Superman Forever

By Erin Dawn McInnis (

Summary: Lois' enjoyment of the movie Batman Forever is marred by the idea that the Nicole Kidman character couldn't see the sweet multi-billionaire under her nose for some superhero stud in rubber, even though they were both the same guy. How unrealistic could you get? :-)

Just a quickie story based on a movie I recently saw. Sorry if it's been done before.

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"Was that a great movie or what?" Clark asked as they left the theatre.

"Yeah, it was hilarious. Just a bit contrived, though." replied Lois.

"Contrived? How?"

"Well, the Nicole Kidman character, what's her name?" asked Lois as they started walking home.

"Dr. Chase Meridian."

"So here's Chase, drooling over this super-stud in a costume, while she has this nice-guy millionaire, Bruce Wayne, who's hot for her. And she doesn't even realize they're the same guy. How dense can a girl get?"

"Do you really want an answer to that?" Clark asked, trying to hold back from laughing at the irony of the conversation.

"Well, come on, if she really loves him, she should be able to see right through the phony disguise. She should be able to tell…"

"She does in the end."

"Yeah, that was a great scene. When she kissed Bruce, and immediately knew the truth." Lois sighed, with a misty look clouding her eyes. "Very romantic."

Clark chuckled. They had reached Lois' apartment building, and he walked her to her door. Without thinking about what he was doing, Clark leaned in, and kissed Lois gently, and then deeper, until Lois' eyes flew open. She broke off the kiss and pulled back, staring into Clark's eyes. She pulled off his glasses, and her eyes widened. "CLARK?!?!?"