After the Carolers

By Cloudy Eyes (

Summary: A story that presents a scenario of what might have happened between Lois and Clark at the end of the episode "Season's Greedings" — after the infamous scene in which Christmas carolers interrupt what could have been the couple's first "relationship" kiss.

I wrote this because after seeing "Season's Greedings" I couldn't let the episode end how it did. What happened next? So here is a small solution.


I *really* hate Christmas carolers, Clark thought to himself as he stared out the window of Lois' apartment. Lois' head was on his shoulder. He had been so close to her that evening. Another two seconds and they probably would have kissed. Lois had certainly seemed to be in a clingy mood that evening; hugging him when he arrived, latching onto his hand… And Clark certainly wasn't complaining.

Clark wanted Lois to know that he hadn't wanted her to be alone for Christmas. He had told her that his plane was snowed in. But a glance out the window revealed that there was hardly enough snow to cancel a plane flight. It wasn't even snowing. Lois told him as much.

"It isn't?"

Lois had smiled, understanding what he meant. "You are just the best."

She then proceeded to show him the meal she had cooked. Clark then gave her his gift; a star for the top of the Christmas tree. For some reason that was now beyond comprehension he had mentioned that Superman had helped choose it. Why did I do this? Clark wondered. Just when I'm getting closer I do something to remind her of Superman!

He had felt "the moment" for a few seconds after Lois held his hand. They had been putting the star on top of Lois' pathetic Christmas tree; she said that she had felt sorry for it. The star was such a beautiful gift that Lois had been near tears. And after they put up the star Lois said she loved it, ran her hand down the sleeve of his coat, and finally held his hand.

Clark was uncertain at first about what she meant. But when Lois had looked into his eyes, and he looked into hers, he knew. They had leaned towards each other slightly…

And then came the singing. Lois had turned away. "Oh… carolers…" she said, sort of giggling but in a nervous way. Clark smiled uncertainly. They had walked towards the window, holding hands still, and listened to the music. Strangely enough, the carolers had been seen and heard quite clearly despite the fact that Lois lived in the upper stories of a high rise apartment building. Clark knew that Lois felt something for him when she rested her head against his shoulder. Clark had then rested his head on top of hers.


After the carolers left, Lois and Clark wandered over to the dinner table. Lois had cooked quite a feast! Wow, Clark thought. I had no idea that she can even cook! The food tasted as good as it looked, which was delicious.

"This is really great," Clark said, helping himself to thirds of turkey and stuffing.

"Thanks," replied Lois, beaming with pride. "It's my first turkey!" Clark knew this, especially when Lois had remarked to him earlier that the stuffing did not, in fact, come in the bird.

After dinner was finished they both decided that the dishes could wait until later. It was, after all, Christmas Eve. Lois lit a fire in the fireplace and they sat on the sofa. Lois held onto his hand again; it was as if it was her lifeline. As they sat together she studied his hand and slowly traced the lines on it.

"You know, I haven't had a real Christmas Eve since… well I don't know how long," said Lois. "After Mom and Dad split… Christmas was never the same."

"Yeah…" Clark said sympathetically. He didn't quite know what to say to this.

"Clark," Lois said softly, staring into his eyes, "you don't know how happy I am that you came. I mean, here I was, ready to have a great Christmas. I decided, this will be the year that I make the most of my holiday. Then my family is too busy for me. So I invite Jimmy, Superman, Perry, you… and everyone has plans. I-I was just here… all alone… in this silly dress with this huge meal all for myself… I was just wallowing in self pity… and then you came…" Lois tried to hold back her tears but she could not.

Clark put his free hand on her cheek and gently brushed away a tear. "Shh…" he said, his face moving closer to hers. They were about to kiss when suddenly there was a crash.

Lois jumped up, startled. "What was that?" She looked around the room and noticed that her fireplace had a thousands of tiny pieces of glass scattered around it. There were supposed to be two glass doors in front of the fireplace, but now there was only one. Not only that, but a log from the fire was now almost on the ground. "Why is my fireplace broken?"

Clark inspected it. "The log must have fallen and shattered one of the glass doors," he concluded. "We should get this cleaned up."

Lois was silent. She walked into the kitchen and got a broom and dustpan, facing away from Clark so that he couldn't see the new tears on her face.

After the glass had been cleaned up (with a little help from Clark's eyes to make sure there were no shards lying around) Clark turned to Lois.

"I want you to come to Smallville with me tomorrow morning," he said. "I'm taking an early flight."


"There's no way I'm letting you spend Christmas alone."

Lois' eyes were watery again, but these were happy tears. "Oh… Clark… that's so sweet… I'd love to go."

"Great." He grinned. "I… really should be going. It's… it's late."

Lois was disappointed, but she would have the whole day with him tomorrow. "All right," she said, getting up. They walked to the door. Lois held his hand again as she said good-bye.

"Goodnight, Lois. Thank you for dinner," Clark said, giving her a hug.

"You're welcome," Lois smiled. "Bye, Clark…"

And that is

THE END of the episode.

But what did they do on Christmas day?? It never ends…