The Missing Cut

By Jennilyn Lazo (

Summary: A "missing scene" from the end of the episode "Top Copy," which has Lois and Clark playing a game of chess.

[Author's note: After watching "Top Copy", I felt something was missing at the end. So, I propose this was what happened at the last couple minutes of the show, but sadly this scene was cut. :) ]


"I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win, "Clark softly taunted Lois.

She instantly shot him a you-better-watch-it-or-I'll-smack-you look.

"Oops, sorry," he replied, grinning.

Just like they had agreed, they were playing a game of chess. So far, though, not a word about their 'almost date' had been brought up. It was probably better this way, since that would have caused some uneasy tension.

Now, it was Lois's turn, and Clark was dangerously close to winning.

"Lois, what are you waiting for?"

She shook out her trance-like state. "Huh? Oh, you know, I'm just thinking—should I, or shouldn't I?"

Clark could see she was obviously having trouble. "Well, Lois, it's YOUR move, so YOU should make the decision. But if it's any help, I think you should."

"Thanks, Clark, you've helped me again."

"With what?" asked.

"With THIS." After saying that, she reached across the chessboard—and grabbed Clark's tie. Tugging it, she pulled him close, and kissed him. Nothing hot, nothing steamy, but softly and tenderly, expressing what she felt inside. She knew actions spoke louder than words, and hoped this action spoke ALOT.

When their lips parted, Clark was too stunned to say anything at all. As for Lois, she quickly looked at the chessboard, and moved her queen. Look back at Clark, who was still stunned, she smiled in triumph as she uttered one word.