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Here are story links in a very stripped-down form: These pages are designed for quick navigation on dedicated ereader devices, such as the e-ink Kindles and Sony Readers. These pages are for people who already know what they're looking for, but who find browsing the full archive on an ereader to be a tedious process.

On your Kindle, navigate among these pages using the experimental browser. Not all of the archive's stories will be available from these pages: we are updating periodically from the spreadsheet file.

Once you've browsed to the story you want to read, look for the mobi (for Kindle) or epub (for Sony Reader/Nook) ereader links near the top of the page. Those are the versions you'll want to click or tap to import into your ereader. If there are no epub or mobi links, it means we haven't created epub or mobi versions yet. We started with the most recent stories and are moving backward in time. Currently, stories before 2009 do not have epub and mobi formats. Please note that you can read the HTML versions here in your ereader, but it's just simpler to read an ereader format.

If you're looking for ereader versions of older stories, chances are a volunteer may have stepped up to create the ebook already. Please try our Fanfic Legacy Wiki page.