Disaster Unites

By Renee Charles

Summary: A continuation of "And the Answer Is …" that has Lois storming away from Clark but regretting her decision when she thinks she's going to die in an earthquake.

Author's note: This is following the end of ATAI, not in sequence with my other story, One Big Happy Family. =)


Lois Lane coughed and brushed the fine coat of dust from her body. The tremor was nothing compared to the monster that rocked Metropolis three hours earlier. Her building was in shambles, her stuff strewn along the floor, the street, you name it, it was there. A lone tear dropped down her face, leaving a trail along the dust. She wouldn't be alone in her apartment if she hadn't stormed out of Clark's, screaming that she never wanted to see him, a two faced liar, ever again. Her thoughts were reeling. He loved her enough to propose, yet waited until last night to tell her that he, Clark Kent, was Superman. Of course, that part didn't bother her. It didn't even make her angry, in fact, she rather liked the idea. How many women were THAT lucky to have a boyfriend to love who's also a god in tights? What irked her was the shame at all the things she told Superman, how she fawned over him, claimed to love him in the beginning. Not an easy thing to forget. But Clark seemed to be understanding, telling her she didn't know so she couldn't have been spared that embarrassment. Then she became angry. She SHOULD have known, after all, he was her partner, best friend, love of her life… Another tear fell down. She loved him and pushed him away. She'd snapped at Perry when he told her to talk to him, tell him she was sorry. No, she had said, I can't. Perry had warned her that she might just get her wish and never see him again. Lois had retorted "good!" in a blind rage and stormed out of the Planet.

Now look at where she was. Kneeling in cereal on her kitchen floor, covered with dust, and ALONE. She didn't mind being alone until she met Clark, and now at the chance that she could have him, she let anger get the better of her, and she pushed him away.

At once, the building shook again. REALLY shook. Her cabinet fell down, narrowly missing her head. She screamed. It couldn't come true, she couldn't die without apologizing, and telling Clark she loved him. Tears ran freely now, as she watched her walls crack. She WAS going to die. At once she began to laugh, hysterical laugher, scared laugher. She couldn't stop laughing, crying. Her heart ached, she had messed up royally, she deserved to die. Lois looked to the ceiling and murmured 'Clark, I'm so sorry. I love you, and now I'll never tell you.'

"Why not? You can tell me now!"

Her mouth dropped open. There was Superman, hovering above her. "Come on, Lois, we have to get out of here. Collect some things, I'll fly you around."

She nodded dumbly, allowing him to take her around her dilapidated apartment. She collected some things, and closed her eyes as the whole building fell. "Other people in there," she mumbled.

"No, they're safe. You were the last one Lois, I made sure."

"Last? What happened if I was in there when it fell? You'd let me die?"

"Of course not, Lois! I just took extra time at the end for you. Excuse me for living." He dropped her on the ground, and flew off toward his apartment. Lois gritted her teeth. Silly Clark, she'd call him, apologize, and maybe he'd take her back. Smiling to herself wryly, she thought of how she could be, uh, spirited at times. But, she told herself smiling, That's what made him love me! Walking purposefully toward a pay phone, she rummaged for a quarter. Then she took a closer look at the phone. Cracked to pieces. Deciding quickly, at a dead run, she ran off toward Clinton street.

About 15 minutes later, she was at his doorstep. Knocking purposefully, she waited for him to answer the door. This was so similar to when she'd come to tell him she loved him.

She drew in a breath as he answered the door, in a T-shirt and cutoffs. He looked so good, and Lois wanted him so bad. She had no idea what to say as she stared at him, so she flew into his arms and kissed him. Her heart flooded with joy when he kissed her back, stroking her hair. She finally pulled away. "I'm sorry, Clark. I let anger get the best of me. I think I was afraid to face it. But now I'm ready. I can handle this, and I need to tell you that I love you. And the answer to your question is yes." Clark stared at Lois, looking so silly covered in dust with that lovesick expression. Looking so vulnerable, so desirable. Finally, he smiled. "I love you too."

She giggled as she stepped up to him, relieved, and with no further things in their way, for now and for ever, they kissed.