark said. He dressed, got Lois dressed, took her bags to the car, and carried her down to the car. Lois had a hard labor. She was sweating more than most women in labor do, and was in far more pain. By delivery, she was ready to get the child out of her.

"GET IT OUT! CLARK, HELP ME! she screamed in agonizing pain. Then she pushed like the doctor said, and it came out. She cradled the little baby, knowing that this was the second most important day of her life. The first being the day she married Clark.