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Summary: A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is…" in which Lois neglects to answer Clark's proposal, then receives a visit from Dan Scardino.


"Lois, will you marry me?"

"Clark…I…I'm cold. Can we go back?"

He thought - she's changing the subject. "Sure we can."

They got into Clark's car and said nothing to each other. When they got to Lois' apartment they did however say goodnight.

She though that maybe he would get out and walk her to the apartment, but it appeared that he was anxious for her to get out. She went inside and changed into her pajamas and put on her robe. "I was so stupid!! He probably won't talk to me for weeks because I didn't answer him."



"Hi, mom." Clark said.

"Clark, you sound awful. What's wrong?" she asked.

"Mom, I proposed to Lois and she didn't say one word about it. I'm afraid I did something or said something wrong."

"Clark, don't worry." his mother said. "Let me talk to Lois."

"OK. For all the good that will do." he replied. "Bye."

Then Mrs. Kent called up Lois. "Hello." Lois said still half asleep.

"Lois, this is Clark's mom."

"Oh, hi." Lois as she sat up quickly, surprised. "Clark's talked to you, hasn't he?"

"Of course." Mrs. Kent said. "Why do you think I'm calling? What happened?"

Lois answered, "I didn't know what to say, so I hung up on him. Do you think I should call him?"

"Yes, Lois. I do think you should call him." Mrs. Kent replied to the question.

"I guess you're right. Thank you." Lois said. "Bye."

She picked up the telephone and dialed the first three numbers in Clark's phone number as the doorbell rang. She thought - maybe it's him - but said, "Who is it?"

No one answered. She was afraid to open the door but she thought - someone must have just left something. - She opened the door looking down and saw nothing but some shoes with yes, a person in them. She looked up. "Dan! What are you doing here? Why didn't you answer when I called?

"I didn't because I didn't think you would answer the door if you knew it was me." he said.

"Come in. Sit down." she said while escorting him to the couch, forgetting to close the door. They sat down. "So, Dan, what have you been up to?"


"Lois!" Clark screamed from down the hall interrupting Dan. She jumped out of her seat and went into the hall. "What?" she said.

"I thought something had happened to you when I saw that your door wasn't shut." Clark said.

"It's OK. I'm OK." she said.

"We have to talk and so I brought your favorite, Chinese. I'll just go…" he said as he walked in and saw Scardino sitting on her couch.

"Clark, I can…"

"I don't want to hear it from you, Lois." Clark replied interrupting her ( that seems to be happening a lot lately ). "Scardino, what are you doing here?"

"I just came by to say hi to Lois. Is that a crime, Kent?" Dan said and Clark rolled his eyes. "I don't know why she wants to be with a guy who gets jealous when a friend comes to see her. I'm still going "Oh, you think I'm going to fight for Lois's attention against you like I did before. I don't need to because we're getting married." Clark said to Scardino.

"Get out." Lois said.

"You heard her, Scardino."

"No, Clark. I want you to get out. We're not getting married because I haven't given you an answer but I've decided. Now get out!" she said each time getting louder as she spoke.

"You heard her, Clark." Dan said.

"Shut up. If she only knew." Clark replied.

"Knew what?" Lois asked.

Clark said nothing and walked down the stairs and out the door. Lois started to get teary eyed. "Dan, I think you should leave. I need some time to myself."

"OK. Call me if you need to talk." he said and kissed her on the cheek. "Bye."

She closed the door, sat on her bed and thought all night about what Clark had said. 'If she only knew'.

The next day at work, no one except Perry and Jimmy knew that Clark proposed, but they didn't know about the blow-up. Since Clark wasn't there yet, Perry, Jimmy and Lois were in Perry's office talking about everything that happened. Lois was almost finished when…

"So I left the door open and…"

Knock. Knock "Can I come in or am I interrupting? It was Dan.

"Dan! Hi!" Lois said then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Of course they were shocked because Lois hadn't finished, or even started for that matter, the part where she kicked Clark out. "Hi Perry, Jimmy." Dan said.

"Hi." they both said in unison still shocked.

"Um, Lois, I was wondering if you wanted to get some breakfast with me? Well, if that's alright with you, Perry?" he said.

"Well, sure. Why not? But Lois, you need to finish your…um…" Perry said looking at Scardino, "report."

"OK. Dan, can you…" Lois was interrupted.

"Chief, have you…" a voice said. "Never mind." It was Clark. When he saw Scardino again, he just couldn't say he was looking for Lois. He walked out.

"Lois, I'll have Clark finish the report. You guys go." Perry said.

"Thanks, Chief." Lois said. As she walked by Clark, she remembered the thing that kept her up half the night. 'If she only knew'.

"Clark." Perry yelled from his office.

"Yes, Chief." Clark replied.

"Lois was telling me about last night and I would like you to finish where she left off. It was where she had left her door open."

"Sure, chief." Clark said. "Well…"

As Clark finished, Dan and Lois went to Callard's for breakfast. Yes, Callard's. They didn't say much but they did say… "Lois, while I was in town, did you ever feel anything for me or did you feel everything for Kent?

"Please don't mention him. I'm trying to…oh, never mind. Well, yes, I did feel something for you, but it wasn't love. It was friendship. I did feel all my love for…" Lois stopped. She started to cry. "Dan, I have to go. Thank you for breakfast. Bye."

They had taken Scardino's car so she walked. The restaurant was only two blocks from the Planet. When she got there, neither Clark nor Jimmy were in sight but Perry was…

"Perry, where are Clark and Jimmy?" Lois asked.

"I'll talk to you later. Bye." Perry was on the phone. "Lois, honey, sit down. Jimmy took Clark home. He had a breakdown. Besides you, Mayson was the only other person he had and now he's lost you both."

"Perry, I don't know what to do." Lois said.

"I told him that just like him, he and Scardino were the only people in your life. He knows he acted like a jerk. He wants to apologize, but before you see him, let me tell you what will help. First," Perry said, "instead of being hostile with you r feelings, you should discuss them. For instance, last night, you could have asked Scardino to leave and talked about why Clark got so upset. I would tell you why, but you and him need to talk about it. Second of all you have to listen to him. I know, Lois, when you're not listening, like right now."

"I'm listening." she said.

"You better be because this is your problem and not mine. Third, don't blame him for everything. If it's his fault, fine, but if you contributed, don't just blame him."

"I guess I go overboard once in a while, don't I?" she asked. Perry nodded.

"OK. I think you should go see him. He might die if he never sees you again and I'm serious." Perry said.

"Thanks, Chief. Bye."

On the way to Clark's apartment, she said to herself - how could this happen? I love him and I want to be with him. I finally realize that. -

When she got there, Jimmy was leaving. "Jimmy, is he OK?" she asked.

"He will be now that you're here." he said. Lois grinned and went in.

"Clark…Clark, I'm here!" she yelled.

"I'm in the bedroom, Lois." Clark replied.

"Clark, I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I…"

"Hey, I should be the on apologizing. I acted like a jerk. I know Scardino's just a friend. I over-reacted. I'm sorry." Clark looked like he got a lot off of his chest.

"I love you so much." Lois said.

"I love you, too." he said. They kissed passionately knowing each others love.

When they finished, Lois said, "Clark, there has been something bothering me and I have to ask you. What did you mean when you said, 'If she only knew'.

"Lois." Clark closed his eyes, "Well… Knock. Knock.

"I'll get it." Clark said and shot over to the door (Lois was still in the bedroom so she didn't see). "Hi, Jimmy. Whatcha need?"

"I left my wallet on the couch." he said. "I know you guys are trying to talk. I'm sorry."

"It's OK." Clark said as Lois came out and stood next to the wall. After thinking about every time they tried to talk, she thought - there's always one thing he can never say - .

"Bye." he said and shut the door.

"Um, Clark." she said, but he was listening to someone scream for help.

"Lois, I'll be right back. Um, I, um, forgot to tell Jimmy something." and he raced out the door.

To prove that she was right about what she thought (about him being Superman), she went to his closet to see. There was nothing as she searched through. She dropped something so she went to put it on the hook and the hook moved. She pulled it down to find there was a secret door to prove she was right (and she loves to be right). She lifted up the latch to close the door, found a pen and some paper. She wrote, 'If you can't tell me something like this, I can't be with you.!!' put a Superman outfit with it, on the bed, and left.

Clark came back. "Lois, honey, where are you?" He went in the bedroom and read the note. He couldn't stand the pain of losing her for the what 2nd, 3rd time. He wished he had some Kryptonite because the pain of that could never get as bad as the pain he felt right now. "I should have told her. I love her. I want to spend every waking and sleeping moment with her. I can't let Scardino be the one she turns to for care and support. I want to be the one she spends the rest of her life with.

As Clark was talking to himself, Lois was still sitting in her car in front of his apartment. She was to upset to drive. She got out of her car and said, "I was too rough on him. I suppose it isn't an easy thing to tell people. Especially, the one you want to marry and the one who wants to marry you." She caught herself there. "I do want to marry him, don't I? I love him."

He said, "I have to find him and explain. I won't lose her. I can't.

They both met at the door, his door.

"I'm sorry." they both replied at the same time.

"I should have told you." he said.

"I should have been more understanding and waited for you to come back. I love you. I didn't want us to break up.

"I love you, too." Clark said.

They went inside and before they talked, Lois said, "If the offer is still up, I would love to marry you."

"Don't worry. It still is." he said looking at her, smiling. And they lived on.


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